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Author Topic: Losing Faith in Everything
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Brad Nelson
Post Losing Faith in Everything
on: July 13, 2017, 09:01

If I wrote for a living, I could do worse than match the descriptive power of Jim Jamatis in: Am I The Only One Who Is Losing Faith In…Well…Everything?.

Here are a couple fine passages:

It has been ages since I had much faith in the press. The predominantly leftward bias and the priority placed on being first rather than being accurate.  The seemingly objective reporters have always been scarce as long as I can remember but there was a time that you could at least expect some of the pundits on the right to remain objective about the facts upon which they based their analysis. That’s largely gone now.

I’m inspired by Andrew Breitbart’s  book Righteous Indignation where he calls for tearing down the “Democrat-Media Complex.” I can’t speak for him but I really don’t believe he meant to replace it with a “Republican-Media Complex” or  a “Populist-Media Complex.” I think he was aiming for a media that reported the truth without concern for where the chips fell.

This next bit had me professionally jealous because it is so well written:

During the now 24 hour news cycle how many facts are actually presented? What we call “news” today is usually just one talking head asking questions of two diametrically opposed party loyalists who contradict each other’s answers. People watch it like it were an Olympic sporting event and decide the outcome like Cold War era Soviet figure skating judges.

I thought this was a nice “reality check” sort of article. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better:

Even religious institutions that once provided moral guidance now proclaim sleazy politicians to be “God’s chosen” as if God’s ability to work through corrupt people means that we should actively seek out such people and put them in charge. Morality is now whatever you can get away with so long as it does not surpass the other side in its terribleness.

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Greg Blackwell
Post Re: Losing Faith in Everything
on: July 15, 2017, 12:49

"The more we get comfortable with low quality people being our political and thought leaders, the more the quality of our leaders will decline."
Jim Jamitis

I've invented a few words in my time. You can call down to etymology and check it out. I invented the word 'bimbolicious'... meaning John McCain pulling Sarah Palin out of Alaska.

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