God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy

GodGunsGritsSuggested by Timothy Lane • Mike Huckabee takes a look at politics and culture, particularly the difference between “Bubble-ville” (NYC, DC, and LA) and “Bubbaville” (flyover country).  He eviscerates liberal idiocies and insincerity and explains how Common Core started out as a good idea.
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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    One thing I especially appreciate about this is Huckabee’s brilliant evisceration of liberal/eco-fanatic hypocrisy regarding global warming aka climate change aka climate disruption. He cites Glenn Reynolds’s comment, “I’ll believe this is a serious problem when the people who claim it’s a serious problem act like it’s a serious problem.” Instead, we have Al Gore grossly exaggerating how much the oceans are expected to arrive even according to the IPCC alarmists — and buying an ocean-front mansion in California. We have Obama jet-setting around on Lenin’s Birthday aka Earth Day to hector everyone to lower their carbon footprint — even as the fuel for his flights generated as much carbon dioxide as a typical family would in 441 years. And there are so many such examples.

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