Free Speech and Propaganda

Propagandaby Anniel   6/30/14
Humans seem to be hard wired for speech. As we are spoken to we quickly pick up grammar, metaphor, imagination, and vocabulary. Speech, the method by which we open our hearts and minds to others, can be free and enlightening to all, or it can become a means of propaganda to mislead and enslave.

The First Amendment was enacted to protect free speech. Former standards of decency in speech are now unenlightened and ignored, and profanity and blasphemy are to be free. Why are some things that are not even “speech” protected? Is nude dancing, for instance, really speech? The specter of politically correct speech is so pervasive that saying what is true is all but forbidden. How do we teach truth when only liars may speak?

There are children who can barely voice a coherent thought, whose lack of ability makes them unemployable anywhere. Their language is so impoverished they do not even recognize the propaganda used to deceive them. How do they have any hope of learning to read or write or even think clearly? How can they know a better life exists? And we are forbidden to speak of such “victims” or offer any hope. Since most of these “victims” are minorities, why do their individuality and advancement come at the cost of ostracism and hatred from their families and friends?

Teen birth rates continue to harm young girls and their children. We desperately need to have a national dialog on this matter. Can it possibly be good for society to allow welfare dependency to be perpetuated? For children to continue having children? And what of the baby daddies who are not present in their children’s lives, do such fathers never take responsibility or grow up? Little ones born into most single mother homes have diminished hope for a good life. And yet we cannot speak openly about this situation without being called “racist” and subjected to the censure of the media and so-called elite.

Now matters are further exacerbated by political leaders who deliberately flood our southern border with illegal aliens, mostly children, to further destabilize the nation. Such leaders build their own tower of pride and hubris and care for nothing but their own agenda. Such selfish use of the young kills freedom for both citizens and illegals. We are unable to help those most in need of our care because of government propaganda and manipulation.

People caught in this trap have no concept of free thought or speech so truth becomes a daily casualty. They don’t even recognize the words they hear, nor how to question them. The most pitiable people are those who think they are “victims” and that someone else should take care of their needs. No self control or self reliance is required.

Confucius taught that knowledge of language and vocabulary is the most important skill for maintaining civilization, and that whoever controls the language controls the society. Do we Americans even speak the same language anymore? Words and deeds have been changed to reflect the political correctness always hanging over our heads. The enemies of freedom ever attempt to control people through the use of propaganda.

In the early stages of totalitarian political upheaval, propaganda is used to win the hearts and minds of the people so it sounds soothing, reasonable and just. Once a core of supporters is established, propaganda takes on a different purpose: to make certain no one questions the aims of the movement or its leaders. This is a very dangerous time for anyone who wavers in their commitment to the movement. Taking into account the political upheaval and all of the ongoing alphabet soup scandals in the present regime, is this where we are, or are we further down the road?

In his book The Wilder Shores of Marx: Journeys in a Vanishing World, Theodore Dalrymple wrote: “. . . within an established totalitarian regime the purpose of propaganda is not to persuade, much less to inform, but rather to humiliate.”

Look around today and see how propaganda takes on its final purpose. The whole people now need to be controlled, so new rules are set for everyone but the strongest leaders, who control by trusting no one and intimidating and humiliating everyone below them. Any one who questions will be destroyed by any means – defamation, blackmail, loss of home and fortune, threats to family, exile, prison or eventually even death, if deemed necessary. Every word is redefined and becomes only propaganda.

This is also a dangerous time for the leaders because a strongman will always rise and destroy any one he perceives to be a threat. No one is ever safe. Who is the actual strongman today? Take your pick: the president, an adviser, or someone so hidden we don’t even suspect who he is?

Eventually everyone in a totalitarian society is forced to participate in the evil used against them in order to insure their own survival. They are afraid to speak truth and so give silent assent to the destruction of their neighbors. They will eventually bear false witness against those neighbors and friends, fearing for their own life and safety. Children are taught to turn against their families. And the propaganda includes visible punishment so everyone knows what awaits them if they speak up. Everyone is humiliated by the lies and ugliness they are forced to endure and lose the strength or will to resist and so suffer even greater personal shame.

Solzhenitsyn’s novel The Third Circle paints a horrifying picture of people caught in Soviet communism and how they were all subverted by their leaders. In The Black Book of Communism actual first hand witnesses retell the true history of communism in several societies during the time they were under USSR domination and the Soviets were militarily meddling in other countries. Some things – and some countries – never really change, so here are the soviets, meddling again all over the world.

Why no one pays attention to the histories of the USSR and those countries left within their control after WWII, or China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea and all other countries who have endured communism (you can safely read “socialism” here) is a continuing mystery.

The blindness and stupidity of the fellow travelers and useful idiots in today’s regime is stupendous. All those who think they are on the inside and that they will keep what they have are willfully blind. No one wins playing this kind of game.

In Hitler’s Germany, on the Night of the Long Knives, the SS destroyed anyone remotely perceived as a threat to the Fuhrer, or his trusted top aides. How much time is there before the actual Long Knives begin to operate here? There must be a reason for arming agencies of both federal and state governments.

The question for honest and true men and women always is: What is it we are to do? The only witness we have is of the truth that will set us free. No propaganda can ever do that.

Aleksander Solzhenitzyn edited a samizdat book called From Under the Rubble, in which prophetic voices were raised to the people of Russia urging them to repent and turn to God, as one writer said: “Not the god of the philosophers, but the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.” The true and living God.

And Jesus said, “The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: because they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here.” (Matt. 12:41)

Have we, in our generation enough people ready to repent, speak truth together and follow the one greater than Jonas? That seems to be our nation’s hope. • (1281 views)

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The success of leftist propaganda reflects their control of the communications media. In 1984 this was accomplished by direct government control; in our own it has been accomplished by infiltration and takeover from within by the totalitarian Left, using methods proposed nearly a century ago by the Fabian Society in Britain. (Philip Crane had a book on this subject in the 1960s, The Democrats’ Dilemma.)

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