Harrison Bergeron

HarrisonBergeronSuggested by Timothy Lane and Anniel • A Short Story by Kurt Vonnegut. A satire of works on authoritarian dystopias and the common perceptions and fears of egalitarian policies, with its over-the-top dramatic portrayals of its dystopic society.
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2 Responses to Harrison Bergeron

  1. Anniel says:

    Timothy has mentioned this short story many times and I kept meaning to read it, but this time I followed through and found the complete story. I am in awe of Kurt Vonnegut writing this in 1961. If I had read it then I would have laughed at the idea of where he saw us heading. Now, not so much. It is truly an incredible read. Thank you, thank you Timothy.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    I read this in a magazine called Read during the 1963-4 school year (they had a story in the center of each magazine, as well as many other interesting articles). After reading a copy in the Wall Street Journal 20 years ago and thus learning who wrote the story (which I had never forgotten, though I never suspected it would become so accurate within my lifetime), I found it in the Vonnegut collection Welcome to the Monkey House.

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