He will meet you where you are

by Glenn Fairman5/28/16

Broken marriage got you down?
Nothing in the cookie jar?
Children turning bad to worse?
He will meet you where you are

Tempted to surrender in
That hunk next door’s new shining car?
That line he used sounds old and stale
He will meet you where you are

Pains become unbearable?
How easy to say “au revoir!”
No one cares now anyway
He will meet you where you are

As a child I spoke like one
I couldn’t give the time of day
But when I became a man
I didn’t have much more to say

You know you must beat down your pride
For He’s the Bright and Morning Star
No need to face this by yourself
For He will meet you where you are.

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca.
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