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Author Topic: Witness
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Brad Nelson
Post Re: Witness
on: March 22, 2018, 13:09

So, I also suppose, Chambers was in despair at the world and was looking for something that might give him hope, strength and a reason to live. At that moment, religion was out. He was of the generation that grew up during the idiot venture called WWI. And his brother did commit suicide around the time Chambers joined the party.

Chamber’s circumstances certainly may have been different. But there’s the tired old story of the well-off yute who takes on “intellectual” causes. Basically it’s a form of competition amongst those who are indeed smarter and/or are simply more “intellectual” for whatever reason (maybe babes don’t find them attractive or whatever).

You noted that Chambers came from a poorer background. So, yeah, everyone is searching for something I suppose. Communism promises all sorts of transcendent beliefs all while satisfying the male ego to dominate. What’s not to like? And you certainly can thus avoid appearing like an idiot in front of all your supposedly smart friends who just assume the idea of God is for the rubes and idiots.

I must disagree with you, particularly about Christianity. Perhaps I am parsing words, but religion is about individual salvation through belief in Jesus Christ.

We’re just involved in more world salad, Mr. Kung. To a Christian, there is (or ought to be) no ethic [Mac dictionary: a set of moral principles, esp. ones relating to or affirming a specified group, field, or form of conduct] higher than the suite of ethics in following Christ. I would say that personal salvation isn’t so much an ethic as a goal. In that respect, I’d agree with you. But we are to plug into that Christ-circuit to emit the same good light for a whole lot of reasons, if only because when we plug into the Devil-circuit (including Communism), we make ourselves and the world worse.

Today I would say most Christians don’t really believe the metaphysics of it. They see it as a way of transforming society. It’s basically the same scheme as Communism/Progressivism: collective salvation (or proxy salvation). You hold social beliefs A, B, and C and you are thus marked as a good person. Actual results don’t matter. Actually changing one’s heart is entirely beside the point (outward conceits notwithstanding). Judaism is almost completely taken over by this idea.

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