“Gender-neutral” Bathrooms, the Mixed-up Kid and Homosexual Dad

SellwynThumbby Selwyn Duke9/9/15
The big news out of San Francisco last week was that it would register another first: a city elementary school is going to switch to all “gender-neutral” bathrooms. The idea is, as the Daily Mail put it, to “accommodate young students who don’t fit into gender norms.” Of course, this apparently means that normal students who might like those supposedly antiquated single-sex bathrooms can just go to Hell (I mean, the Hell that isn’t San Francisco).

The scene of this enlightened step into the brave new world is Miraloma Elementary. Now, you might think a San Fran school would have a couple of hundred sexually confused kids, but, actually, the change is in deference to six to eight children (and to liberal dementia) who “range from tomboys to transgender,” reports SFGate.com. Hey, don’t you know? The whims of the few outweigh the good of the many.

But what really caught my attention was this passage from the Mail:

‘I think most people don’t think about how difficult it can be, going to the bathroom for someone like my son,’ said a woman named Jae, who refused to give her last name to protect her son.

Her son, a first-grader, is a boy who identifies as a boy but prefers to dress and style his hair like a girl.

‘He was just struggling with it quietly,’ the mom added. ‘[Now] he can just use the restroom without thinking about it.’

Ari Braverman, 6, says he too is happy about the bathroom change since he likes to dress like a girl and doesn’t discriminate between boys’ and girls’ toys.

‘I think it’s nice because then people don’t have to be separated just to go into bathrooms,’ Ari said. ‘It’s just easier to go to the bathroom if there’s just a bathroom.’

Ari’s dad, Gedalia Braverman, agreed, saying, ‘As parents, you eventually realize it’s not your job to change your child’s personality. It’s not my job to identify and pigeonhole my children’s genders, and certainly it’s not the school’s.’

There’s a lot here to take issue with. For instance, one could also imagine the following: “Ari Braverman, 6, says he too is happy about ice cream for dinner since he likes ice cream and doesn’t care for meat and vegetables.” Then there’s, “Ari Braverman, 6, says he too is happy about replacing math with video-game time since he likes video games and doesn’t discriminate between education and fooling around.” What a six-year-old thinks about social norms is only taken seriously by someone (such as, let’s say, Jimmy Carter) who would cite in a debate his little daughter’s views on nuclear-weapons policy, or a president who’d say his flip-flop on marriage was influenced by his kids. (Of course, Barack Obama was for faux marriage in 1996, so it’s more likely dad influenced Sasha and Malia.)

Speaking of influence, restroom Luddite that I am I got the feeling from the Mail piece that parents who are new-age bathroom reformers probably didn’t give their kids a normal start to life. So I did some sleuthing. Finding information on the secretive “Jae” was unlikely, but there couldn’t be more than one Gedalia Braverman in the U.S. And lo and behold, while this isn’t mentioned by the Mail, I learned that Braverman is actually a single homosexual father. Moreover, read the following, from a blog describing “Gedalia’s Journey”:

His twins were born thanks to the modern technology of assisted reproduction, and with the help of his friends.

In last June’s newsletter for Pacific Fertility Center, the clinic that helped Braverman become a parent, he describes the story of his journey.

“They say it takes a village to raise a child. In my case it took a village to create a child. Thanks to a loving gestational surrogate, and longtime friends as both egg and sperm donors, my dream of parenting has come true,” he writes.

Question: does it take a village idiot to raise a really mixed up child?

Of course, I’m sure Ari’s Little Journey is just an anomaly. We know that homosexuals aren’t any more likely to raise homosexual or maladjusted children than are average parents. We know this because the Left has told us so, again and again, citing “studies” all the way through. And it’s bigotry to think otherwise (or even to think. Emote now, will ya’?).

Except for one thing. We also know that little children model the behavior of those around them; they could not do otherwise. While Braverman says it isn’t his “job” to change his child’s “personality” or pigeonhole his “gender,” the reality is that he’s shaping his children’s personalities whether he realizes it or not. You influence your child by what you choose to be (which determines the example you set), by what you say, how you act, and by what you don’t say. In fact, “values are caught more than they’re taught”; it’s what’s assumed that is learned best.

Moreover, this Rousseau-esque notion of just letting your child be what he is “naturally” is pure and utter nonsense. Naturally, a baby is a barbarian, illiterate, bereft of morals and manners, and quite likely a sociopath. Just as how children have to be taught math or biology, they have to taught (trained in, actually) morals and civility. That’s how they become civil-ized.

This gets at the contradiction inherent in the “I’m not going to put my child in a gender straitjacket” fad. (Note: “gender” once only referred to words, and it shouldn’t be used with people.) Why stop at “gender”? Psychobabblers diagnose “gender dysphoria,” the sense that you’re stuck in the body of the wrong sex. But there’s also “species dysphoria,” the sense that you’re stuck in the body of the wrong species. As to this, a young Texas woman going by the name “Wolfie Blackheart” insisted in 2010 that she was a canine.

So why suppress your child’s “true personality” by putting him in a species straitjacket? Yet we do. We teach children language, manners, our human society’s norms (mostly), how to use human-birthed technology and a whole host of other things beyond the average mammal’s capacities. We do this because the child is human; we thus assume that a human-specific upbringing is a better idea than raising him like a ferret.

But just as this is indicated by biologically determined species, so does his biologically determined sex indicate the wisdom of a sex-specific upbringing. This gets at a once universally recognized truth:

Contrary to modern myth, sex stereotyping is actually a good and necessary thing.

It’s not the application of a “straitjacket” any more than is providing musical instruction to a music prodigy. Rather, in the same vein, it is the process of recognizing the characteristic strengths and roles of each sex and providing teaching that will augment those strengths in preparation for those roles. Just as targeted training can help turn that musical rough diamond into a maestro, it can turn girls and boys into women and men.

On the other hand, we could just continue down the “gender identity” road and turn the whole nation into San Francisco.

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15 Responses to “Gender-neutral” Bathrooms, the Mixed-up Kid and Homosexual Dad

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Of course, tomboys aren’t transgenders, they’re just girls with a taste for masculine pursuits. Single-sex bathrooms are perfectly normal if they’re individual bathrooms, but not for large numbers. It’s abnormal, but liberalism is all about celebrating the abnormal at the expense of the normal. After all, the abnormal is the repressed minority, which activates liberal reflexes.


      Yes, of course, since by celebrating abnormality (homosexuality, gender confusion) they attack all that is normal. It’s the method of indirect attack again, just like pushing same-sex “marriage” as a way of attacking real (traditional) marriage.

      • Jason says:

        Not really, their legalization of no-fault divorce laws was their indirect way of attacking heterosexual marriage as it affected WAY more people and entire families than the amount of gay couples who got married. All gay marriage was was a red herring meant to distract the public from the breakdown of the family unit that had been disintegrating since the WWII era.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          A lot of truth to that. But homosexual marriage was definitely an attack on Biblical marriage. And how long will it be until pedophile marriage (e.g., NAMBLA, whose parades the Wicked Witch of the West regular attends), bestial marriage (which is a subplot in one of Sharyn McCrumb’s later novels featuring Elizabeth MacPherson), and polygamy (still practiced by some very old-fashioned Mormons, as well as Muslims) are declared acceptable by court fiat?


    Ah, San Francisco, where truly the lunatics run the asylum and it takes two years to get the permits to open a restaurant. And that was where those boobies who inherited the Star Trek franchise set the headquarters for the whole Federation of Planets! Yep, nowhere else on Earth, or on Vulcan, or on, uh, whatever other planets are in the Federation, could serve for the interstellar headquarters, it was the city with legalized public nudity and now unisex bathrooms designed to see to it that no child will grow up with a normal, healthy, sexual identity. Hope all those Federation bureaucrats weren’t planning on dining out too often.

    I bring this up because it showcases the solipsistic narcissism (or is it narcissistic solipsism?) that so characterizes today’s Left: they are so convinced that their little bubble universe, in which up is down and wrong is right, is the best of all possible worlds they cannot even conceive of anyone thinking differently. In the real world, when some aging hippie had proposed making SF the Federation’s home base, they’d have been laughed off the Council (I think it’s a council?) and, hopefully, sent off to Vulcan for two years of training in logic and coherent thought.

    Good report from Selwyn, by the way. I take it he’s not moving to SF anytime soon!

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    ‘I think most people don’t think about how difficult it can be, going to the bathroom for someone like my son,’ said a woman named Jae, who refused to give her last name to protect her son.

    Tell me about it. I’m just thankful for the splash guards. Not that I’m particularly homophobic. But pissing right next to another man in a somewhat public place can be a bit disconcerting. It’s helps to have a little privacy to get going.

    What we need are three types of bathrooms, in total. One for women. One for men who don’t mind hanging it out there (if it does indeed hang). And a third bathroom for those who are more modest.

    Her son, a first-grader, is a boy who identifies as a boy but prefers to dress and style his hair like a girl.

    Been there, done that. It was called the Beatles era…at least regarding the hair.

    Thanks to a loving gestational surrogate

    [Brad going down on one knee and looking nervous.] Rapunzel, I’d like you to be my loving gestational surrogate. [Hands her a box that looks like it contains a piece of jewelry and a short contract.]

    • Timothy Lane says:

      It seems to me that I recall a 60s song about “Are you a boy, or are you a girl?”

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        Maybe you mean The Kinks’, “Lola”.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Looking up “Lola” in my MP3 collection revealed a song by the Coasters, which isn’t what I remember. It also doesn’t have anything to do with the Kinks’ song to judge from the article on it in Wikipedia. The main point in the song was the “long, long hair”, not transvestism, and I recall it as earlier than the Kinks’ song appeared. Wikipedia mentions a song called “Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl?” by the Barbarians, which is probably the song, but doesn’t provide enough of a description to be sure. I don’t have it, either.

  4. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    I learned that Braverman is actually a single homosexual father.

    No doubt this creature is a confirmed Darwinist, so the question arises “Why would he go against his religion?”

    Just a few years back, this type of deviant would have not been able to pass on his genes or inflict his insanity upon children.

  5. Steve Lancaster says:

    So a new citizen from Scotland arrives in SF with 7 year old son, who wears a kilt. Is he directed to a boys restroom since he says he is not a girl, however, he is wearing a skirt which in some minds makes his identity female or does the family throw up their hands in disgust and return to Scotland?

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