Fixing the Hole in the Boat

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Latest: Patching the Leaks by Timothy Lane  •  Introduction  •  This symposium (open to one and all…just send in your thoughtful contributions) is about what it will take to fix what the Left has broken. And that’s making the very large assumption that fixing is still possible. Read on to see who are the optimists and who are the pessimists.

The Editor

Fixing the Hole in the Boat



I’m writing this with a great deal of pessimism. I honestly think the United States is too far gone to be saved, and there is nothing left to do but enjoy the ride to the bottom. My advice to young people would be “Don’t have children.”

That represents my thinking probably three quarters of the time, but now and then I get a glimmer of optimism and think about what could be done. Pessimism/realism often comes back and I think that only a tremendous shock to the system could save us. That could be the collapse of our debt financing house of cards, a massive wave of terrorist attacks or “refugee” brutality, a nasty military conflict with China or Russia, or the use of nukes by Iran or North Korea in a way that somehow directly affects us. If any of those things were to occur while the US is still functional and able to cope, the wakeup call could conceivably jolt the leftist culture far enough toward reality to permit some serious reforms. I have my doubts.

But let’s work from the dubious proposition that something can be done. What would it be? What, as Brad Nelson recently said we should do, is plugging the hole in the ship, and not just rearranging deck chairs?

I don’t think I would get a lot of disagreement here by stating that our biggest problem right now is a lack of a functioning conservative political party. Without that, any sort of positive change is impossible. Probably north of 80% of current republican legislators should be kicked out in the primaries – almost without regard to who would take their place. The republican* party has to be destroyed, or shaken so hard that they cannot forget who they are supposed to be serving. Until this group can be brought under the control of its constituents, nothing else can be done.

Let’s say that we get some representatives willing to work for us, then what? The priorities get a lot more murky. Going back to Brad’s image of repairing the hole in the side of the ship, it may not be so much that there is a hole, but that the entire side has corroded, leaving a few large holes and a tenuous, leaky web only suggestive of what used to be the side.

The immigration situation is one of the larger, more distinct holes. Fortunately, it is also one that has aroused a bit of passion in the electorate. And to some extent, that passion is on both sides of the aisle. In the useful idiot wing of the democratic party, working class black people and union members are in a position to directly feel the pain from the Mexican invasion. And it may be that high tech workers will soon wake up as well. So much has been written on this topic that I don’t need to add anything, except to point out that it is an area of common ground where we may be able to show some of the other side that there is a better way.

Then we have a long list of severe problems that all need to be dealt with. In no particular order, and not exhaustively: the education system, massive deficit spending, stifling bureaucracy, the utter lack of domestic manufacturing capacity, the entitlement mentality, and increasing international irrelevance/impotence. All of these things are quite broad and intertwined. What is in common with most of them, is that they are caused by the attitude of looking to the federal government as a universal problem solver, rather than as a universal problem causer. I don’t think there is anything to be done, except to tackle these one by one and push things back to where they need to go. It would be a long, hard fight and I frankly don’t think the American electorate has the attention span to keep the pressure on.

One last thing I’ll mention is Mark Levin’s “Liberty Ammendments.” If you are unfamiliar with his proposal, they are a group of constitutional ammendments that seek to provide more concrete and practical reforms than my proposed “No, seriously, we mean what we wrote.” ammendment. Specifically, they are a package of term limits, limitations to the supreme court, and limitations to bureaucratic rule making. They could be very helpful at pushing back and holding back the leftist tide. Certainly term limits have a lot of popular support, but unfortunately Levin hasn’t yet created much of a movement.

(*I realize that “republican” and “democrat” should be capitalized when refering to political parties. I choose to e.e. cummings them as a sign of disrespect.)

— Bell Phillips is an old-style American…the kind who built this country and the kind the barbarians are now trying to blame for not having yet produced Utopia.



Unbelieving man has made culture his guidepost. The idea of “fixing” is now thoroughly fixed in the general mind to mean that it is the outward things that must be fixed. “Society” must be fixed, formed, and shaped.

Indeed, the forms our societies take are enormously important in influencing the quality of life, of freedom, and of justice. But conservative man, while acknowledging this, does not attribute to “society” omnipotence. Good people live in bad societies and bad people live in good societies.

What the conservative man understands is that the fixing needs to come first and foremost from within. Instead of living with our maladies and trying to normalize them (and our sins) by reshaping society in such a way so that those maladies and sins are considered normal, conservative man sits down and puts his own house in order. Through discipline, hard work, practice, faith, honest evaluation, and perseverance, he smooths the rough edges on himself before even thinking about what changes “society” may need.

That mature and time-tested attitude is virtually gone these days. So when Bell brought up this subject of fixing the hole in the boat that is our culture, I didn’t laugh in his face. Nor need I have done so…he is no more optimistic than I am. But it was tempting to do so. Those who believe in values other than the vapid and squishy idea of “social justice” are now in the minority. We are, for all intents and purposes, living behind enemy lines.

So taking a page out of the conservative book, I’m not going to talk much about how to fix the hole in the boat. I’m going to talk about how we can live productive, meaningful, and most of all good lives inside the sewer that this culture is becoming. We might be able to fix (or at least change) ourselves. But society is now a runaway pop engine fueled by vulgarity and juvenilism…and a whole lot of dumb ideas.

One reason I started this site was to have a kind of communion with people who have not gone off the deep end. No man is an island. We need others who value the same things that we do. We need to be surrounded, at least sometimes, by people who have both feet planted firmly in the ground and their faith suitably planted where it belongs as well. (Hint: God, not government.)

I see little chance of fixing what is broken. It’s all going to collapse. We’re about ten years behind Europe. We have front-row seats for what is going to occur. Sure, possibly things can change for the better. Possibly we could, as a whole, mend our ways and change course. But I could write a book on why that isn’t likely to happen.

So what I suggest we do is to get off the boat and into our own life rafts. I’ll meet you in the currents of reason, reasonableness, and rectitude.

— Brad Nelson is editor and publisher of He self-describes himself as Patton in the culture wars but without the heavy armor.



Listing to the Left

Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.

As an American I like to ascribe to “my country” a unique majesty, standing atop all else in the history of human institutions. However, as the passage from Ecclesiastes tells us – not really. Even those endeavors taken up with the best of intensions are subject to human decay and doomed to fail one day. For at the root of all human endeavor is the imperfect human. The very will to survive is the same that tears down the fabric of human institutions. The inevitability can be deferred only so long. Even if the hole in the boat can be fixed, the boat is no longer sea worthy. The American ship of state has been listing to the left for so long that it can’t be “righted”. The genie is out of the bottle and other such clichés.

Is the destruction/transformation of America inevitable? In my opinion, yes. Is that tragic? In my opinion, no. Life will go on, albeit different than we would have wished. What is tragic is the human heart not knowing God. It’s the hole in the human heart that needs fixing, not the hole in the boat.

— Glenn the Lesser is a wise member of the brain-trust of StubbornThings despite the “lesser” moniker.



Give the Bastards a Bronx Cheer

The first thing necessary to fix a boat is to stay with it. If one wishes to plug a hole in a boat, one has to actively do something. Sitting in a corner and bewailing the situation while intermittently sucking one’s thumb will do less than nothing to help. It will, in fact, distract those who are trying to save the ship.

Once one has calmed oneself and decided to get on with the job, what should one do? Let me submit a few very basic actions.

The best thing to stem the immediate flood is to get involved in politics, both national and local, now. Work for those people you wish to see elected to national office during this election cycle. Figure out what one or two issues are most important to you and decide which candidates will best serve your interests as regards those issues. Once you have done this, get out and work for those people as hard as you can. You are not going to find any politician who will satisfy all your desires so forget about purity. Christ left us a long time ago.

At the same time, think for the long term. National politicians come from local roots. By becoming active in local politics, you are having a big say on who may eventually rise to the national stage. Just as importantly, you are playing a significant part in deciding who runs things in your community. This means you can help determine who is in the mayor’s office and city council. But perhaps just as importantly you can influence who gets on the school board, your county commissioners and local judges.

Political involvement is probably the single most important short term way to halt the leak. But pumping out the polluted bilges is another thing altogether and it will take a long time.

In order to accomplish that, conservatives must regain some control over the culture. There is no question that the reconquest of the culture must begin at the family level. Time must be given to raising children. They must be taught properly. I don’t know if one can do anything as important for the future of our country.

Of course, there are others who we must approach. Friends and neighbors must be informed of the major problems facing our culture and how these are degrading our country. In other words, conservatives need to become teachers. And to be a good teacher, one must know the subject matter better than the students. Therefore, thought and effort must be given to the task at hand. We must be prepared to be honest and vocal about our beliefs.

For society at large, we must live conservative lives and send out clear signals regarding this. Everyone knows actions speak louder than words and those around you note your actions and your words. Never forget, that when a Leftist does something immoral he and his fellow travelers cry, “don’t be judgmental”, but when a conservative does something wrong, they yell, “hypocrite.” It is not fair, but who said life is fair?

I would exhort Christians to go out and spread their religion. Could anything bring about a more powerful turnaround of the nation than that? But I am not talking about the Joel Osteen type of “Christianity”. Nor am I talking about some phony version as is presently peddled by some mainstream denominations such as the American Episcopal Church with its complete disregard for biblical teachings. I am talking about a morals based movement which springs from those teachings which helped propel Western Civilization to the dizzy heights of history.

I would ask others to preach the pursuit of excellence and point out dishonesty, stupidity and contradiction wherever they find these.

Finally, I ask those in this war to be patient. If things don’t go your way immediately, don’t give up and go home. There is a reason for sayings such as “Half a loaf is better than none.” The Left knows this and was willing to accept crumbs for sustenance for a couple of centuries, yet they never gave up. Theirs is a long term project and they have had the patience and motivation to keep at it over many lifetimes. Can conservatives do any less?

The solution to our problem is simple, but to execute the plan will not be easy. If the goal of saving our nation does not motivate you, then perhaps the pleasure of beating down the lunatic Left will. Give the bastards a Bronx cheer.

The West may be falling, but there is time to reverse course if great efforts are made.

Kung Fu Zu is a conservative prognosticator who has traveled widely and lived outside the United States.



Patching the Leaks

If the Titanic had faced a single large hole, it very likely would have survived its iceberg encounter. The ship had a number of compartments that could each be closed off with watertight doors. But the walls didn’t extend all the way up,and the result is that holes — even small ones, if they couldn’t be located and patched — in enough compartments would doom it. And that’s what happened on that Night to Remember/.

If one thinks of the United States as a large liner, it has a large number of holes hitting several compartments, and the ship is already listing. One can only hope that sinking isn’t inevitable, as it was for the Titanic/i>. Much of the problem stems from liberal infiltration of various institutions (a plan that goes back to the Fabian Society in Britain, a group of socialists led by George Bernard Shaw and Sidney and Beatrice Webb). Philip Crane identified the problem in The Democrat’s Dilemma, and suggested a counter-infiltration in response. The problem is that once the Left has completed its takeover, it can prevent any such effort by excluding conservative viewpoints (as we in fact see happening, one way or another, in many of them today).

The first hole is education. This includes not only the schools (and public education has become, all too often, a travesty of indoctrination rather than genuine education), but also those parts of the culture that are used to teach, as well as the general upbringing of children. All these can be corrupted by liberalism, and to some degree have been. Even parental behavior can be influenced, as MAD Magazine sagely observed decades ago:

Spock, Spock, the baby doc
Leads a peace march down the block.
Around him everywhere you look
Are kids he messed up with his book.

This hole must be patched if America is to be saved. Home-schooling and sensible private (and charter) schooling can play a role in this, but much also depends on culture, which is our second hold. Probably we can never completely patch this hole, but if we can find and promote entertainment and news that reflects conservative views, we could at least reduce the inflow to a more manageable level. After all, we’ve established that the Titanic could survive a single hole, or even a few for that matter. One solution might be for some super-rich conservatives (such as the notorious Koch brothers) to put money into buying information and entertainment sources.

Another hole is the legal system. Again, it’s probably hopeless to completely eliminate the liberal influence there. But there are plenty of conservative lawyers, and it would help if they were encouraged (and especially if we made sure to take care of any facing boycotts over politically incorrect cases). Then it would help if Republicans won control of the presidency long enough to put many of them into key judgeships — and figured out how to pick judges who don’t waffle as so many do. The Democrats, after all, never seem to have to worry about such betrayals.

Another hole that needs patching involves the culture of Washington DC (or, as I often call it, Versailles-on-the-Potomac). Obviously this will always be a city oriented toward government, and therefore dominated by its beneficiaries in power, money, or both. But the social milieu is also dominated by liberals, and this operates as an influence on conservatives who go there (as they will have to do to take roles in the federal government that runs things, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future). Oddly, Arianna Huggington once planned to create a conservative social counter-culture there, but then she turned liberal and the idea fell by the wayside. But it would certainly be helpful if a more reliable (and very personable) conservative worked toward that same end. We might get fewer betrayals that way.

Another hold, and a massive one, involves the invasion of America by primitive third-wordles. Democrats love them for their votes (at least eventually), and too many rich people and businesses love them for their cheap labor. But this invasion (foreshadowed, along with the failure of Western elites to oppose it, by Jean Raspal 40 years ago in The Camp of the Saints) is a great threat to America. Partly this results from the increasing number who don’t assimilate (this is an especially severe problem with Muslims). America can’t be America if its people are no longer Americans. Partly it results from the politics of it — the Democrats seek to make their political domination. Even if it doesn’t accomplish this, it will probably mean that the GOP will be even less interested in patching the holes than it is now.

There are also social and economic consequences. More immigrants — partly when they cause the supply of labor to rise faster than the demand for it, as is happening at present — create a downward stress on the working and middle classes. The elites (who conveniently face no such competition) benefit from this, while the rest of us are harmed. And the same thing happens from the crime rates that result from their cultural differences (especially rape). Rising crime encourages moves toward a police state. As Gil Robles observed in a Cortes debate a month before the Spanish Civil War, a nation can endure any form of government except anarchy — by which we might mean chaos.

Grassroots hostility has helped block efforts at immigration “reform” that always means more immigrants (legal and illegal) at our expense. But so far it hasn’t been able to force the sort of reform we really need, which is closing the immigration hole. It can be done, but it needs at least one good president who supports the grassroots rather than the elites, and doesn’t back down.

There are other holes, such as the various ways that public leeches can loot the public. Washington DC exists for them (especially the richer among them, and their lobbyists and lawyers). Again, this is very long-term and will probably never be complete (eliminating an entitlement that benefits the public at large, such as Social Security or Medicare, is virtually impossible). But a better-informed public could see what’s happening sufficiently to demand at least some reform. We did have welfare reform 20 years ago, after all.

There are so many holes, but I think this will suffice for now.

— Timothy Lane writes from Louisville, Kentucky and publishes the FOSFAX fanzine. • (1703 views)

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36 Responses to Fixing the Hole in the Boat

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    I fear that Bell’s pessimism is justified, though so far I haven’t been able to bring myself to give up. (This is one reason I’m likely to vote GOP even for a bad candidate. At least the hole might not be enlarged, as would definitely be the case with any Demagogue.) He may be right that it will take a disaster to wake up America. As the robot said in the Star Trek episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”, survival cancels programming. To be sure, the refusal of the politically correct left to acknowledge the danger of Islam even when it comes to the importation of a culture of rape and misogyny makes it clear that the Inner Party will never adjust. But the Outer Party might, and the rest of the population can still learn. We already see some evidence of this today, not only here but in Europe. Until this leads to replacing the Beltway Bandits running the country, however, it matters little.

    • GHG says:

      I agree a disaster will wake up America. We saw that after the twin towers fell on 9/11. Passions can be stirred, just not endured.

      God/country/family/self has been stood on its head. When self is supreme, all else is sacrificed. The enemy is already within the gates. The enemy is apathy.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        What I wonder, Mr. Lesser, is what will America wake up to? Think about what happens (at least in the movies) when you wake someone from a bad dream. Sometimes the consequences are even worse than the dream itself.

        Some see Donald Trump as simply working the crowd because of endemic discontent (and if he fixes the things that need fixing, then that’s how it should work). It’s funny because I’m really really offended by those in the pseudo-conservative media who are *not* offended by the smarmy likes of Romney, McCain, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, etc., who would continue to sell this country down the river but do it in an 0h-so-respectable style.

        The Republican Establishment continues to sleepwalk regarding Trump. Whatever Trump’s pros and cons, they will not wake up to the explicit fact that Trump is a direct product of their duplicitous, even traitorous, lies.

        I’m not getting on your case, Mr. Lesser. I’m partial to the “wake them up with shock therapy” paradigm. I just wonder what your average tattooed low-information voter would wake up to? More socialism? I think that is the likely outcome. Those who created the mess will, once again, say that they have the solution for it (finally, fully, full socialism).

        • David Ray says:

          From my experience, those that preach socialism have never been under it’s yoke . . . except for the few that gleaned it’s “management” perch (sorta like Soros; another “business man”).

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    The immigration situation is one of the larger, more distinct holes. Fortunately, it is also one that has aroused a bit of passion in the electorate. And to some extent, that passion is on both sides of the aisle. In the useful idiot wing of the democratic party, working class black people and union members are in a position to directly feel the pain from the Mexican invasion.

    From what I’ve read, Bell, that seems to be the case. One thing the GOP has lacked is positive leadership. It’s lacked balls. And a shrill, nagging feminist such as Hillary is no replacement for that, nor is a limp Jeb Bush. Obama got by because the GOP did not attack him and because stupid white people had been trained to think they could escape the label of “racist” if they voted for a black man.

    But who was sticking up for America and Americans? Along comes Trump and his “Make America Great Again” red hats. It’s true a lot of people (particularly minorities) could care less about greatness because they are stuck in grievance and welfare.

    But although America’s own definition of greatness has been perverted (accepting Bruce Jenner as a woman is considered by many as being high-minded), it’s arguable that enough people still do long for a positive message. I won’t say that people are tired of the continual negative message about America and the West as sponsored by the Left. There are far too many useful idiots who are fully complicit in the destruction of our culture.

    But the idea of “winning” is somewhat novel today. America isn’t supposed to win. It’s supposed to “lead from behind.” And yet people continue to go to sporting events. They love winners. Could it be that Trump has tapped into something? Maybe Americans aren’t quite ready to become the emasculated losers that Europeans have become as they are being culture-raped by Brussels and the Muslims.

    • Stuart Whitman Stuart Whitman says:

      Wow. Well said!

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Thanks, Stuart. I hope Trump’s “rough edges” are merely that and that he makes America a winner again. Although I think he’s still a useful idiot for the Left in terms of caving on social issues (we shall see…he could be right, I could be wrong…maybe it is possible to have a good and prosperous country while men sit-down-peeing in the lady’s room), he does not seem to have the temperament wherein he feels the need to apologize for excellence or success. I mean, that’s how far gone we are that we even have to note that.

  3. Steve Lancaster says:

    I have contended that the Trump campaign is a novel thing in American politics. He is the standard bearer of a genuine mass movement that could take him to the presidency in November. The Jackson era was the result of the first mass movement and FDR was the second. Trump is a genuine charismatic leader, some have said in the same manner as BO but that is a misapplication of the term. BO is a symbolic figurehead whose rise is rooted in racism. Trump, as near as I can tell, does not have a racist thought in his head. He is what he projects himself to be; rich and angry or angry and rich. He is more in touch with Joe Dokes and Sally Soakes than any of the current crop on either side and they feel his anger as it is their anger.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Thanks for the excellent contribution, Mr. Lesser. You *get* the essence of this site (as does Anniel in particular). Take a chance and put it in writing.

    America has had a great run, and it’s not over quite yet. We are such an interesting confluence of forces: religious freedom (even excessive piety), commercialism (often excessive), freedom, innovation, hard work, taking changes, freedom, innovation, hard word, reward, rinse-and-repeat.

    It has been said that the secret of America is that we don’t have a harsh ideology. We don’t waste energy fussing over race, religion, etc. In other words, the business of America is business. And so far I haven’t lost any libertarians or Trump fans. This aspect, combined with the basic rights enshrined in our Constitution, has set the human will alight to do great things.

    But there was always a moral backdrop. Always. Anyone who thinks that *only* the business of America is business has a screw loose. And anyone thinking that America is supposed to be some continuation of Puritanism has a screw loose as well. I submit that it is the creative interaction of the two that makes it work: a healthy respect for being able to improve one’s material lot with a healthy acknowledgment that the only way a society like this with enormous freedoms can work is if we are primarily self-policing — that is, that we have a good and ingrained and healthy moral code.

    As we list to the Left we forget that and so many other things. We become reduced to uttering these silly and vacuous bumper-sticker slogans (the Left has a ton of them) that substitute for wisdom.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Everything eventually comes to an end, to be replaced by something else. This includes Western civilization and the United States. But when will it fall? What we want to do is hold it off as long as possible — if nothing else, till after we (and any heirs we value) are dead. Some of us are old enough that this is a reasonable hope. But having let the Trojan Horse in, we face the possibility of collapsing as quickly as Troy did.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        America is an idea. We had one clown in here who was saying the Declaration of Independence wasn’t law. Well, babies aren’t the law either but they are very important. A soulless, legalistic society is exactly what you get from the Left.

        I’m still studying intelligent design, and inevitably Darwinism. It’s funny that no one really knows the story of life. No single theory covers it. Yes, we must account for the biological information which couldn’t possibly have happened by chance. Intelligent design, in one fashion or another, must be true. And one can think of life as the most complex program we’ve ever laid eyes on. But things do evolve. Things appear to be specifically programmed with the ability to evolve which certainly accounts for the over-reach of Darwinists. We started with blue-green algae billions of years ago and ended with human beings.

        But life is not random. It is specifically designed. And, relevant to the subject at hand, it seems to have been specifically designed in stages…as if it is progressing or going somewhere. The ideas became more and more complex and sophisticated.

        So are political and social ideas. I’ve not talking about the vacuous brain-dead sloganeering by the ignoramuses on the Left who think any stupid new idea that occurs to them is an example of an “evolved idea.” Well, maybe. Or maybe the idea is as “evolved” as bell-bottom pants…here today, gone tomorrow, a mere fashion.

        But I do think we are going somewhere. It is tempting to see societies as cyclical. We’ll return to the state of nature in a few hundred years and, like some of the scenes in “Logan’s Run,” wonder what those big statue were made for. Or we can realize that we have become privy to some very special and sacred ideas, many enshrined, of course, in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, not to mention the Bible.

        I would submit that our lives here are not just the whim of fortune, although fortune plays a large role. There is a purpose. And we prosper in good societies and in meaningful and fulfilling lives the closer we get to that purpose. Perhaps everything will come to an end. And if so, it would seem to be a self-conscious act on our part to shit on the good and raise up the insane and vulgar in its place. It didn’t have to be. It doesn’t have to be that way. And in some respects, to protect the sane from the insane, we have to wall ourselves off from the culture in certain areas.

        That’s one paradigm in regards to fixing the hole.

        • GHG says:

          In the literal sense there is a steady stream of new things under the sun. The author of Ecclesiastes knew nothing of the computer chip. Human invention and intellect is ever expanding and evolving. But the author of Ecclesiastes is correct in the deeper sense, human frailty is the same today as it has always been. We can travel to the moon and back, but we can’t love our neighbors as we should.

          • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

            I think if you took a small tribe of people and watched them intently for one year, you’d find a Caitlyn Jenner. You’d find every sort of human behavior, for it was surely human nature that was being commented on in regards to “nothing new under the sun.” Like you said, no one was talking about microchips and cell phones.

            I’m a bit ambivalent about the whole sinking-ship project. There are some aspects of liberal culture that one could dismiss as just momentarily faddish but otherwise harmless. They are the accidentals rather than the essentials. So what that people now listen to horribly shallow and garish music by no-talent hacks who have been carefully marketed to project the fleeting conception of “cool”? So what that some tie-dye hippie now runs a health food store and obsesses on things both real and completely superstitious. In many respects, there is a funhouse glow to all of the glitz, glamour, and gelato. It’s the utopia of the marketplace.

            And yet looking further we see where all this is headed, the very destruction of our culture. Oh, we won’t be Caitlyn Jennered to death likely. But the frivolous attitudes that can see nothing more important than pop culture and commercialism sees no barbarian insides the gates — ever — except for those who would warn us that we can’t party like it’s 1999 forever.

            And we see Europe hesitatingly coming to terms with that. It’s probably beyond them to do what they need to do which is to kick out every Muslim from the continent and then kick out every bureaucrat in Brussels. But that’s what they need to do to at least preserve their ongoing party. But the party is the thing. There is no thought to who has to clean up the next morning.

  5. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The immigration situation is one of the larger, more distinct holes. Fortunately, it is also one that has aroused a bit of passion in the electorate

    I was speaking to a friend in Switzerland yesterday. He told me that about 75% of all prison inmates in Swiss prisons are foreigners.

    How’s that for an open door policy?

    • David Ray says:

      Icelanders once braged that their only felon was a foreigner (crime wasn’t their thing). I wonder how things are now some 20 years later?

      My guess is a definate maybe. (My hope for secular Europe has faded. They’re too emarrased to stand for themselves.)

  6. Timothy Lane says:

    I like Kung Fu Zu’s point about the importance of cleaning up the culture (at least somewhat). The Titanic was sunk not be a single large hole, but several small holes that led to steady leaks into one too many compartments. Among the small holes in the American ship are education, the media, and the legal system. (I may make a contribution here on these lines.) These have been infiltrated (in a pattern designed by the Fabian Society in Britain) in order to remove effective opposition to the Left. It hasn’t quite worked yet, but it’s far too close to success for any of us to feel comfortable.

  7. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    In order to accomplish that, conservatives must regain some control over the culture. There is no question that the reconquest of the culture must begin at the family level. Time must be given to raising children. They must be taught properly. I don’t know if one can do anything as important for the future of our country.

    One of the interesting (read: “horrible”) dynamics, Mr. Kung, is that parents can raise children properly and still lose them to the culture. This happens all the time. Short of creating little insulated Amish communities, children are increasingly the product of various cultural touchstones, including TV, movies, what passes for news (often delivered by comedians and hacks), and the “Progressive” education indoctrination mill.

    Again, this is why I was so utterly flabbergasted a few months ago when I heard within the confines of a strict Christian family that one of the children was going to specialize in farming methods that “healed the earth.” The mother of this tight, traditional family not only believes in a young earth but proudly told me of her son’s venture with nary a raised eyebrow or rolled eye. She was proud of it.

    There’s a hell of a lot rotten in Denmark. If even “good” families don’t see this nonsense, well, just what chance do typical families have? Dennis Prager in no way is being bombastic when he says that Leftism is the world’s most dynamic religion. We need to face this fact first. Even many “traditional” people are infected by it, whether they realize it or not. By all means, adopt farming techniques that use the fewest hazardous poisons, that give the best yields, that leaves the soil in good shape for the next crop, etc. (which is pretty much traditional farming). But to do so in order to “heal the earth” is to sign onto Leftism, fully and foolishly.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      You may recall that this point was made in True Lives, when Arnold Schwarzenegger is unhappy at some minor misdeeds by his daughter, saying that he thought he had raised her better than that. His partner points out that she spends far more time in the cultural miasma than she does with her parents, so naturally the former has the stronger influence on her.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        It is common in Singapore for both parents to work and hire live-in “amahs” (maids) from the Philippines or Indonesia to take care of the children.

        Given the amount of time the amahs spend with the children, it is not surprising that the children become attached to the them.

        But working Singaporean women are still surprised and hurt when their children run to their amahs, for comfort in cases where the child stubs its toe or suchlike, instead of to mommy.

  8. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    One of the interesting (read: “horrible”) dynamics, Mr. Kung, is that parents can raise children properly and still lose them to the culture. This happens all the time. Short of creating little insulated Amish communities, children are increasingly the product of various cultural touchstones, including TV, movies, what passes for news (often delivered by comedians and hacks), and the “Progressive” education indoctrination mill.

    I agree children are increasingly the product of the degenerate progressive culture. And I agree that a parent cannot completely control how his or her child turns out.

    Nevertheless, I am convinced that many parents do not put the required amount of time and effort into raising children which is necessary to keep children from going off the right path. They cede too much time and influence to teachers, friends and the mass media.

    Raising children has always been difficult and time consuming. It is perhaps even more so today considering the amount of outside noise to which the little heads full of mush are subjected. We as parents should know this. As such, we must try to reduce the amount of garbage our children are subjected to and inoculate them to what we can’t prevent.

    This takes a lot of time and discussion. It also takes living a certain life.

    I could go on about parents making choices between the latest big screen tv or mom staying at home, but that would take us into a very long discussion. Suffice it to say, “No, we can’t have everything.”

    There is no guarantee that a child will turn out well even if a parent does everything right. But I think the odds are much better than if a parent simply shoves a WiFi control into a kid’s hands and expects the kid to take care of himself.

    I do not say it will be easy or 100% successful. I do say parents must give more time and thought to their children if they wish to turn out clear thinking, right acting,, productive and content human beings.

  9. Lucia says:

    I have to agree that too many parents “raise” their children without having a vision or goal for them to become productive, resilient adults. The children become like weeds, nuisances or parasites to society. But not all parents are the reason why their children leave their upbringing and not all children will remain “captives of the culture” as they mature and experience the consequences of surrendering to the baseness of human nature. However, the lack of the Judeo-Christian moral base in our families and society is the reason for the degradation of our culture, and a spiritual revival is the antidote.

    • Rosalys says:

      “… the lack of the Judeo-Christian moral base in our families and society is the reason for the degradation of our culture, and a spiritual revival is the antidote.”


    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Lucia. And in terms of Donald Trump possibly (possibly) being able to fix a couple of the holes, is Fay Voshell correct in Donald Trump and Evangelicals that the evangelicals are, to a significant extent, full of libtards? Fay writes:

      However, there is also a huge segment of the evangelical and fundamentalist movement that has fallen prey to much more compromised versions of the formerly tough and uncompromising evangelical faith.  It is those evangelicals who are extremely vulnerable to men like Donald Trump as he currently is — not as many might wish and hope him to be, his exhibitionist carnality transformed by God’s grace.

      First, millions of evangelicals have bought into the prosperity gospel, a Protestant heresy that holds God blesses those who love Jesus with wealth and prosperity.  Nearly completely forgotten are the words of Christ, who said that though his presence would always be with those who suffer, following The Way would inevitably mean hard times. 

      I totally second Fay’s criticisms of “the prosperity gospel.” I just wasn’t aware (if this is the case) that evangelicals made up a significant portion of them. I was aware the Christianity has been rotted out to a large degree, somewhat across the spectrum, by Leftism (replacing Christian values with Leftist ones while retaining the crucifix, stained glass, and candles).

      Is Trump the political equivalent of Elmer Gantry, as Fay says? I’ll grant that could be the case. But so is McCain, Romney, Jeb Bush (or name your Bush), Paul Ryan, and so many more. I’m a little disturbed that the normally dependable Fay has singled out Trump for special treatment. Even if he is a lying politician, how does that make him stand out from, say, Rubio? And in the case of Elmer Gantry, he used religion to get people’s money. But Trump doesn’t need anyone’s money.

      Another bit from the article:

      All evangelicals should pay attention to Trump’s actual message and his personal failings.  But gripped by a mentality that God is love and love only, evangelicals emphasize forgiveness — a good quality.

      Again, I wasn’t aware that it was the evangelicals in the grips of this kind of one-sided “I’m okay, you’re okay” feel good stuff where they only ever know how to forgive and never hold anyone to a Godly standard. Maybe someone here knows more about the “evangelicals.” I always assumed they were the hard-core Bible-based believers who didn’t for go for the “diversity” and “non-judmentalism” nonsense.

      Whatever the case may be, I think you said it very well, Lucia.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        That’s what I thought, too, but it appears that the term actually refers (or can be used to refer) to people who are simply members of an evangelical church. Some are truly hard-core Christians, but some are no more devoted than Catholics like Nancy Pelosi.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        Is Trump the political equivalent of Elmer Gantry, as Fay says? I’ll grant that could be the case. But so is McCain, Romney, Jeb Bush (or name your Bush), Paul Ryan, and so many more. I’m a little disturbed that the normally dependable Fay has singled out Trump for special treatment.

        I think much of the establishment’s disdain for Trump is due to his “style”, which is brash, loud, crude and uncouth. Obviously a question of poor breeding or lack of taste.

        I noted something like this reaction in dealing with many Chinese.One could just about slip a shiv in a Chinese as long as one did it with a smile and respectful manners. On the other hand, if one was giving the Chinese fellow the best advice in the world, but was loud and rude the Chinese guy would be insulted.

        I think part of the reason this is the case is the age of Chinese civilization. They have strict rules on social interaction which have grown up over millennia. Perhaps we in the West are just catching up.

  10. Lucia says:

    What a wonderful article! I read AT every day and somehow I missed Fay’s submission. I have to agree that revival and renewal is needed across every aspect of our nation, beginning with the church that has been poisoned by personality cults. Too many churches have forgotten that the reason for gathering together in the first place is to bless God with our corporate praise and learn how the Bible scriptures apply to our daily lives. Too many Christians are ignorant of scripture other than the basic doctrines of salvation and are unequipped to survive serious tests of faith from the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    It is human nature to follow sincere, charismatic people who promise to fulfill our dreams. Evangelical Christians are not immune to a warm smile and firm handshake. Ever since the Jim Jones horror, led by a disavowed Evangelical pastor, I have been leery of leaning on leaders of any stripe, because they are subject to the same temptations as everybody else.

    I hope that I can vote for a candidate who measures his worth by the Word of God rather than by his worldly assets and one whose resume fulfills the qualifications required by the highest office in the nation. But I try to keep in mind that there is no perfection this side of heaven, no matter who ends up on the Republican ticket.

  11. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The January 2016 issue of The New Criterion has a special feature dealing with the corruption of our political institutions. There are articles dealing with the historical development of our political culture and others which discuss what must be done to stop the rot. These articles cover a recurring theme here at ST, but the writers at New Criterion are worth reading. I believe it is the best periodical dealing with culture in the English language.

    The link takes you to Roger Kimball’s intro article.–the-corruption-of-our-political-institutions-8305

    • Timothy Lane says:

      He points out, correctly, how quick the King was to violate the Magna Carta with the consent of the Pope (John had made England a papal fief to resolve the earlier interdict crisis, which lasted a few years). Today the King (Barry the Lawless) doesn’t need that, though I’m not sure the Peron Pope would be any less pliable.

  12. Lucia says:

    The author concluded the article stating that not all is lost and that there’s hope for healing our culture, but I didn’t feel very hopeful after reading it. In my latter years it seems to me that our culture is a sewer and Christians must cling to their faith more than ever to avoid being sucked under.

    When Pres. Clinton lied about his dalliance with his intern, millions of young people learned that it was ok to lie and what their parents taught them about sex wasn’t true. The leader of the nation undermined the moral authority of millions of parents by his example and public schools continued in the destruction. Clinton’s supporters turned a blind eye to the shenanigans of his administration because the economy was good. As long as the populace was fed and entertained, our dear leaders could do anything they wanted. The shift in the moral fabric of our society was as abrupt as the moral earthquake of the 1960s.

    I read recently that cultural trends swing back and forth over a period of about 50 years but history shows that Americans won’t make significant changes unless there’s a crisis. We are overdue for both.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Bad as Clinton was, the harm to the moral culture was done by his supporters, especially those (such as the synoptic media) who would be expected to be more objective and neutral. People will slip up, and most will try to lie their way out of it. The key with Clinton is that his tribe (Democrats, and thus most liberals) chose to support his dishonesty rather than risk harming the tribe’s interest.

  13. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Here’s an interesting article by James Lewis about the crackup of Europe: European Pathology Hasn’t Changed.

    We can see ten years ahead what will happen to us if we don’t change our course and patch a few holes. James doesn’t get much into the details of this pathology. His broad strokes might be generally correct. I don’t dispute them, per se. I think the proper way to view Europe is to see them as a continent caught in the grips of Leftism, the world’s most dynamic religion. This plays into the hands of the Eurocracy who may indeed, as James says, have similar imperialistic impulses to the ones that have caused so much destruction in Europe.

    It’s ironic to see Merkel work to finish off the job that Hitler started, and that is to eradicate the Jews from Europe. Importing these barbarians from Islam will serve to finish what Hitler started.

    Here’s how I would define the toxic brew that is eating out Europe, in no particular order:

    • Feminism
    • Atheism
    • Hedonism
    • Multiculturalism
    • Socialism
    • Demonism

    All of this nicely derives from the overall umbrella of Cultural Marxism. And I add “demonism” in there as an extra element over and above atheism because I think it’s one thing to be sort of a cold “secular type.” It’s another to be actively aiding and abetting the Dark Side.

    America has many many holes to fix. And I’m amongst those who think we have taken on too much water already in order to fix this. But Europe has beached itself. It’s a ship that is doomed.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      For some decades now, Europe has existed as one big Bacchanal with Bacchus and his older relative Liber running rampant. But the modern European forgot the fertility part of such celebrations.

  14. David Ray says:

    You gents will have to forgive me, but I believe we’re on an unstoppable downhill slide.
    It’s a numbers game. Both parties have no value in former America. They’re well trained in finding embarrasement with “old white european christians”. Now only 3rd world need apply; doctors from Sweden needent waste their time.

    Two things gendered my realization; the attempted deportation of the
    Romeikes & the #BobbyGendalIsWhite description (hat tip to
    Michelle Malkin)

    By the way; I hear B. Hussein deported a christian Syrian. Can’t have those prudes infesting our soil, now can we.

    So once being a white christian American became an established evil . . . well . . .

  15. Stuart Whitman Stuart Whitman says:

    We’re not a boat. We’re an armada. A collection of vessels of all kinds. It’s thinking of our country as one fixable, controllable, cohesive unit is the problem. Those that are destroying our country see it as such and work hard to maintain this illusion. The answers become apparent when you break it down and see it the way it is. And your level of optimism is directly related to your ability to do so. I’m a little late to this party. Sorry I missed it.

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