Grace in Weakness

BigRockThumbby Glenn Fairman   1/16/14
“Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall inherit the kingdom of Heaven” — Matthew 5:3  •  How counter-intuitive this statement is to the spirit of the world! Christ has not chosen the “winners” in the Lottery of Power to manifest Himself through. It is not in humanity’s stained-glassed and exalted temporal icons that He reveals Himself; nor necessarily in the countenances of the beautiful, the high-born, or the powerful who do not entertain any message save what is echoed within the cold labyrinthine soundings of the evangelizing self. The economy of God is altogether not what men should expect, since His wealth and values are indeed antithetical to those deemed holy in the chambers of Man.

If God is hidden, He is hidden to those who have found refuge in their own arsenals of cultivated self-love: that looking glass infatuation that serves only to fashion mankind into monstrosities of disproportion. If hidden, He is hidden from the dead who have placed the possibility of His presence outside the realms of their imaginative thirst. It is only through the concerted effort of human volition that the tribe of humanity tortures their own caricatures into that of creatures without eyes–preferring the rebel’s taste for vanity over the incandescence of awakened perception.

In our Age of Desiccated Hearts and great machines, and in all times, He shrouds Himself in the hearts of those who love Him. He does not send a bolt through the clouds to chasten us or to rouse us to our duties from the warm comfort of our lethargies. He desires a prize far better. Those who had witnessed fire atop Mt. Sinai soon remembered His Saving Hand no more and returned untransformed to their graven images. Only the fertile seeds of faith that cause men to hang their own bodies on the Word of Love are acceptable. Thus, it forever has been between the Father and His Lost Children.

In a splintered beam two millennia bygone, in the personage of One who hung brutalized and humiliated, in whom the world could only discern abject failure, He rocked the foundations of both Heaven and Earth. Do not be amazed that contained inside the cry of the broken heart resides the true revealed powerhouse of the Lord. Evidenced within the tears of the repentant sinner, who has fallen again and again only to be lifted back up to begin anew, shall we not meditate upon this following lesson from now on out into eternity: His grace is sufficient for the re-casting of this world. Let us aspire to distinguish His power and beauty concealed artfully beneath the ashes of our frailties.
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4 Responses to Grace in Weakness

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The focus on self is the reason for Paul’s injunction that “the love of money is the root of all evil” as well as the story about the wealthy man who couldn’t bring himself to accept the commandment to give away all his wealth. The target audience was those willing to sacrifice what they had, which is obviously much easier when you have nothing to lose. This is also why it doesn’t work so well (without some tweaking, anyway) in an affluent society.

    • David Ray says:

      I’d say that an affluent society is a result of practicing God’s word i.e. Christian behavior and the generosity that results. (Psalm 33:12)
      Wealth is O.K.; worshiping it is not (as you said above).

      Consider those who can/can’t part:
      V.P. Richard Cheney gives away 70 – 77% of his wealth to charity.
      I’ve forgotten how many liberals became flush with embarrassment upon examination. (John Kerry once gave 0.0%. Al Gore once gave less than $400. The list drones on, buy why bother.)

      I’ve also forgotten how many times a liberal has felt the urge to rush in and “correct” the saying that America is the most generous nation on earth. They cite governments doing the giving, were what we mean is it’s the INDIVIDUAL that does the giving – of his own free will.
      Hence liberals gauge generosity when the state reaches into your pocket and we gauge when we reach into our own pockets. (Liberals do love to spend other people’s money.)

      • Timothy Lane says:

        When the reports came out that conservatives are more generous than liberals in their charitable donations, this was in fact what some liberals claimed in letters to the Curious Journal: that the liberals simply disagree over who should receive donations. They carefully forgot that the liberals who believe that government, not private charities, should be the source of assistance are as eager to skimp on their taxes as they are with private charity. Liberal generosity is almost always at others’ expense.

  2. “The Age of the Desiccated Hearts” — so true. So much that is good has allowed itself to be shriveled into dry, useless, ugliness. A great deal of the responsibility for this lands squarely in the lap of Christians who have refused to hear anything truly challenging, and who have chosen for their “teachers” those who are only promoters, in the most materialistic sense. Nice piece — yet again.

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