Homage to a “Down Low Brother”

think of reggieby Glenn Fairman   11/14/13
I don’t know Jason Collins per se, nor do I think I would ever wish to. Contrary to the fanfare that gushes from our Media Powers, he is not courageous or heroic in any sense that conveys the spirit of both words’ original meanings. It is perhaps one thing for Collins to “out” himself as a homosexual, after years of copulating with both men and women, and quite another to begrudge the courtesy of this highly pertinent information to his then beard, er…fiancé. Certainly, the propensity towards same sex attraction does not fall upon one unawares, as would a meteorite, and a principled individual would consider such special knowledge a significant factoid in any future marital equation. In essence, such deceitfulness in matters of the heart does not strike me as a brave moral stance. In truth, such self-interested subterfuge seems to display one as small-souled and insensitive — although in the world of professional sports, such self-absorption is practically a by-word.

Nevertheless, in the realm of popular culture: where one’s fifteen minutes of notoriety has become almost a constitutional obligation, Jason Collins’ number was called by the coach and he was ready to deliver. It was deep in the fourth period; and the time had come when “the powers that be” had finally manufactured enough obfuscation in the minds of our population to fog over ten thousand years of biological-civilizational memory. How comforting it has been for the liberal elite, that against all odds, this sexually-confused “over–the-hill” free agent has accomplished the political equivalent of draining a three pointer at the buzzer. And in being carried off the court to the booming accolades of the Progressive throngs, Jason has become the unlikely hero to an emergent sliver of our population who are bound and determined to celebrate their championship – regardless of the score.[pullquote]If, as Collins has said, 2003 was not a good year to admit one’s unorthodox sexual proclivities – then the year 2013 most certainly was ripe for it; and this observation has everything to do with the 24/7 media onslaught that irradiates our sensibilities from a 360 degree arc.[/pullquote]

If, as Collins has said, 2003 was not a good year to admit one’s unorthodox sexual proclivities – then the year 2013 most certainly was ripe for it; and this observation has everything to do with the 24/7 media onslaught that irradiates our sensibilities from a 360 degree arc. In contrast, the same tolerant media has not been derelict in its Holy war towards casting angry and self-righteous aspersions on those who deny that homosexuality is within the cultural continuum of the normal. In the contrived “Age of Gay Ascendency,” it is as if the biological and cultural poles of human interaction had been reversed; and any Judeo-Christian intransigence to being steamrolled into submission was the revolutionary stratagem of some brutal and bigoted new kid on the block whose only objections towards the overturning of nature were animated by unreasoned fear and loathing.

Even the effeminate Barack Obama, who is as unschooled in throwing a baseball as he is in giving a speech without a teleprompter, has jumped on the Emancipation Bandwagon which calls for all of America to embrace the hyper re-education of American sexual norms so that they conform to this nouveau hamster trail of the disordered libertine. Moreover, strong rumors have abounded that Barack also is amongst those “temporally blessed ones” who ascribe to “the love that dares not speak its name.” When sexually compromising pictures of “Body Man” Reggie Love surfaced in 2011 with homosexual overtones, our faithful friend of a President, who held regular fifteen minute “personal training” sessions with his chum, dropped his services “heroically” like molten lead. However in all fairness: when the political heat died down, Obama felt confident that a private weekend without the Divine Moochie or the Press spying on the two “Best Buds” wouldn’t merit even a raised eyebrow.

For those prone to the conspiratorial, it has been reported by many insiders in the Gay Community that Obama belongs to a “hush-hush” group known as the “Down Low Club” (DLC). Furthermore, there are allegations that he and “The Godfather” Rahm Emanuel were card-carrying members of “Man’s Country:” a Chicago club catering to discreet and discerning “High End Gays.” Even more salacious is the allegation that a room exists on the club’s premises known as “the Presidential Suite” and that the personal predilection of Obama was allegedly to have been serviced by older Caucasian men. Is it true? Who knows? Since with History’s Most Transparent President, you can’t even find out what grades he earned at Columbia in Comparative Marxist Studies. In all truthfulness, the whole sordid idea of the Commander-in-Chief leaving himself vulnerable to such blackmail makes me apprehensively nauseous. In retrospect, it makes one long for the Halcyon Days of JFK and his now universally acknowledged trysts with a certain platinum bombshell.

All things being equal, it is a small wonder that Obama called Collins and issued his admiration and support. Perhaps in doing so, Obama may be sending a feinted signal that although he is not now or will ever be politically or personally ready to exit the wardrobe; he may be, nevertheless, celebrating vicariously through a washed up basketball star with little to offer any NBA team other than two points a game and a momentary blip on their PC Rainbow Meter.

Although in the archaic past it might have been said, perhaps by someone as astute as Oscar Wilde, that “bi-curiosity killed the catamite,” getting your picture on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2013 for coming clean about your personal sexual demons is living proof that in a debased America, even a paragon of moral virtue, who might have exposed his fiancé’ to a Petri-dish full of diseases while she squandered the better years of her youth chasing a phantom, can be crowned King for a Day. As for any other run of the mill “Down Low Brother” who plies his trade around the ‘hood, just ask the average Black woman what her considered opinion is on this matter at hand. That Collins has been compared by Media imbeciles with the great Jackie Robinson just shows how morally obtuse our culture has become – a society that has been sniffing its own excrement for so long that it doesn’t know the difference between an Alaskan salmon stream and a Chicago sewage outfall.

It will be said that 2013 was the year that the great dam burst open and America relented to the lure of homosexual normalization. And furthermore, what was not so long ago believed almost universally to be a perversion or neurosis is now heralded as a Profile in Courage. As for the Big Picture: this current Crusade of Behavioral Emancipation doubtlessly has been methodically engineered on many fronts so that it appears to have arrived on the wind organically to commence with the relentless buffeting of American culture into intimidated acquiescence. For whatever purpose, the normalization of polymorphous sexuality seems to harbor some Mystical Good for a utopian society of the future. Along with the faux virtues of Material Redistribution and Secular Humanism, Homosexual Normalization is an agenda that has been prepared for us by diverse yet interconnected nodes of media and political power. It is no secret that they have sleeplessly labored to both entice and engorge our collective consciousness with “happy thoughts” on gender homogeneity – just look at your television programming if you still require evidence…if you can stomach it.

Having finally tilted past critical mass and begrudgingly accepted the Great Cultural Divorce from revelation, tradition, nature and reason, how good it is to know that soon nothing will any longer be denied us as the exotic objects of our desires and passions. It is only now a matter of time before any combination of the diverse couplings and modes of being entertained by our darkened ingenuity can come into full flower; and who are we to cast judgment on that wondrous blessing?
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12 Responses to Homage to a “Down Low Brother”

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    This is nothing unusual. Think of Jim McGreevey, or the Episcopal bishop in New Hampshire, who betrayed their wives for homosexual mates. And of course liberals to demonstrate their courage by doing things that no longer require any.

    • faba calculo says:

      A good argument against those who say that, if gays want to have children, they should do it within the institution of marriage while simultaneously denying gays the ability to civilly marry those they fall romantically in love with.

  2. Glenn Fairman Glenn Fairman says:

    The definition of marriage is by nature a covenant between a man and a woman. Anything else is the fabricated product of a diseased society that has gone insane masturbating to its own disturbed imagination in the mirror while pronouncing such soul sickness as a tonic civilizational Good. The smug faux virtue of unmoored and ill-thought through tolerance fails in epic fashion when it hits the brutal ontological wall of reality at its own tragic but predictable terminal velocity.

  3. faba calculo says:

    “The definition of marriage is by nature a covenant between a man and a woman. ”

    Tell it to polygamists like Abraham and David.

    “The smug faux virtue of unmoored and ill-thought through tolerance fails in epic fashion when it hits the brutal ontological wall of reality at its own tragic but predictable terminal velocity.”

    Compared to telling gays they must either all forgo the having (i.e., via artificial insemination / surrogacy) of children unless they seek it out purely in relationships that cannot, by definition, involve romantic love in both direction, which hits your ontological wall more via a powered descent at full thrust rather than merely falling into it at terminal velocity, allowing gay civil marriage at least greatly lessens the likelihood of heterosexual partners discovering, several years in, that their married lives have been based on a lie, rather than increasing it.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Polygamy was still heterosexual, though one might wonder if the members of a large harem ever found sexual release with each other.

      • faba calculo says:

        And gay marriage with be just as monogamous as straight marriage. Nothing is exactly the same as heterosexual monogamy, and I’d given on hetero a long time before I’d give up on mono, if I thought that giving up on either meant that that was where the floodgate would open.

        And, from what I read of an account of Saudi Arabian polygamous marriage, lesbianism is fairly common. But that was one account of one such marriage, so just a single data point.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Polygamy is heterosexual, though members of a large harem may have made sexual use of each other on occasion.

  4. Glenn Fairman Glenn Fairman says:

    I would assent to a civil partnership, if only as a begrudging way of splitting the child if that was what they were really after, rather than the wholesale artificial demolition of human definition —which is to say—-the lack of any definition or restraint at all.

    This disingenuousness forms the wedge for their template of the universal homogenous being that juts its crooked jaw into the face of not only biology and revelation, but the rational prudence that is draining through a society that worships unfettered license like shit through a goose.

    • faba calculo says:

      The problem is that civil unions (assuming you mean that the not domestic partnerships) is that they are institutions of the state that grants them, not of the nation, which leaves you well short of equal protection of the law.

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