I Know

by Fashqn1/31/17

I know the frustration you feel
When you slowly sit down to pray
Wondering if you’ll feel My presence
Or find the right words to say

I know the sadness you experience
From the burdens upon your heart
As you kneel to pray again
And wonder just how to start

I know the anguish you go through
When my silence seems to last
When you desperately cling to memories
Of my still, small voice in the past

I know the doubts that plague you
When prayers seem unheard
Or when you just feel a numbness
At times, when you open My word

I know the confusion that happens
When unbelievers prosper anew
And you wonder if I am watching
And if I still care for you

I know the fears that visit
In the darkest hours of the night
How you cry over spiritual turmoil
Feeling far too weak for the fight

I know that problems around the globe
Can leave you scared and perplexed
As the cloud that hangs over your head
Brings the question “what happens next?”

But I also know your heart
The depths no other can see
And I know that you are committed
To continue trusting in Me

I also know your mind
How often each day it turns
To thoughts of Me and My mercies
Parts of My Word you have learned

And I also see the joy you feel
When a song reminds you again
That My Son, Jesus, died for you
And has covered each one of your sins

My child, I see all of this and much more
And as every new day does unfold
I just wanted to simply remind you
I see…I hear…and I know….

Tammy Helms 2017 January 27

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2 Responses to I Know

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Nice, though some might consider the viewpoint angle hubristic.

  2. Anniel says:

    The human condition is sometimes so difficult. Trying to remember God hurts at times and we need reassurance. Thank you again for your help in going forward.

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