I’m Back…

by RobL1/15/18

Hello Stubborn Friends,

It’s been about 5 years since I last posted. Life caught up with me for a while; work, children, family, school, etc…

Life is still busy but in addition to our personal responsibilities, we must mind and tend our civic duties as well. Our nation had a moment of sagacity last year shaking  off the Leftwing malaise steeped over the years, over the generations by the ever expanding cloud of toxic Liberal fumes furiously ventilated into the cultural ether. I moment of clarity of presented.

But that moment will pass… An east wind still blows ever fumigating us with the foul miasma. Our President is under assault from all fronts and even from within. It is our duty to the Republic to remain civilly engaged. We must continue to remind our brother and sister Americans of their responsibility to the Republic. Without educated dedicated citizenship, there is no citizen. We still remain on the precipice, teetering… losing all into the abyss of darkness… so back into the arena it is. Ever Vigilance.

I will increase my postings accordingly…

Thats all I have time for now though, have to get back to the honey-do list or I’ll be in big trouble.


By the way Brad… the site looks great!

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3 Responses to I’m Back…

  1. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Nice to hear from you. Look forward to your postings.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Rob, the site has evolved to something a little different than it started out. You might start out by reading Thinking Outside the Daily Drama for starters.

    The gist of it is: If writing political stuff, it needs to be about what you or someone you know is doing to try to change things. No more armchair quarterbacking. This is an “either put up or shut up” thing. No more fantasies that getting online and airing a list of grievances is the same thing as doing something about them.

    There are some exceptions. We mean to be an eye above and outside The Daily Drama. None of what I’ve said above excludes talking about or even analyzing current events. But it should be from the perspective of the whole drama, not just a narrow participation in it.

    Everyone here is aware of the double-standards that exist. An article full of “Whataboutism” is boring and not going to be published. Too much of what passes for conservative journalism is just the endless shuffling through the daily pile of drama. Think about National Review Online and the Republican Party, for instance. They accomplish little and stand for very little. They analyze but do little else.

    A piece that I would publish would be something like this from Victor Davis Hanson: Nobama. In this I think he is flying above The Daily Drama instead of mindlessly participating in it.

    I’m not a Trump apologist but we must all recognize at this point that the online conservative sites are blabber-mouth driven, not agenda-driven. Kevin Williamson can endlessly parse the state of the world according to him, but he does so from a venue that is inherently deceptive. NRO, like most sites, do not have much, if any, active participation in a reform agenda. They sell books, get face time on the news when they can, and just overall gain their survival not from effective action but from the general discontent out there. People get online now mostly to vent.

    I won’t play in this false theatre anymore. I’m done with it. Life’s too short to sit inside The Daily Drama and stew. If you need clarification on any of this, please do ask. I hope you can participate in a positive and interesting way.

    Also, check out the Forums. I’m trying to steer people there. It’s a way where you can publish a few thoughts quickly without going through the whole rigamarole of a full-blown article or blog post which, I can assure you, takes time out of my day to make that happen. People who contribute hundreds of dollars to this site (such as Pat) get special treatment. I can be bought. 😉 Actually, Pat is a friend of mine in real life and I’d do the same for him regardless. But the point is that I wouldn’t mind more people getting some skin into the game. Many have. There’s a Paypal button on the very bottom right of the site.

    Let’s have fun. Let’s be creative and interesting. But I’m leaving The Daily Drama behind. That’s adequately covered already out there.

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