I woke this morning

by Fashqn1/5/17

I woke this morning , darkness tried to say
It’s going to be another dreary, sad day
But I passed a stranger in the store
Who gave me a smile and something more
She reminded me that God is good

A friend betrayed me , I felt so low
Someone I trusted, thought I did know
In that same hour, food was given to a bird
Just as I’m fed by the truth of His word
It reminded me that God is good

Bills went unpaid and worry set in
My mind began racing, starting to spin
Moments later, the sun it did rise
Lightening my thoughts, brightening the sky
I realized that God is good

I wished to feel healthy and strong through the night
But dreams and thoughts brought confusion and fright
Then a song praising Jesus, in my mind did appear
I felt His love that was drawing me near
I’m reminded that God is good

I sat in loneliness, self pity nearby
Felt forgotten by all and didn’t know why
Then remembered miracles He’s worked through the years
And smiled with thanksgiving , through even my tears
And whispered that God is good

I stopped at the bedside of a very sick friend
Who’s been told by the dr’s she’s nearing the end
But I saw all the peace He’s already bestowed
A peace He has many times allowed me to know
And I marveled that God is good

I fought unfairness, injustice for the most of the week
It was all I could do to think clearly, or speak
Then I spent a few hours with a sweet baby boy
My grandson who brings me such deep, profound joy
And I knew that God is good

I prayed for my friends ; some are in great despair
They’re so far away and I cannot be there
Then a caring, dear friend rang me up just to say
I’m thinking about you each and every day
And I repeated that God is good

I looked at the news of the world in dismay
Wondering what else is yet on the way
But I read the Bible and it spoke to my soul
Saying that God is , as always, in control
And I rejoiced that God is good

Then I pondered my future, and a thought came to me
Whether any of my wishes on this earth I would see
Then a stronger thought came that I could not ignore
That He loves me now, and He will evermore
Thank you , God, that you are so good

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3 Responses to I woke this morning

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    This is a rather meaningful poem for Elizabeth and me in our present situation,

  2. Anniel says:

    I, too, frequently need reminding. The distractions of life can be overwhelming. Thank you again for help along the way.

  3. Tammy says:

    Thank you for the sweet comments…so happy that these Poems come to me and I can share them with others here …I appreciate your kind words

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