The Faces of False Witness

Hillaryby Anniel   6/26/14
After writing about the political ramifications of the 9th commandment, I have to conclude that the following people are the living faces and voices of False Witness today:

Hilary Rodham Clinton. Listening to the voice of the woman persecuted by Hillary Clinton when she was a twelve year old rape victim is truly stomach churning. Listening to Hillary’s voice on the interview tape from the University of Arkansas about the matter is even more acidic. Hillary should have been disbarred at the very least for her behavior in the courtroom. DNA evidence on the defendant was destroyed, some say deliberately, and the victim was painted as a child seeking attention who had made false allegations in the past. None of which was true, and Hillary knew it not to be true. She also knew her client was guilty. Thanks to Hillary’s false witness against an innocent girl, a violent pedophile rapist received only a slap on the wrist, while the girl was raped again by the justice system. And the great women’s champion, Hillary Clinton, laughed about it on the University tape, which the university now claims was under copyright and should not have been released. Anything to protect the Clintons.

This case is just another saga in the Clintonian play book. The law and the girl were expendable pawns in Hillary’s hands.

John Koskinen. By name and looks John Koskinen is a Suomileinen, a Finn, but he seems to have forgotten, or not been taught, one of the most important words in the Finnish language, sisu (pronounced see-sue). This word is almost untranslatable, but is a description of a person who is honest, of great courage, and of great physical, mental and moral strength and endurance, in short, all the manly virtues rolled into one word.

In Mr. Koskinen’s appearances before the congressional committee investigating the IRS, he leaves a spoor of arrogance and ignorance behind himself. His lack of any sort of honesty and integrity, or knowledge of or respect for the law is frightening in its intensity. He bears false witness and cares not that he lies, nor does he seem to care that everyone knows he lies. He puts that sneer on his face that says he knows he is smarter and better than anyone else, that he is invulnerable and doesn’t answer to anyone, anywhere, anytime. He left his sisu behind a long time ago. He, and all his underlings wear amusement as a tell.

Lois Lerner. Former head of the IRS Exempt Organizations Division of the IRS, Ms. Lerner has been the center of the controversy surrounding the IRS Scandal. She was the one who let “slip” that conservative groups were targeted for special investigation and harassment by her division, and has claimed 5th Amendment protection against any congressional questioning. She and Mr. Koskinen now say her e-mails have been permanently “lost”, due to computer malfunctions, which were caused by Republicans not adequately funding the IRS, even though the agency paid millions of dollars in bonuses to employees, hosted lavish conferences and get-always for big wigs and made silly and expensive agency videos. All of this while continuing to target Tea Party, True the Vote, and other conservative groups for special audits and intimidation.

Ms. Lerner also pushed through the tax exempt status of President Obama’s brother Malik, who ran a supposed charity organization out of Virginia called the Barack H. Obama Foundation. Within one month of receiving the foundation’s request for tax exempt status Lerner not only approved it, but also granted it retroactively, since it had been illegally claiming that status for two years.

Lerner was finally retired, with full pension and benefits, of course, but the new head of the division seems to be quietly continuing Lerner’s works.

Sarah Hall Ingram. Ingram was head of IRS Exempt Organizations Division before Lerner, and undoubtedly knew of the targeting of conservative groups, and she now has been called to implement ObamaCare within the IRS. She has had unlimited access to White House
Insiders and there are e-mails showing she leaked confidential tax payer information to them. She is another one who seems amused when questioned.

Enough, enough, enough. The more one tries to understand the minds of these false witnesses the harder it becomes to trace their spoor through the webs of deceit they so carefully weave.

At first the 9th Commandment, not to bear false witness, appears to be the least important sin we can commit against our neighbors. However in the TANAKH Version all four of those commandments dealing with our neighbors appear in just one verse together. Thou shalt not murder. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shat not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness. If mankind indulges in any one of these sins, false witness is involved. And then we step back to see the 10th Commandment, the hinge point where all the other sins begin: Thou shalt not covet.

False witness and all other sins against our brothers and sisters are guaranteed in a government whose leaders covet EVERYTHING we have,
including our God-given right to property and liberty. • (1058 views)

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3 Responses to The Faces of False Witness

  1. pikku says:

    This half-Finn is distressed that it has been noticed that Soskinen is Suomileinen. Indeed, he is far from sisu.

    I continue to laugh at those who prop him up based on his “long and distinguished service” to the Nation. The man is a bureaucrat’s bureaucrat, an expert at taking credit for “solving” problems that were either not solved or weren’t problems to begin with (Y2K). He is skilled at advancing his own career, and has the perfect bureaucrat’s attitude — when his agency is challenged for abusing the taxpayers, he treats the challenges as an insult to the agency and demands an apology.

    He makes me sick.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Needless to say, this is only a very brief listing. Slick Barry seems to be genuinely allergic to honesty, and has stocked the Obama Gang accordingly. But then, as Anniel said, lying is pretty much inherent to any criminal organization, and there’s no larger or more criminal organization than the Executive Branch at present. One might also note that Slick Hilly the Fire Witch has a history of attacking the victims of sexual assault when they get in her way. Ruthless ambition combined with a total lack of integrity will do that.

  3. Rosalys says:

    They are all narcissists and psychopaths! There is no reforming them. There is no compromising with them. There is only removing them – and it doesn’t look like that is going to happen any time soon, save for Divine intervention! And it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen either. Frankly, I think our once great nation which has largely turned its back on God from Whom all its blessings flowed liberally for over two hundred years is in for a big dose of Divine judgement! The only hope for our nation is massive, massive repentance and revival – as did Nineveh in the days of Jonah.

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