Feminism 2.0

by Brad Nelson   2/13/14

Dennis Prager has been revamping his entire Prager University curriculum. The second video in this updated series is Feminism 2.0, by former NOW board member, Tammy Bruce.

It’s a pretty good message, particularly for women. I have a few quibbles about whether a new kind of “feminism” is an answer to the ills of old, but that’s just a quibble at this point.

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2 Responses to Feminism 2.0

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Bruce’s notion seems very similar (but worked out in more detail) to the ideas of Christina Hoff Sommers, who has differentiated between “equity feminism” (which seeks equality) and “gender feminism” (which is based on hatred of men). Note that Bruce is herself a lesbian, but even as a feminist she was apparently a supporter of 2nd Amendment gun rights, a heterodoxy that eventually led her to become a full-fledged conservative.

    A key motivation may have been her experience in the O. J. Simpson trial, when she found that NOW joined the liberal consensus that it was a matter of race rather than “gender” (thereby showing which group identity trumps the other). She also found that conservative women had no compunction allowing a theoretically liberal feminist (she still headed the Los Angeles chapter of NOW) to receive money from them to fight for the feminist agenda (that Simpson had been an abuser of his wife even after they divorced). Yet she knew of a case where liberals who had supported a local charity refused to donate when they learned the person who ran it was pro-life — even though that had nothing to do with the charity’s purpose.

  2. steve lancaster says:

    Great news, men and women are different! I do applaud Ms. Bruce revelation and in general agree with her new agenda. I wonder when both genders will be able to acknowledge that putting people in comfortable cubby holes is outmoded. As a man, other than actually giving birth I can provide everything that an infant needs, and I have.

    I know women who do, “men’s” work with the same skill and ability as men, does that mean all women should, for example, drive dump trucks? There are many professions that not all men do well and some women do better and vice versa. There are women that I would willingly follow into combat and men that I would not follow to a worm wrestle (BHO).

    The only real goal of feminist thought should be the first of Bruce’s pillars-DIGNITY without that everything else is not relevant, with it everything else falls into place.

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