Europe Is Rising against Islamisation

by Enza Ferreri11/2/14

Maybe the tide really is turning.

I remember when, in the late ’60s and the ’70s, hardline socialist and communist groups were still struggling to get their message accepted in Europe and the West generally. They were a tiny minority then, and their agenda seemed very far-fetched and out-of-synch with ordinary people and mainstream views.

It also looked liked it was going to remain that way. When, later on, I heard them screaming “Free Nelson Mandela”, I didn’t think it was going to happen. And now we know: it has happened, and much more than that has materialised.

Political correctness, which is nothing else but cultural Marxism, has become mainstream, indeed the orthodoxy and the dominant ideology.

As things turned one way in a manner that a few decades ago seemed impossible, thay can wery well turn the other way, even if we find it difficult to believe now.

In Italy, 100,000 people protested against illegal immigration, Islamisation and the European Union earlier this month at a Lega Nord (Northern League) rally in Milan.

In Germany, last Sunday about 4,800 people took to the streets of Cologne. The protest was planned by Hooligans gegen Salafisten (Hooligans against Salafists), abbreviated as HoGeSa, who had previously organised similar demonstrations in several German cities, including Essen, Nuremberg, Mannheim, Frankfurt and Dortmund. Their name derives from the fact that they belong to rival football fan clubs and are now banding together through social media.

More than 5,000 people had registered their attendance to the Cologne march on Facebook, claiming to travel from around Europe. At the event, there were clashes with the police and a thousand of counter-demonstrators. Several policement were injured.

A new demo is programmed in Berlin for 15 November and another in Hamburg, but there is talk that they may be banned. From Reuters:

The hooligans – as they term themselves – want to stage a protest against ultra-conservative Islamic Salafists at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Nov. 15, a week after the capital celebrates the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin’s senator for interior affairs Frank Henkel told ARD television he had heard talk of 10,000 people wanting to attend.

“We will do everything we can to ban the demonstration,” said Henkel. “We are experiencing a new quality, a new dimension of street violence and militancy. (In Cologne) it was clear from the start that it was not about a political statement but seeking physical clashes, especially with the police.”…

Salafists advocate a puritanical form of Islam and the BfV [Germany’s domestic intelligence agency] says their numbers in Germany are rising, along with the number of potential recruits for Islamic State.

The BfV estimates that 450 people have travelled to the region from Germany to join radical jihadist forces.

Another componenet of this continental movement of resistance is Cities against Islamisation . Initiated as far back as January 2008 by Filip Dewinter of the Flemish independence party Vlaams Belang, it is a pan-European alliance that includes Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain.

EnzaEnza Ferreri is an Italian-born, London-based Philosophy graduate, author, and journalist. She has been a London correspondent for several Italian magazines and newspapers, including Panorama, L’Espresso, La Repubblica. She is in the Executive Council of the UK’s party Liberty GB.

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    We can hope that, in Europe and America both, the populace is able to stop the self-defeating lunacy that results from politically correct lack of resistance to jihadism (as demonstrated in Rotherham). In America it’s still possible; in Europe, demographic collapse may make it impossible.

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