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by Brad Nelson6/3/15

Here’s a rare good article at National Review: Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner Needs Our Prayers, Not Our Applause:

The transgender movement is but one small branch of the immense, self-regarding tree of the sexual revolution, and since it shares the same logic as such cultural catastrophes as no-fault divorce and abortion on demand, its acceptance by elite culture was and is a foregone conclusion. After all, if the sexual revolutionaries believe — with religious fervor — that personal fulfillment and self-actualization are so important that it’s worth inflicting a grisly death on a wholly innocent baby to preserve, then a little gender-reassignment surgery is just one more, small step for (person)kind . . .

We’re growing increasingly accustomed to bearing the costs of sexual selfishness and radical personal autonomy. Robert Putnam’s new book, Our Kids, reads like one long treatise on what happens when families fall apart. The battle over same-sex marriage treats adult sexual fulfillment as the highest social good, one worth trampling core civil liberties to enact and preserve. In spite of this obvious cost, liberals recently exulted over Gallup-poll results showing that Americans had “shift[ed] left” on virtually every significant social issue — with increasing support for divorce, extramarital sex, gay sex, polygamy, and adultery. The formula for cultural decay is by now quite clear: Short-term gratification leads to longer-term misery. Yet the sexual revolutionaries maintain their cultural grip by owning the pleasure and blaming others for the pain.

“It’s a freak show, Folks” — Rush Limbaugh

And I think Mr. French just articulated the raison d’etre of StubbornThings:

The one-sentence philosophical summary of the sexual revolutionary is “My body is my business.” Yet that comes with an unspoken corollary: “Consequences be damned.” While there are necessary legal and political responses to sexual radicalism (preserving religious liberty and working to ban abortion is a good start), the true response to these trends isn’t encapsulated by the phrase “there oughta be a law” but rather “there oughta be a culture.”

There is no single person who can shift an entire culture, much less materially restrain cultural drift, but we can each do something. Increasingly, that “something” means resisting the temptation to stay silent, to acquiesce in absurdities for the sake of temporary social (or social-media) peace. Intimidated silence advances the cause of sexual radicalism every bit as much as enthusiastic acceptance.

Also note how impotent Libertarians tend to be in regards to this….if not actual enablers of liberalism. (Kudos to Steve in his recent article for at least not being part of the acquiescent silent.)

“If there’s a new normal there must be new weirdos” — Rush Limbaugh

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5 Responses to Freak Show

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    I see 3 sexes today: males, females, and the genuinely confused. Jenner apparently really is in the latter category. Although the reason to be concerned about allowing males-who-think-they’re-females into women’s locker rooms is that it opens things up for sexual predators willing to pretend, I doubt there are many pretenders — yet. So, indeed, they need our prayers — not applause, but also not hate.

    I’ve pointed out before that the libertinist goal is sex without any consequences. This takes the rule a little farther.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I see 3 sexes today: males, females, and the genuinely confused.


      That’s surely a droll remark. But I would think there are just two sexes: male and female. In some rare cases people are born with indeterminate genitalia. They have parts of both.

      That latter case would certainly be grounds for some confusion. But I think we are on solid ground in saying that in the majority of cases where people want to stretch gender beyond male and female, we’re not talking anatomy but psychology, social influences, or mental illness. And note we’re not speaking of homosexual conduct at the moment. We’re talking “gender identity” which is, frankly, complete and other baloney as far as being anything real beyond affectation.

      I don’t know in which category to put Jenner, but some form of mental illness is probably the cause. That he is surrounded by sick people in a sick culture who think this kind of stuff is normal doesn’t change that likely fact.

      I’ve pointed out before that the libertinist goal is sex without any consequences. This takes the rule a little farther.

      Exactly. That’s actually the goal of the Left, Progressives, and a whole lot of people. French stated it as “The one-sentence philosophical summary of the sexual revolutionary is ‘My body is my business.’ Yet that comes with an unspoken corollary: ‘Consequences be damned.’”

      Perhaps there is no more concise description of the moral decay of the West than this. The problem extends to every area where we are being crushed under its weight: Obamacare, Social Security (and other entitlements), sexual permissiveness, affirmative action, race-pandering over academic education, race pandering over moral education, race pandering over protection of the integrity of the borders, and as I think Ben Carson did, gender-pandering over telling single mothers there biggest problem isn’t about getting day care.

      In every area we expect to have our cake and not have to pay for it. We want no consequences. We only want. If I had to quickly scribble on a back of a matchbook cover the cause of our decline, that would be it.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    There’s an interesting article on this subject at the Federalist by D. C. McAllister, detailing the embarrassments of growing from a girl to a woman — none of which Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner can ever experience. Her argument is that even aside from details such as genetics, this means he can never be real woman. He just doesn’t (and can’t) have the experiences of a woman.

  3. Timothy Lane says:

    Robert Tracinski has a piece at the Federalist which I encountered in the links at Hot Air. He brings up an interesting question for those claiming to believe that Bruce aka Caitlyn Jenner is really a woman: Would you have sex with him/her? One suspects that few of the heterosexuals among them would do so. The link is:

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