Facebook Stormtroopers Save the Earth

by T8/17/17
Answer very carefully, Facebookers: do you now, or have you ever believed that the right of free speech should be denied to anyone, whether they have broken any law or not? When you hear people chanting: “No Free Speech for Racists!” Are you on board with that?

Then answer me this, would you be more comfortable in a world where your feelings matter above everyone else’s, and anything that is offensive to you and your sense of decorum and morality is not only silenced, but illegal? Well, DUH. A place where everyone believes in what you believe, nobody steps out of line, and people who dare to do so are summarily rounded up, humiliated and punished? Better yet, what if the penalty for anything you determine as offensive hate speech was death? Would that work for you? Would it make a better world to gather the people you think are ruining your country, into say, camps of some kind, where they are imprisoned for their dangerous and subversive racist speech? Then perhaps somebody could come up with a creative way to dispose of them! Everyone knows they are a scourge. I mean, that way they won’t offend anyone else, right? After all, how can they continue to say horrible hateful things day after day… if they’re dead?

If there was a big red button you could press, that would instantly vaporize every hateful white supremacist racist bigot everywhere—and I’m not talking just the worst ones, I’m talking the ones who mostly keep their mouths shut, but which I JUST KNOW are harboring the same pernicious thoughts—just wipe them off the face of the earth, and nobody would ever know that it was you responsible for their deaths, would you press it? And if you should decide that instead of pressing the button anonymously, like an internet troll, you wanted to get credit for pressing it… perhaps we could give you a special platform to tell everyone of your deeds, like a social media page, radio or TV station, or some sort of place where you were free to speak or assemble with your likeminded friends, where your speech about why you pressed the button and killed all those people could be heard far and wide. Would that make you happy? How about if we could make it clear that you pressed the button OUT OF LOVE, because love as we all know, not only trumps, but conquers hate. You’d probably want to do this, in case somebody might have misinterpreted your button pressing action as all crazy and mass-murdery. You’d need some sort of law or propaganda ministry or something that made people understand that they have to interpret what you did as a loving act.

Wait, I know, you could make it so anyone who DIDN’T believe what you did was noble and loving, would be punished or executed too. First you could bully and ostracize them, though you’d probably need some sort of special police force to bust into their homes first. Maybe interrogate them, and if they don’t change their tune, they can just go ahead and join the racist bigots, hopefully in some sort of big mass grave, if there’s any sort of social justice in the world. And good riddance.

Because everyone in their right mind should know that THEY were evil, and it’s you are good. It defies all logic, reason, and science to see you as anything but a hero, who saved the world from bigoted racists by pressing that big red button with your loving finger. They had it coming. And you gave them that finger, didn’t you? • (309 views)

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6 Responses to Facebook Stormtroopers Save the Earth

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    One thing I can say is that I have a history going back to high school of opposing any ban on speech even by (e.g.) Communists (which was an issue when I was young).

  2. Anniel says:

    I for one hope you stick around and write more. Hooray for free speech!

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I’ll second that. T and me go way back. Well, relatively speaking. He’s one of those fellows that Reagan was talking about when he said, “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally — not a 20 percent traitor.”

      As the wacky Social Justice Warrior/Church of Global Warming loonies expend their looneyville ever further, that 80% potentially grows to cover a lot of people.

      • Anniel says:


        I agree with you, but there are others in Seattle who are nuts and I’m not even sure they agree with themselves. Are some of them nearer 100% traitors like Lisa Murkowski, who saved Obamacare for Alaskans? Talk about virtue signaling to the natives who vote for her.
        We all have our crosses to bear.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          One of the difficulties, Annie, is how to fight these kooks without becoming them. And, no, I’m not so idiotically insipid to say something as inane as “If we take up their tactics we will be just like them.” Sometimes you indeed have to fight fire with fire.

          I think we need to kick a little ass. Here’s the interesting, ironic, or just plain sad fact: The inaction of decent people for decades now has left a void for the Nazis, white supremacists (the real ones, not just normal people who oppose things such as affirmative action), and other radicals to fill.

          Ann Coulter’s latest article is worth a read. Another article I read this morning — and I forget which one (it might have been a transcript Rush’s commentary on this) — noted the fecklessness of the Republican Party as they once again — instead of attacking the thugs on the Left and in the media — roll over like a submissive dog in order to show everyone that THEY are not aligned in any way, shape, or form with whatever the Left has labeled Nazis on that day.

          So by not picking up the torch, the torch has already been passed. Many say a sort of civil war is coming. Although I’m not a reflexive Trump apologist, it’s possible to see him as a harbinger of this war. He’s the opening shot of resistance to some extent. But even then, it’s not clear at all that the swing states he turned out of Hillary’s column did so for any reason other than strict economic self-interest, not any other kind of patriotism or ideology.

          There’s a larger discussion here, almost to large to engage, but it is the gist of Mr. T’s article: People have linked their identities — their most intimate sense of self, legitimacy, honor, duty, and morality — to basically dime-store wisdom. Read a good book lately? Hell, no. But everyone is literate in sending out short, stupid Tweets or Facebook posts showcasing their own lack of depth and wisdom while thinking themselves particularly clever for regurgitating someone else’s soundbyte.

          It’s a culture gone mad.

  3. David Ray says:

    Mr. T is scarin me! I demand a safe room & taxpayers to pay off my school loan right now!

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