Getting the Government We Deserve

SinkingShipby Deana Chadwell    9/22/14
It’s been heartening of late to watch Democrats scuttling across the deck of the SS Obama, bailing as fast as possible from the sinking ship that is the current administration. Even the most craven of Obama voters are disenchanted with the president and his failed promises.

He’s not made them rich; he hasn’t even made the rich poor.  Granted, “the rich” has changed from those who work hard on their own businesses to those who support Obama and his mafia, but his “stash” is not what it was cracked up to be.

For those Dems who actually pay attention to politics he’s also been a disappointment. He has not brought peace to the world. He’s not made everyone love us. He’s not made life easier for minorities. He’s not produced amnesty. The weather is still unpredictable and Al Qaeda hasn’t been eradicated.

Of course, conservatives have known all along that this man is not an American – even if it turns out that he was born in Hawaii. Nothing he’s done in nearly six years has made America stronger. Nothing he’s done has made us safer – quite the contrary. Nothing he’s done has made us more prosperous; his actions have made his cronies richer, but at the expense of middle class and the poor.[pullquote]…voters are disenchanted with the president and his failed promises. He’s not made them rich; he hasn’t even made the rich poor. [/pullquote]

I could go on and on, but I don’t need to – we all know well the traitorous “incompetencies” of this man and his handlers. But Obama is not what has me worried. He could be impeached. At this stage of the game he could be arrested, but that just gets us to Joe Biden, who would be no better. Well, we’d have a president who was actually incompetent instead of just pretending to be, but that’s not a practical improvement.

Let’s say we manage to impeach, indict, or otherwise lawfully remove both of these men from office. Let’s dream big and say we also rid ourselves of Eric Holder. Then we’re stuck with John Boehner who could perhaps be managed, but he would not be the leader we need.

Just for grins, though, let’s pretend that President Boehner got an infusion of testosterone, had his spine straightened and started thinking like a true conservative – where does that get us? What would he have to do?

He’d have to kick start the economy – build the Keystone pipeline, authorize more drilling, deregulate almost everything, audit the Federal Reserve (and or get rid of it). He’d have to win the War on Terrorism and do it fast and decisively.

That’s just for starters, because behind the presidency looms the megalith of the federal bureaucracy. We don’t have a slick, concise, constitutional way of shaking loose the sarsen stones of the federal agencies. And the people who have been manning these monuments to big government have been getting rich and richer micromanaging our lives. Even if we give a new president a magic wand he still would be hard-pressed to disconnect these bureaucracies from their power source; they’ve become their own raison d’etre, their own perpetual motion machine; though Lord knows they’ve done little to advance and assist the nation.

Health and Human Services has not made us healthier. The Department of Energy has not prevented $4 gasoline. The Environmental Protection Agency has managed to destroy entire industries, but the spotted owl is still dying off and the polar bears were never in any danger in the first place. After the IRS targeting scandal it’s become obvious that the graduated income tax, and its volumes of impenetrable regulations, is extremely dangerous to a free society, and given a nearly 18 trillion dollar national debt, one can argue that it has failed to adequately fund the government. The Department of Education has also failed to help educate the populace. In short, of all our federal institutions only the military has proved its worth, and all of these bureaucracies wield more power than any president ever could.

But, let’s go back to those folks who expected the Obama presidency to make their lives effortless, those folks who thought he’d buy them new kitchen appliances and pay for their birth control. Those people are still out there. Let’s look at those dreamers who actually believe we can exist in this world sans war, sans borders, and sans consequences with nothing but an easy supply of weed to keep everything mellow. They haven’t changed their minds about those things. They may be mad at Obama, but they still believe in unicorns. The problem is not that Obama turned out to be the worst president in American history. The problem is that Americans elected him. Twice. And we can’t impeach the American people.

Recent polls, however, show that only 20% of Americans label themselves liberal, so how is it that this diseased tail is wagging the entire dog? The three institutions that actually wield the most power – the churches, the schools, and the media – are responsible, and while these “branches” of self-government have failed to actually convince the American people of the benefits of socialism and abortion and homosexuality, they can intimidate folks into not speaking out about their true beliefs.

Try expressing a conservative, or heaven forbid, a Christian point of view in a college classroom these days. Even high school classes are rife with left-wing propaganda and many teachers are openly hostile to traditional thinking and to parents who dare to question that hostility. Liberal churches spout liberation “theology” and turn Christians into Marxists. Conservatives, already reserved to begin with, are reticent to get into it with the sanctimonious socialist.

We are aware that a jihadi is willing to both lose his life and to commit heinous atrocities in the name of Allah, and that makes him very dangerous. Well, liberals are willing to twist truth, make personal attacks, and do almost any despicable act to advance their agenda, including voter fraud, and that makes them dangerous.  Conservatives, on the other hand, are governed by a higher authority than their own power, and that makes it look like we’re at a disadvantage, but that’s only human viewpoint.

Conservatism has one immovable advantage. Conservatives value tradition; conservatives know the precious ideas that made us the most astounding nation on earth, and conservatives are unwilling to scrap those values. We’re unwilling to let go of freedom, hard work, courage, innovation, responsibility, and duty because behind all of those values stands Almighty God. At the Democratic Convention in 2011 the Democrats turned their backs on God and clearly voted Him out, but the further right you go in the Republican Party the more obvious is its reliance on that God, and that God never fails His people.

We have far more to worry about than an errant president. We have to see to it that voters are truly educated. We have to start fighting back against an anti-American media. We have to become again the people we once were. And it’s obvious that God has provided us with the means to once again lead the world – we can regain our independence with our oil and natural gas production — if we want to. We can rid the world of the scourge of Islamic fundamentalism – if we want to. We can realign our attitudes to please the Lord of All and regain His protection and provision – if we want to. It’s not about ridding ourselves of an obnoxious, embarrassing, criminal president. It’s about becoming a people who deserve much better.

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Deana Chadwell

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I have spent my life teaching young people how to read and write and appreciate the wonder of words. I have worked with high school students and currently teach writing at Pacific Bible College in southern Oregon. I have spent more than forty years studying the Bible, theology, and apologetics and that finds its way into my writing whether I'm blogging about my experiences or my opinions. I have two and a half moldering novels, stacks of essays, hundreds of poems, some which have won state and national prizes. All that writing -- and more keeps popping up -- needs a home with a big plate glass window; it needs air; it needs a conversation. I am also an artist who works with cloth, yarn, beads, gourds, polymer clay, paint, and photography. And I make soap.
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15 Responses to Getting the Government We Deserve

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    “He hasn’t even made the rich poor.”

    I’m snorting Coca-Cola out of my nose on that one, Deana. That’s not a very dignified attitude, I know. But you just caught me taking a sip when I read that. Oh, goodness you have tapped into a deep truth there.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    As a button I have says, “I know they get the government they deserve, but why do I have to get the government they deserve?”

    If by some miracle the Obama Gang lost its two top capi, perhaps the most important thing to do would be to turn federal prosecutors loose on all the corrupt DC offices (which sounds kind of redundant, especially under Gangster-in-Chief Barry Bam). Let people actually see the trials that expose their rampant criminality, and even low-information voters might finally realize that there was something really wrong.

    There’s a nice piece on NRO which reminds us of how far liberals are willing to go in the name of their ideology/religion (it serves both purposes). It seems that Bobby the Lesser, at the Occupy the Climate extravaganza yesterday, was advocating that those who commit the crime of dissent should be jailed for their heresy. As one blogger put it, “Scratch a liberal and you find a fascist.” Ladykrystyna suggested pointing this out to uncommitted voters: Do they really want to stand with the liberals and their desire to criminalize disagreement? I suspect most, even today, won’t.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Let people actually see the trials that expose their rampant criminality, and even low-information voters might finally realize that there was something really wrong.

      One would hope. One of the problems with having one of your wagon wheels squared is that it doesn’t make much sense to say, “Wait until we really need to go faster than the rampaging Indians, then that wheel will start to turn smoothly.”

      That may be a forced analogy. But the point is that the electorate is corrupt and a corrupt people (especially ones who have been rooting for the corrupt politicians to give them “free stuff”) are not going to be very interested in rooting out corruption.

      Do they really want to stand with the liberals and their desire to criminalize disagreement? I suspect most, even today, won’t.

      The surprising answer is that we already know: Most would. It’s not as if criminalizing disagreements is a new thing. And although state or Federal law isn’t always the main perpetrator, anyone who has gone to college knows about thought crimes.

      Few are ready to do battle with this fascist culture. Most would rather pat themselves on the back and think of themselves as “sensitive” for giving into the Pink Mafia, for giving into the Environmental Wackos, for giving into the race hustlers, etc. The electorate has already been tested and found wanting.

      At StubbornThings, we mean to engage the culture wars. Even so, I have few illusions about how that war would go if we were personally smeared or attacked. Everyone is your friend until a little bit of controversy threatens the protective bubble most want to live in.

      Did NRO stand with Mark Steyn? No, they sold him down the river. That said, I do believe there are people here who would not be easily intimidated by the Left.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        People may be unwilling to fight the Thought Police, but that doesn’t mean they will support it either. Note that NRO didn’t sell Mark Steyn out, they disagreed with his approach. Both continue to fight Michael Mann, who is finding out that he has no support (no one filed an amicus brief on his behalf).

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Mark Steyn’s major weapon in the culture wars are his words. NRO no longer carries them. And we shouldn’t forget the weasel-words of his managing editor back when the controversy started. If they didn’t sell him out, I don’t know what you’d call it. They certainly did not stand with him.

          Very very few people are willing to fight the thought police. This is what scares me. If push comes to shove, the electorate is in the frame of mind where they have become habituated to seeing things through the Leftist prism. It’s not that they won’t fight the thought police. It’s just that they can’t recognize who they are.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            Ah, so you were referring mainly to his removal from NRO due to a politically incorrect joke, not their disagreement over how to handle Mann. That makes a big difference. I’m not sure about all the details even now, but Steyn’s absence from NRO and the magazine is very regrettable.

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              That politically incorrect joke I believe occurred after the controversy with the hockey stick graph. I can’t read their minds, but it may have been the straw that broke the RINO’s back.

  3. Timothy Lane says:

    I just came across an interesting item on which gives 3.5 minutes of a Boehner appearance at AEI in which he proposes 5 general goals: tax reform, cuts in spending (especially entitlements), tort reform, regulatory reform, and education improvements such as school choice. Whatever his flaws, we know that no Democrat would say such things, and Boehner not only said them but may even mean them. We should never forget that there really is a difference between the parties, no matter how feckless the GOP usually is in opposing the Internal Enemy.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      One way to parse what Boehner is saying is to put on the glasses of an Establishment Republican. They have made their peace with Leviathan. They simply mean to run it better. Therefore “reform” doesn’t mean reduce, rethink, or reconsider. It must means “retool.”

      Still, school choice and “cuts in spending” are, on the face of it, anti-statist positions. But there’s absolutely no reason to believe that Boehner would put any weight behind putting such things through.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Well, he cited the DC school choice program (which Congress did put through) as an example. This the same program Barry Zero worked assiduously to eliminate at the behest of the unions.

  4. GHG says:

    We have the government we deserve. We’re not “getting it” – we’ve already “got it”.

    There’s no point to being angry at the fox for eating chickens in the hen house – he’s just being a fox. The fault lies with the farmer who wasn’t vigilant enough to keep the fox out of the hen house.

    So where is this vigilance lacking – who hasn’t been doing their job? Who hasn’t been guarding our way of life, our culture, the contract between we the people and our government? It’s easy to point the finger at news purveyors and certainly they deserve our disdain for failing to live up the ethical standards they purport to have. But I think they are only pawns being used to promote a message. The real traitors are the elites that determine the message. The political, academic and economic leaders that have always set the course for our country. What has changed over the last 200+ years is the philosophy of our leaders from individualism to socialism. Those leaders have led us to where we are today with the help of the media and the inattention of the people.

    When Madison, Jefferson, Franklin and the founders were attempting to form a just and enduring government, they believed in the principles we now call conservative. They promoted those ideas and led the people into believing in what they were promoting. Then as the years and decades rolled by and the socialist philosophies started to take root, first in Europe and then here, more and more of the elites, for various reasons, adopted a socialist philosophy and an antipathy for our limited government. Woodrow Wilson publicly voiced his opinion the constitution was too limiting and a burden to good governance over 100 years before Obama stated the same thing, and yet he was elected president twice too.

    There’s many reasons and it’s very complex, but it seems to me the “only” thing that has changed is the belief system of the elites that steer our ship of state. The mechanics will be the way they always have been – elites lead and the rest of us follow along. Conservatives can kick and wail and maybe win a battle here or there but the leftward drift appears to be in no danger of reversing course. We’ve already slid a long ways down the mountain. America as it used to be is gone. America as it is currently is probably not the end state – it’s probably going to get worse. Maybe a lot worse.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      We have the government we deserve. We’re not “getting it” – we’ve already “got it”.

      With all due deference to Deana, by George, I think he’s right. As you said, there is a vigilance lacking. And if I were a harsh taskmaster, I would assign someone this rich subject. Why have we been asleep at the wheel? Have we simply changed our relationship to the state so drastically that it is unthinkable not to have government in our lives to “care” for us?

      Yes, the elites — of both parties, but mostly Leftists, of course — have sold the message of bigger and bigger government. But is that the ultimate cause or just a proximate cause, or side cause?

      Yes, we’ve moved from “individualism” to socialism. And that “individualism” needs to be put in quotes for we never were individualists. What was different back then (before socialism) is that our community was made up of the people we knew (and depended upon) locally. Now our means of sustenance (such as we ever get it) is remote. Government is always inherently remote despite whatever claims of “caring” it makes.

      Libertarians want to be true individualists. Conservatives don’t. We understand the interdependence we have with each other, particularly our families, churches, businesses, and private organizations…and even, to some extent, the way we organize ourselves via government.

      Libertarians want to rip it all down, atomizing us into the kind of “individual” that Obama and his minions use as a foil as they demagogue the liberty that conservatives desire which the Left denigrates as “everyone out for himself.”

      And we should not overlook the various amendments that have aided and abetted the growth of the state.

      We certainly do seem to be turning into a society where the elites steer the ship of state and we all get safe passage. But the price is our freedom. Given the pansy-like nature of so many men and women today, it’s difficult imagining much of a course correction for this huge ship ever taking place. The rocks are ahead.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Your description of the libertarians wanting to rip everything out reminds me of Jonathan Swift’s A Tale of a Tub, a religious allegory involving the coats inherited by the 3 brothers Peter (the Catholics), Martin (Lutherans and Anglicans), and Jack (the Calvinists). Peter, as the eldest brother, comes up with all sorts of fancy adornments. When the younger brothers learn that the will actually called for nothing of the sort, they react in their own ways. Martin carefully removes the additions one at a time, while Jack simply tears them out in a great hurry. Naturally, one can see Martin as the quintessential conservative reformer.

      • GHG says:

        “With all due deference to Deana”

        Yes, and I didn’t mean that as a correction to Deana’s statement. I only meant to juxtapose her statement with my statement as a point of emphasis.

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