Fortress (2012)

Fortress(2012)Suggested by Brad Nelson • When the commander of the crew of a B17 Flying Fortress bomber is killed in action in a raid over Sicily in 1943, his replacement, a young naive pilot struggles to be accepted by the plane’s already tight-knit Irish American crew.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Here’s a good one I found at random on Netflix streaming (as of 11/22/14). It’s not to be confused with 1992’s Fortress with Christopher Lambert. This 2012 movie is the story of a B17 crew — their life in camp and in bombing runs over Italy.

    The acting is a mixed bag. They seem like lovable amateurs. But unusual for films these days, a solid story does develop. These are not throw-away cliche characters. You care about them. And you see some of the true harshness of their mission.

    I thought the special effects were good. The CGI brings these bombing raids to life as perhaps never before. And despite the R rating, this is almost a family-style film (excepting the realistic in-camp flyboy language and a bit of blood and gore). But little about this movie is gratuitous. It is mostly understated.

    I would call this a sleeper of a film. I doubt many have heard of it. But for war film enthusiasts, this is a must-see.

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