Honesty, Common Sense, and A Sound Mind

ObamaFingerThumbby Patricia L. Dickson   9/19/14
After over six years of the Obama presidency, the scales are finally falling off the eyes of some liberals. I am shocked to hear liberals saying the same things about President Obama as conservatives (including me) have been saying since 2007 when he first announced his candidacy. What took so long? It is as though liberals have been intoxicated for years and have just sobered up. I am encountering liberals describing President Obama as a Muslim sympathizer, incompetent, weak, indecisive, and inexperienced. All of this was obvious during his campaign for anyone that did an honest examination of the candidate. I was recently discussing current events with a black American man. He told me that he admits voting for Obama; however he has just realized that the Democrats have ruined the country. I asked him what made him think (in 2008) that Democrats were good for America. He responded by claiming that the choice between Republicans and Democrats was a toss-up between two evils. I asked him to name one Democrat policy that has been a success. He did not have an answer.

The only explanation for an individual to not to see what is obvious is for him or her to chooses to ignore facts or deny reality. Ignoring and denying facts involves work. Accepting facts does not require work. In fact, it is easy and less stressful to accept the obvious. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. Two plus two equals four. Liberals will twist themselves into a pretzel in order to ignore facts, deny reality and explain away failure.  It depends on the definition of IS.  How else can one explain defending President Obama and the Democrat Party’s failed policies?

Liberals are constantly spinning lies to explain away every failed liberal policy from the New Deal, ObamaCare to the so-called Stimulus Package (the not-so-shovel-ready jobs bill). Liberals are just like children. They live in a fantasy world and when faced with reality, they blame others. Unhinged Chris Matthews blames former Vice President Dick Cheney for creating al Qaeda and ISIS. Feminist and liberal women refer to a baby as a fetus in order to deny the reality that abortion is the killing of an unborn child. One hundred and fifty years after slavery was abolished and fifty years after the Civil Rights Act was signed into law, Liberal intellectuals are hard at work inventing new theories and words such as white privilegesystemic racism, and micro aggression to explain the state of the black community. On the other hand, conservatives have simply acknowledged the reality that the problems afflicting the black community stems from the breakdown of the family.

I will admit that I honestly believe that Liberalism is a mental disease, especially those in the media. How exhausting it must be to be presented with facts on a daily basis and have to think of ways to spin it to favor your political position. The mainstream media abandoned its job of keeping government honest and instead has been spinning lies for the current administration for over six years. If I had to engage in the kind of thinking where I had to lie to others, I myself would need therapy. Now that America is reaching a breaking point, some in the media are slowly jumping off the sinking ship. They lied about President Bush and the Iraq war and claimed that the world would love us once Obama was elected. I can just feel the love coming from ISIS. The media lied to the American people (along with the Obama and the Democrats) about what Obamacare would and would not cover. We now learn that taxpayer funded abortions  will be covered under Obamacare.

Honesty, common sense, and a sound mind alone would prevent individuals from lamenting six years later that President Obama somehow duped them when he was running for president. One individual told me that Obama fooled him because he was such a good orator. I told him that a lie is still a lie regardless to how eloquent it is spoken. In other words, if one has a sound mind and listens (without distraction) to the words of the speaker, he or she will not be duped even if the speaker is Patrick Henry.

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4 Responses to Honesty, Common Sense, and A Sound Mind

  1. GHG says:

    There are three groups of people in the U.S. – those on the left, those on the right, and everyone else. The leftists (liberals, progressives, etc.) don’t deny reality, per se, they redefine it. Reality for a leftist has been unmoored from transcendent truth so their “reality” has been relativized and their “truth” is malleable in service of their objectives. The “ends justify the means” is certainly a rationalization they believe in but that gives them credit they are not due because it implies an awareness that the means are unjust, albeit worth it for the objective, and I think that for many leftists means are not something that can be just/unjust – only the ends can be just/unjust.

    On the other end of the philosophical spectrum, the rightists (conservatives, classical liberals, etc.) believe the means are primary. The ends should be achieved using just means, with just being determined based on transcendent truth – the laws of nature and nature’s creator.

    And then “everyone else” goes where the wind takes them. They are busy being entertained and have little curiosity for the details of what they’re told.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      The late Joseph Sobran, in his writing, introduced his readers to the concept of teleology, which is a concern pre-eminently for goals without regard for methods. Of course, everyone paying serious attention to politics has some goal, but liberals tend to be extreme teleologues. This partly reflects the fact that liberalism is a congeries of groups defined by specific goals, and partly by the spoiled-brat entitlement mentality that leads them convinced that they have a right not to be unhappy. There’s a scene in Atlas Shrugged in which James Taggart complains to his sister, Dagny, that she always gets what she wants and whines that he’s entitled to the same thing — and never mind how much effort she puts into it (unlike James), or the fact that she really doesn’t get all she wants.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Many Inner Party liberals, facing the reality of Barry Screwtape Obama at this date, are switching from shilling for the First Black President to shilling for the (presumed) First Woman President. This frees them to accept reality and criticize the Black God as they previously refused to do. And this means that Outer Party liberals are being exposed to truth from sources they will accept.

    An interesting sidelight on liberal Molochitism is (or was) the claim that the unborn child is a fetus, and only pro-lifers refer to it as a baby. In reality (which of course is irrelevant to liberal ideologues), any pregnant woman (perhaps even an ideological liberal) will refer to her baby, not her fetus.

    One might recall that in Pinocchio, the lesson of the nose-growing scene was that trying to maintain a lie is an increasingly difficult, complex task.

    • GHG says:

      Yes, out with Obama, in with Hillary. But that’s for political expediency not because they’ve “seen the light”. Their objective is to move the sheep from the Obama pasture to the Hillary pasture.

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