The Gay Mafia and Ice Cream

GayIceCreamby Jerry Richardson   9/19/14
What is the difference between “Gay” ice cream and “Straight” ice cream? This is not a trick question; there must be some very important differences because the public implication of a difference has caused the New York branch of the Gay Mafia to launch an attack.

What initiated the launch?

“Gallo Nero is a popular place to grab ice cream in New York… and one of their competitors happens to be a company called Big Gay Ice Cream. So, someone at Gallo Nero thought it would be fun to play off of their competitor’s shtick and use it to their advantage.

Thus was born… The Big STRAIGHT Ice Cream!

Needless to say, numerous commenters on Twitter and the Internet took “homophobic” exception to this competitive advertisement.

Welcome to a new and increasingly petulant and virulent portion of our politically-correct world which is now being occupied by the Gay Mafia Word-Police.

According to the Gay Mafia Word-Police, it is completely AOK for an ice cream seller to advertise their product as Big Gay Ice Cream presumably with hopes IceCreamof attracting homosexual customers.  But it is absolutely horrifyingly-not even zOK for an ice cream seller to advertise their product as Big Straight Ice Cream presumably with hopes of attracting heterosexual customers.

OMG! Gay Mafia alert, sound the alarm, man the barricades; this is a clear violation of the anti-homophobic-flavored-ice-cream act.  This must be shamed, ridiculed, punished, and stopped.


This juvenile tempest-in-an-ice-cream-cup would be forgotten before it could even be laughed-at except for the very real fact of the new-gay-world it illustrates.

It illustrates, better than pages and pages of words that the previous and continuing disingenuous pleas from the Gay community for “tolerance” is a complete hoax.  The Gay community, especially the Gay Mafia, does not now want “tolerance” and never has wanted “tolerance”; what they have wanted and want now is “preferential treatment”—in other words, tolerance for me, but not for thee.

If you think this is just a passing aberration, you are not paying attention. It has just started picking-up momentum; and it is going to continually get worse, until sound-thinking Americans put a stop to it.

Are we, as a nation, ever going to get feed-up enough with these continually-appearing and harping “preferential treatment” groups to rise-up as a nation and call a halt to their rights-for-me-but-not-for-thee nonsense?

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16 Responses to The Gay Mafia and Ice Cream

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    There’s an old joke about feminists that is actually applicable to all liberal ideologues. Q: How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? A: One — and that’s not funny! As Isaac Asimov demonstrated nearly half a century when he started to complain about Al Capp mocking Phony Joanie instead of General Bullmoose, liberal ideologues simply cannot tolerate anything that mocks their political beliefs — and most of the time they can’t even recognize that it’s intended to be humorous.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Funny joke.

      And their intolerance and propensity at being a bully makes some sense if you consider that their religion is an undeclared secular one, and one that wishes to use the state to win its argument.

      That is, the religion of Leftism is dishonest to its core and its adherents (much like in regards to libertarianism) are left intellectually and morally weakened by the doctrine, if only because of its built-in contradictions and hypocrisy. But the heady belief of being one of The Superior People is apparently too compelling, and certainly fun while it lasts.

      And in regards to ice cream, one wonders if something like this is what they serve up.

      • Jason says:

        Again, since when is Libertarianism “dishonest” to its core? By wanting to leave people alone, that somehow creates a culture of lying? I consider establishment Democrats and Republicans to be the dishonest ones, and I will need specific pieces of evidence from you to back up these bold claims, it’s not like Republicans to actually back out of an echo chamber to discuss an opposing viewpoint in the public sphere. In that regard, they are no better than a common social justice warrior (or as I call them, “Street Rats”!)

  2. Boo says:

    What’s the difference between Black Pride and White Pride? Think hard before you answer, cause there is a pretty significant one.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      The liberal answer (which is undoubtedly what you’re angling at) is that black pride is the pride of an underprivileged minority, whereas white pride is the pride of an overprivileged majority. One hopes that you are at least capable of realizing that not everyone sees it that way. Most of us here, for example, would differentiate between the two based on such matters as what exactly they mean and how they express it. But that requires actually looking at them both instead of reflexively supporting one and opposing the other, which is why liberals don’t like that approach.

      Would a white pride march in Hawaii be acceptable? How about in a city like Compton, California, or for that matter Detroit, Michigan? Would black pride marches be acceptable, and white pride unacceptable, in overwhelmingly black cities like those?

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I give up? What’s the difference? I would say that the difference is that the former you call “Celebrating diversity” and the latter you call “racist.”

      The analysis of this is that your mind has been captured by mere words and has stopped thinking, for we could instead say “Western Civilization” pride which is mainly of European ancestry and, as an accident, mostly caucasian. The race involved, in regard to the conservative point of view, is irrelevant. We don’t obsess on race or look for disingenuous ways to call others “racist.”

    • Jerry Richardson says:


      “What’s the difference between Black Pride and White Pride? Think hard before you answer, cause there is a pretty significant one.” –Boo

      You seem to relish trying to appear intellectually superior in any discussion. Are you a frustrated intellectual?

      In this discussion you have chosen to ask a cryptic question. Wow! This guy must be brilliant!

      But there is a problem with your chutzpah: When you ask a cryptic question without providing an explanation of why the question is relevant, you have not demonstration brilliance; you have demonstrated arrogance.

      Your question might be a very good one. If it is, we are interested. But it needs an explanation of why a question of Black/White is relevant in a discussion of Gay/Straight. As to your challenge “Think hard before you answer,” with all due respect (and very little seems due), you are not the teacher, and we are not your pupils. This is a peer discussion.

      We are not into arrogance at this website; we try to engage in civil, thoughtful discussion. We attempt to convince each other by way of reasoned argument, not by way of pure assertion and insult—which seems to be your style.

      You are welcomed to join us, but you are not welcome to be insultingly arrogant.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Still, it must be said that he gives us practice in dealing with opposing arguments. Minds, like muscles, develop best when properly exercised. I suspect Boo has failed to exercise his well, but he can still provide us with some exercise.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        That, and the point is to be condescending and flout one’s supposed moral superiority.

        But as for the difference between “black pride” and “white pride,” the only difference is what Cultural Marxism (the relevant paradigm) infuses into both those terms. So if one wants to speak Martian, we can speak Martian, just so long as we are clear what rules and grammar we are operating under.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    More proof, if it were needed, that the Leftist deviants are out to stifle any and all thought which they don’t like.

    And of course, this is simply further confirmation that Libertarians are either stupid, dishonest or both when they go around spouting their pieties about expanding freedom through homosexual marriage and other perversities on the body politic.

    As Obama -who is the embodiment of these viral invaders – said, this is “about transforming America.” He just didn’t compete the sentence and should have added, “because I hate it they way it is.”

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Todd Starnes had an article discussing the Houston case on today, and the lesbian mayor who made the demand ought to be hauled into court for contempt of Constitution. Unfortunately, that’s not a legal term, though it’s very common (in fact, pretty much universal among liberals).

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:


    • Timothy Lane says:

      Mark Steyn discussed this on his website last night, and Matt Lewis on the Daily Caller today. (The latter was actually surprised, having apparently failed to pay attention to the nature of liberalism, which in recent years has become quite obvious.)

  4. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    What is the difference between “Gay” ice cream and “Straight” ice cream?

    One melts when it sees George Michael?

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