“F**K Em”: A Politician’s Real Truth Exposed!

by Leigh Bravo  10/13/14

Where will the country stand after the midterm elections? Where will Virginia stand after the next election? How about Kentucky, Colorado, or a host of other states around the country?  Should we have to wait until after the midterm elections to find out exactly whom we just voted into office?

I sure hope not, because we all know the outcome to “lies first” and “facts later.” Remember Nancy Pelosi’s now famous line,  “we have to vote for it to find out exactly what is in it?”   How did that turn out? Over a trillion hard-earned taxpayer dollars wasted, millions of Americans losing their policies, insurance rates through the roof and deductibles unattainable.  Millions more set to receive their cancellation letters before Christmas.  But, how did that turn out for our elected officials? They kept their Cadillac insurance plans, subsidized 75% by the taxpayer, no interruption to their daily lives, all while we scrambled around in the mud trying to regain some sense of order to the disastrous mess they made at our expense.  Should we really wait until after the midterms to find out where the United States is headed, or should we grab that bull by the horns and decide which direction is best for the American people and not our politicians?

How much better off would we be, if we could actually hold our politicians responsible for the promises they make?  What if we could throw them out of office, without any fanfare, without any questions or excuses, if we found out that they lied to their constituents? I’m not talking about small untruths, or embellishments,  I am talking about purposeful, bold-face lies that have been told to the American people, in order to further political  careers, embolden political parties and fatten wallets while selling the American people down the proverbial drain?  How many politicians would lose their jobs today, if we were to hold them accountable for the bold-face lies they told? Unfortunately for us, too many to count.

Recently, the Democratic candidate for Kentucky, Alison Grimes, was caught like a deer in the headlights lying to the people of Kentucky. She claimed she was a supporter of the coal industry and promised to fight for them, against President Obama’s “war on coal,” if elected. Unfortunately for her and fortunately for the people of Kentucky, it was discovered that she, in fact, bold-faced lied!  A major donor to her campaign admitted,

“Grimes is faking her support of the coal industry, and will f**k em as soon as she gets elected.”(http://youtu.be/L4sn-jI12_8)

What about the promises that were made to keep our borders secure? What about the promises that were made to keep our children and our communities safe from infectious diseases?  What about the promises made to send illegals back where they came from? What about the promises made to fight terrorism? As we have discovered, on so many fronts, our politicians refuse to tell us the truth. They bold-face lie! They refuse to answer simple questions on exactly where they stand on the issues.  They refuse to answer questions regarding their actions. We are exposed to evasion, avoidance, manipulation, denial, misdirection, and the ever-present distraction. Yet, predominantly, we see our current politicians bold-face lie to the American people, and meanwhile, mainstream media remains cooperative, collaborative, collusive and completely hand in glove with the political machine. The only truths are discovered through sleuth, by everyday Americans determined to expose our so-called public servants for who they really are.  Is this starting to sound like a conspiracy?  But what do they have to gain from deceiving the American people?  Power and money….it makes the world go round!

Mark Warner, incumbent senator running in Virginia, promised he would never vote for a health insurance bill if it did not allow you to keep your policy or doctor if you liked them. He voted “yes” for Obamacare, and he continues to support the failing ACA bill, knowing full well Americans cannot keep their policies or their doctors.  His current ads proclaim him as a successful small business owner, who has proven that he can work across party lines to get things done. But is that true? Mark Warner is currently the second richest Senator on the Hill. His net worth is estimated at over $270 million. Did he earn that by working hard to make his small business a huge success, or did he use insider information while working with Chris Dodd, Democrat for Connecticut, about the newly emerging wireless industry and spectrum licensing to get a jump on the rest of Virginians? Does he support amnesty? Does he really support the “right to work state,” while pushing for bills that actually support big Unions and hurt the “right to work” cause? Has he really reached across the aisle, or has he voted with President Obama 97% of the time? What is the truth?

Recently, Harry Reid’s body guard physically attacked a “non-mainstream,” reporter for simply asking how Reid could be worth over $10 million on a public servant’s salary of $194,000 a year. If you believe he made it honestly, I have some land that I want to sell you in order to build a bridge across the Colorado River that is a priority to no one but Harry Reid’s bank account.

Last, but definitely not least, It has been proven that President Obama has told countless bold-face lies, in order to be elected and re-elected.

Is this legal? Can our politicians actually bold-face lie to us and get away with it? What if the lies result in disaster for the voting public?

Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States, in a 9-0 decision determined that the First Amendment protects political ads. In other words, our politicians are legally allowed to lie to the American people, and mainstream media is allowed to further those lies, refusing to uphold their oath to actually inform the American people, in order to further their political agenda.  However, in the same breath, 46 Senate Democrats, lead by Harry Reid, decided that the First Amendment was actually an impediment to re-election for them. As a result they decided it would be a good idea to regulate the amount of money everyday citizens could spend advocating for the political candidates of their choice. President Obama even conceded, in an oral argument, that the law being pushed by democrats would in fact, allow the government to ban political books or pamphlets. Imagine if this law had passed. Not only would we not be able to promote our political choices, but the government would have been able to stop American citizens from printing or distributing any publications or pamphlets promoting our beliefs, all while upholding their right to purposefully bold-face lie to the American people. The height of hypocrisy!

So what happens when lying is upheld in our court system, and the media, owned in a 75% majority by the Liberal left, promotes these lies that eventually thwart the truth that is necessary for the informed voter to make an educated choice in the voting booth?

If truth be told, the American people are F****D!

Dig deep for the truth, and go to the poles on November 4th and say enough is enough!!!

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3 Responses to “F**K Em”: A Politician’s Real Truth Exposed!

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Technically, it’s bald-faced rather than bold-faced lie, but you do have such a nice way of demonstrating it. As for the SCOTUS decision on lying, the group accused of lying was the Susan B. Anthony group, which accused an Ohio Democrat who claimed to be pro-life but voted for Obamacare of supporting (ultimately) public funding of abortion. He claimed this wouldn’t happen, and has since been proven wrong. So the key question is: Who decides whether or not an ad is false? If it’s an official government group, do you think it will be decided on the basis of actual truth, or on the basis of partisan politics? (Note that this was also at issue with the Sedition Act, John Adams’s lowest moment in politics.) This is distinct from libel law, though the courts have effectively rendered that toothless as well with any well-known person.

    The precise quote by the Wicked Witch of the West was that they would have to psss Obamacare “so that you can find out what’s in it.” She already knew enough (and the details were irrelevant to her anyway).

    Grimes has had an embarrassing week (couldn’t happen to a nicer person, as Dirty Harry observed at the beginning of Magnum Force). She refused to say whether or not she voted for Obama in 2012 (even though she was an Obama delegate in the convention), citing the “sanctity of the ballot”. Oddly, this did not prevent her from insisting that she voted for Hillary in the 2008 primary, or from supporting “card check” in union certification votes.

    The coal-mining counties in southeastern Kentucky used to be a major Democratic stronghold. Now they know better. Much the same thing has happened in West Virginia, though it hasn’t yet made much difference below the presidential level.

  2. senex_senis says:

    How about a Federal law that applies to everyone that makes lying a felony punishable by flogging. It’s never going to happen but it would end lifetime politicians because they would soon be beaten to death.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      But who decides whether or not a statement is a lie? The Sedition Act of 1798 banned “false” attacks on government officials. Needless to say, the officials in question tend to claim that any attack on them is false (as happened in the Ohio case), even when it in fact proves to be true.

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