If Liberals Were Animals, it Would be an Improvement

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke5/21/18
For one thing, animals don’t lie.  •  Ever since President Trump characterized MS-13 gang members as “animals,” Democrats have been playing dumb (when they haven’t actually been dumb) for political gain. What started with some fake news outlets purposely misrepresenting Trump’s remarks and others sloppily parroting the deception, has degenerated into the comical: leftists trying to save face and gain votes by cynically claiming they’re offended that anyone would do violence to the principle of the dignity of all human persons. Why, Nancy Pelosi, a poo-bah of prenatal infanticide posing as a latter-day St. Thomas Aquinas, actually lectured us about how every person has a “divine spark.”

Question: Does anyone really think Trump’s remarks were a theological statement about the nature of man or, even, about the worst among his number? Are we analyzing political comments or a seminary lecture?

Not to be outdone, CNN commentator Ana Navarro wasn’t deterred in her condemnation of the president by the fact that two years ago she herself had characterized Trump as an animal; she furthermore said that he “should drop out of the human race.” But, hey, children do tend to live in the here and now.

Speaking of which, a corollary of Democrats’ situational values is, obviously, situational interpretation: All of a sudden they’ve conveniently developed an inability to recognize, or to accept, figurative speech. Any conservative who doesn’t talk like Mr. Spock is to now be reviled.

We’ve seen this before. After the 2011 shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.), Sarah Palin was condemned for using crosshairs imagery in a political ad. Yet nothing was said about how Barack Obama stated that he talked to certain people so he’d know “whose a** to kick”; he also advised in 2008, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.”

This is all figurative speech, of course. Yet Democrats, the first to condemn and mock fundamentalism, have done William Jennings Bryan one better: They insist on literalism when interpreting spoken words.

Ironic (and pathetic) here is that Democrats’ violent and vulgar tongues have led to actual crimes against traditionalists, such as the 2012 attack on the Family Research Council’s offices and the 2017 congressional baseball shooting.

The truth is that umbrage over the animals remark is posturing and delusion. Leftists will do anything to attain power, and this is another way to play the identity politics card. “Trump means all Hispanics!” is the narrative. (Now we just have to wait for the solidarity driven chant, “I am MS-13!”) Some liberals, though, have no doubt really convinced themselves that such talk is wrong; never forget that leftists live in the moment and in a world of rationalization.

In the former but not the latter, they are a bit like animals. But what beasts would they be? Would Ana Navarro be a weasel? Would Pelosi be a kookaburra (also known as a laughing jacka**)? Chris Cuomo a peacock? Hillary a Tasmanian devil and Bill a horny toad?

The final irony here is that liberals tend to embrace godless evolution and generally believe that people are nothing but animals. Yet as the brilliant G.K. Chesterton put it, “Man is an exception.” He “is always something worse or something better than an animal[.]” So true. And I think we know which free-will-abusing people are keeping MS-13 gangsters company in the worse category.

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18 Responses to If Liberals Were Animals, it Would be an Improvement

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Very early in this contretemps, I thought every squawking leftist should be asked if they would ever describe Trump (or any other conservative, such as Clarence Thomas) as an animal. Then along came Ana Navarro to settle that question. But like any good Party member, they can change their memories, opinions, and ethics on a moment’s notice whenever it’s politically convenient.

    Let’s see. Navarro is indeed a weasel, and Chris Cuomo a parrot. Slick Hilly would be a vampire bat and Slick Willy would be Aedes aegypti; Slick Barry would be Glossina morsitans. Nan Pelousy would be an armadillo — I understand you can get leprosy from them. Harvey Weinstein would be Treponema pallidum. The kookaburra would be the Yellow Jester, Joe Biden. Chuck Schumer would be the tasmanian devil.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      It occurs to me that there’s probably a better choice than a kookaburra for an animal that sounds like it’s laughing. (The reference in the article made it natural to use. They have a kookaburra in the Australian section at our zoo, so I was already familiar with the reference.) That would be the hyena, of course. That makes a better Biden. The peacock would be hard to compare to a Demagogue, of course, because they’re so old and ugly. The best comp I can think is John Edwards, who admittedly is in permanent political retirement. (Or is he? Can anyone come back in politics, especially leftist politics?)

  2. Steve Lancaster says:

    It is a sad fact that many people go through life asking to be killed either by their actions or their mouth. It falls to a very few among us to accommodate these sick losers as the life they have chosen does not give them fulfillment or joy. And then there is MS-13.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    In their bare-nakedness as a political animal, the Left shows their hypocrisy. Love that quote by Chesterton.

  4. David Ray says:

    More Neanderthal behavior . . .

    I hadn’t heard if this lady before, and she apparently wasn’t treated like one.
    A certain Tommy Loren (spelling?), conservative commentator on Fox, couldn’t finish her meal without some leftist assholes verbally accosting her and throwing their drinks on her. (Film is now online. Anyone know who she is?)

  5. David Ray says:

    The left has MANY examples of stirring violence.

    Any remember Al Sharpton and Crown Heights? How many “interlopers” burned in Freddy’s store?
    How many cops have been gunned down due to the bullshit BLM chants? Dallas on July 7th being worst example. (So sorry those rich, pampered NFL asswipes can only cry in the locker room now.)

    • Steve Lancaster says:

      I was leaving the NFL long before the kneeling crap started. I suppose the new rule is a compromise, but I doubt many people will give a damn. These overpaid, pampered fools have killed their golden goose and the crash is going to be slow-motion.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Anyone who spends one moment or one dime on the NFL is a Kevin Bacon.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I thought I remembered it as “Thank you, sir, may I please have another.” I think it makes the point better.

      • David Ray says:

        The acting owner of the Jets (Carson, I believe) has gallantly announced that he’ll pay the fines of any Jets player who spits on the flag via kneeling.
        Rich leftists just can’t help it. They love fame more than themselves. (Maybe he’s hoping West Hollywood will esteem him even higher than that bitch Stormy Daniels.)

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          I urge all my American/conservative/Christian/normal friends to withhold every dollar from that league. Let us give more than just lip service to our complaints lest we become just another bit of droning static in The Daily Drama.

          Take action. Don’t just complain. Watch college football instead. But don’t give the NFL one dime. More importantly, give them a phone call or write them a letter and let them know exactly what your plans are in regards to their league and why.

          • David Ray says:

            Been there; done that. I got so sick of their pay-check player mentality.
            My mom quit when the NFL let Vic in after prison. She was a hugh animal lover. (She did allow herself to watch the 2008 superbowl. Her motive was for Eli to “not have to remain in Payton’s shadow. (At the time I hadn’t a clue who either where.)

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              Good for your mother. Michael Vick should have never been let back in. Had he been white, I doubt he would have been. But the NFL now bends over backwards not to anger the blacks. Paying for white privilege and all that.

              I just heard that a friend of mine is moving to Idaho because she and her husband just can’t stand it where they are now. They found a nice community where you could walk down the streets in safety with kids doing normal stuff….sort of a Norman Rockwell picture.

              This is exactly the kind of stuff I recommend. We must be proactive and not just sit back and take it. We must band together because there is strength in numbers. We must not become acclimated to the rot.

              Not all of us can or should physically move our place of residence. But at least mentally we should make the move out of our gutter culture….outside of The Daily Drama as well. And for god’s sake the NFL should be miles in the rearview mirror by now of any decent person, and for a whole lot of reasons.

              • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

                I think Jerry Jones is probably the worst thing that happened to the NFL.

                I had a friend whose father worked in the Cowboy organization when Clint Murchison and Bum Bright owned it. He left a year or so after Jones bought it.

                This man, a WWII decorated Navy veteran, basically told me that Jones and Jimmy Johnson were both men of low character. He decided retirement looked good.

              • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

                I suppose the best question is, What would Roger Staubach do?

                I know that a lot of people safely frame this question as disrespecting the flag. But I think it’s an issue of whether black grievance/racism will be ascendent and have priority over things such as national identity and pride.

                The NFL and now Starbucks has said that the former will have precedence. Why should I support that? If I want football, college football is more than adequate as a spectator sport.

  6. Sonny's Mom says:

    The same day this blog was posted, an MS-13 member was sentenced for the murder of a 15-year old in East Boston (MA). Curiously, the individual’s gang name is… “the Animal”.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Yikes. Certainly Trump is 100% correct on this issue. Truth drives the Nazis of the Left crazy.

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