Good Gracious

by Glenn Fairman7/16/15

Good gracious. I go camping at the beach for a couple of days and I find this upon returning. Can’t the world do anything right?

Ignorance may be bliss when good men rule; but in days such as these–where foundations are broken and new modes and orders prevail, know well what that ignorance has cost us as we reap its wages….as sure as hell…..

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca.
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Glenn Fairman

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17 Responses to Good Gracious

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Given all that’s happened, what in particular were you referring to? The attack in a military recruitment center (which of course was a “gun-free” zone) in Chattanooga?

  2. Glenn Fairman says:

    the whole shebang hit me in the face within 5 minutes of logging onto the internet. Ignorant bliss is still ignorance…….

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I think Glenn is just too polite to say “WTF?” Thus this short post.

    I keep a tally inside my head (which is much more convenient because I can carry it with me). One of the reigning paradigms I’ve signed on to as a working hypothesis is one from Dennis Prager: “Everything the Left touches they make worse.”

    I’m starting to see shoddiness in all aspects of society now. Customer service amongst suppliers is noticeably lacking. The machines continue to crank out good products (for the most part). But the human component is the weak link. It’s just a little sign here, another occurrence there, and I see it all coming. The educated, independent, thoughtful man is becoming extinct to be replaced by the vulgar, shallow, ignorant, passive-entertainment man.

    But industry (and government) crank on. They will not slow down because the population is turning into Elois. And thus we see that split happening between the haves and the have-nots as we retrace our steps back to Old Europe. We will have two major classes. We will have the wolf class and the sheep class. The wolves will not all be predatory, per se. They will be the educated ones (a real education, not the fake one comprised of “women’s studies”). They will back-slap their way to power. Merit will still account for something. But they will produce the things for the Elois who demand ever more consumption and passive entertainment. They will schlep their way to a new height of mediocrity and continue to say that their next degradation is actually a great leap forward.

    But more and more just being a big, flabby piece of meat who says “Feed me” or “Entertain me” will be your average American for whom the term “average” is now an insult. Power will be concentrated more and more in Big Government and Big Business, and they will be in cahoots as they are now. And they, not God or Jesus, will tell us all how to live and think and we will comply because we know of nothing else.

    Glenn may be shocked to see what is happening but I am no longer. I went to a local farmer’s market last night and I must say I was thoroughly creeped out by the “Smiles, everyone, smiles” atmosphere. There is obviously a shared fetish at these things of “natural.” I’m not the most sociable guy, but I tried to strike up a conversation here and there and there is nothing there behind the smile.

    I see it coming. Oh, brother, I see it coming.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I expected to get five articles — Bam! — on the subject of Planned Parenthood selling body parts. And I still may yet. But these kind of outrages are becoming so commonplace, what good does it do to post it in the echo chamber here? If that isn’t the kind of thing that would kill the Democrat Party as a going concern, let along Planned Parenthood, then what would? Need we even mention something so over the line?

    Conservatives and authentic (not “social justice”) Christians understand that man is a depraved animal who, with work and practice, can rise slightly above the obscene. We see signs every day of his natural state and so few of his attempt to reach for something Good. If these people would put half the effort into trying to be Good that they do trying to label evil something else, they’d go a long way toward actually making the world better.

    Good gracious, indeed.

    • Brad, we’re all still trying to digest what PP has done. It’s going to take a while because it keeps coming back up. This is so revolting at such a deep and visceral level that it’s hard to even think about it. We are killing babies for raw materials, for parts. I can barely stand to write that sentence. It just leaves me numb, hopeless and numb, like finally realizing that the iceberg is sinking the ship. God help us.

    • Anniel says:

      Bear was listening to me rant and rave about the women who think they are doing a great and good thing in having abortions and what will happen when they stand before God on Judgment Day. When I finally slowed down for a breath he asked, ” What about the men who will stand with them and face the same child, or children, and the same judgment?” That was a new and sobering thought. Men who father child after child with no thought about what becomes of them will be as guilty as PP and the women they impregnate. Some of those baby makers may have hundreds of babies they must face. And the oh so fine ladies and gentlemen of Planned Parenthood will be there too.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Annie…I like what you said. Let me add that it’s just inherently the fact that the woman carries the baby so she has to be careful about which man she sleeps with. We often hear the anti-abortion argument countered with “But what about the man?” Well, yes, men need to be raised to be men, not boys. No question about it.

        But women, like it or not, bare the burden of carefully filtering who they sleep with. This used to be taught to our daughters. Now (and Rush got in trouble with using the word “slut” to describe promiscuous women), now we expect that women have some kind of god-given right to be as promiscuous as men. But that doesn’t work, and I think when we say “What about the man?” we’re falling into this trap.

        Yes, men should not whore around. They should learn to zip it up. Good god, I’m reading a biography of Frank Sinatra right now, and at least up until his mid-thirties, the man behaved like a boy, not a man, at least sexually. And if the account in this biography is true, Nancy (Big Nancy, not Frank’s daughter, Nancy) gave Frank an ultimatum at one point. She was pregnant and she told him something like “Either you come home and be a father and a husband or I’m going to abort this baby.” Tragically, this good Catholic aborted the baby. How sad.

        Men have to in-built propensity to father child-after-child. The sexual revolution didn’t do them any favors either. In fact, women who have bought the feminist “equality” dogma have played right into the hands of the males. Oh, yes, how nice that they can whore around now and there’s always that safety valve of killing the unborn child. Women — who by nature will give of themselves to the point of death for their children — have been sadly and poisonously indoctrinated with the idea that they ought to be just as sexually promiscuous as men. Abortion is therefore seen as a way to level the playing field.

        That is, women are taught to go against the kinder and better aspects of their nature. Think about how truly monstrous it is to make it normal for women to kill their unborn babies as simply a matter of convenience. It takes a lot of evil indoctrination to get this to seem normal. But normal it is for a lot of people.

        A libertarian society — one where the only thing that counts is the marketplace…a sexual marketplace, in this case — describes a society no less harsh the one written about by Theodore Dalrymple in his various books, including “Life at the Bottom.” Oh, there is such freedom and liberty on all sides. And it results in sexual abandon, drug-addled behavior, and children who — if they get the chance to be born at all — are in constant danger of being abused or mistreated. And their future prospects are very poor as well.

        Women need to be taught to keep their legs closed. Men need to be taught to act like gentlemen, not hounds. But in the end, women inherently hold a greater burden in terms of the conception of children.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          A libertarian society — one where the only thing that counts is the marketplace…a sexual marketplace, in this case — describes a society no less harsh the one written about by Theodore Dalrymple in his various books, including “Life at the Bottom.” Oh, there is such freedom and liberty on all sides. And it results in sexual abandon, drug-addled behavior, and children who — if they get the chance to be born at all — are in constant danger of being abused or mistreated. And their future prospects are very poor as well.

          As I like to point out, if one wishes to see the true fruits of a libertarian society, not the pie-in-the-sky utopia they try to sell, one must only visit the inner core of many cities in the U.S.A. Only yesterday, someone who just moved from Tennessee to Texas told my that Memphis was now almost as bad as Detroit. Heroin has replaced cocaine as the drug of choice and crime runs rampant.

          As to the girls and women who have child after child from different fathers, well rarely have we ever seen such stupidity wedded to immorality on such a magnitude. There have always been and will always be stupid and immoral people, but I do believe that a new level of mindlessness has been achieved by today’s females. In past days, most females knew their physical value and did not sell it too cheaply. That so many today not only give it away, but actually are in a rush to do so with every Tom, Dick and Harry is certainly a sign of the success of the Leftist program.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        Your post makes me ask the uncomfortable question, “What would the country have done with the 60 million human beings (according to Deane’s latest piece) and their offspring that have been aborted over the last few decades?”

        I ask that because, given what we know about the women who have abortions, many many of them, I would suggest a substantial majority of them, are in no way fit or able to raise children in any semblance of normalcy. Given the fact that abortion became legal in the early 1970’s, the 40 million abortions are just the tip of the iceberg in this regard. How many of those aborted would have had further illegitimate children to be raised by unwed mothers? I would suggest many millions. And given our political system, how would these be supported, both as children and adults.

        My question is something I have never heard addressed. And I am not sure I have the answer. But I will say that, like so much in our society, abortion is nothing more than an admission that as a country, we are not able to tackle fundamental moral and economic problems which must be addressed to survive.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          This, of course, leads to the pragmatic argument in favor of abortion — that it leads ultimately to less crime and welfare. So it does, but at a heavy price.

        • Anniel says:

          When Bronwyn was young I worked as a receptionist/secretary for a few years at a walk-in medical clinic. There was a black woman on Medicaid who came in frequently, dragging her four young children with her. They all had different fathers and were disastrous once they got lose. But the woman was the real problem because she simply NEVER STOPPED TALKING. She walked in talking and walked out still talking, just ignoring her children getting into everything. We had a rule that we put her right into an exam room, got her Medicaid sticker and shoved her out as soon as possible. One day she came and announced to me that she was pregnant with number five. “Hmmmm,” was all I got out before she said to me, “How many kids you got, Honey?”

          “Five,” I answered.

          “Does they all have the same father?” Was her next question.

          Stunned, I answered, “Yes.”

          Then she said, in front of all the other clients, “Honey, how does you know?”

          All I could do was kind of gawk at her for a moment before the nurse came and dragged her into a room. All afternoon I thought about how sad it was that there was no way to answer her question that she would understand, and that my five kids would wind up supporting her five.

          When I got home I was really glum and the Bear asked me what was wrong. I told him the whole story, expecting some sympathy. He put his arms around me and said: “Honey, how does you know?”

          My jaw dropped for a second, and then we laughed so hard we hurt. Finally Bear said I should have told her, “I keep track of these things.”

          See, all you men agree. Women are the ones in charge of themselves, and we do need to keep track.

          KFZ asks a good question. But when one of the states, wish I could remember which, did some welfare reform the single mother birth rate was dropping drastically. The welfare was reinstated when Obama was elected and the birth rate was climbing again.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            Something similar when welfare reform in the 1990s required welfare recipients to work or be educated. The Curious Journal expressed great wonderment that this affected the behavior of long-term welfarites.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          “What would the country have done with the 60 million human beings (according to Deane’s latest piece) and their offspring that have been aborted over the last few decades?”

          Put in that context, and considering the reason the Democrat Party is for illegal immigration, it’s almost shocking that the Democrats support something — abortion — that culls their ranks.

          It’s another one of those little oddities. Of course, in terms of “What would be the effect if all those children were born?” is asking the wrong question. All of that is a false mathematical calculation. Those children were never counted on the ledgers of civilization to begin with. And whether few children or many children, the vulgar cycle of lives lost in the chaos of “life at the bottom” is ultimately not a function of numbers but of policies, ethics, standards, and beliefs.

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            “What would be the effect if all those children were born?” is asking the wrong question.

            I don’t think so. I think it is quite pertinent, because as a people, we don’t appear to be thinking about policy very deeply. Of course the first point about abortion is that it is immoral. But other things need to be pointed out as why so many abortions are performed every year and by whom. And this information needs to be widely distributed. Furthermore, I see this as a way to point out the insanity of our welfare and other social policies.

            Maybe Joycelyn Elders was right when she pushed for, what most would consider inappropriate sex education for children. Perhaps she knew her constituency.

            Should we pay those slags (as described by Anniel) who have multiple children from multiple fathers a one time amount to be sterilized? Or maybe pay the idiot men something to receive a vasectomy?

            All I know is that this country has huge problems which are not being addressed and will eventually pull us all down unless something sensible is done.

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              Well, then we can at least positively say that the eugenics of abortion isn’t working. The same bad behaviors still get passed on.

              • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

                Exactly!. The majority of underlying problems which lead to abortion are not addressed. Our “leaders” have not been able to gather up the courage to do so.

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