Exploration of The Valley of the Amazon 1851-1852

ExploratonAmazonSuggested by Anniel • Naval Officer Herndon’s account of his exploration and mapping of the Valley of the Amazon, from Peru to the mouth of the river. His writing and report were so superior that the Secretary of the Navy had 10,000 copies printed for sale and two weeks later had 20,000 more printed. The report became a world-wide best seller.
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2 Responses to Exploration of The Valley of the Amazon 1851-1852

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    This sounds good, Annie. Some of the earliest fictional adventures stories I read (in about junior high) were set in the Amazon. A non-fiction one is sure to tap into that exotic stage. I downloaded the sample.

  2. Anniel says:

    When I looked this up on Kindle it wasn’t available there. Bear had to loan me his copy, which was generous since he treasures his books as much as I do mine. Nice to know it’s now available. Thanks. Got another Review coming up on the Amazon, maybe tomorrow.

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