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Author Topic: Im Writing this Post in My Underwear
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Brad Nelson
Post Re: Im Writing this Post in My Underwear
on: May 15, 2018, 11:56

Now back to the serious discussion. Let us not engage in too much titillation.

Do you think maybe this dummy was trying to divert attention from a poorly thought-out, badly written presentation?

What this SJW is doing is consistent with others who have gone before her (half-dressed or otherwise). I don’t pretend to understand the rabid impulse to present oneself as a victim. What I do know is that it is child-like in nature.

There was some woman parked in my parking lot yesterday (on the side of the building I can’t see). Her daughter (9 years old) was in the back part of the garden moving rocks and things. She even ripped up one small tree (no big deal…it was a seedling planted by the squirrels). The mother was sitting in the car waiting for something and watching all this.

I kindly said “Could you please restrain your illegal-alien daughter from ripping apart my landscaping?” I said it nicer than that. Before pulling away, the mother told me, “My daughter said that she didn’t move the rocks.” Okay. That’s possible. But not likely.

This is what children do. They do something wrong and then blame the cat…or their brother..or the invisible monster. This is what we see in these childish kids in university where they actually are called brave warriors for basically acting like spoiled children.

There is only one result that should come from reading about this: Do not, Mr. or Mrs. Parent, spend one dime to send your child to university unless it is one of the very rare no-nonsense ones. If you do then you have nothing to complain about.

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