Europe Cannot Begin Again

Eurabiaby Jon N. Hall    11/10/15
Some of Europe’s current invaders drop by the Greek island of Lesbos before continuing on to Germany and Sweden, where the welfare benefits are more to their liking. But where the heck is Lesbos? It’s in the Aegean Sea, right, but where? About all I know about the Aegean is that that’s where Sophocles long ago heard the “turbid ebb and flow of human misery.”

Anyway, I thought Lesbos would be in the Cyclades islands near Naxos, where Ariadne was abandoned. But no, Lesbos is right up against Turkey (map). The invaders from the Middle East aren’t like those from Africa who are sailing across the Mediterranean; they’re merely crossing a narrow strait. Why can’t the Greeks just send the invaders back to Turkey, whence they came? (Perhaps the Greeks are shunting the invaders northward as payback for the “austerity” terms of their German bailout loans. The Greeks always were big on revenge.)

In “How Long Can Europe’s Welfare States Welcome Refugees and Migrants?” at National Review, John Fund reports that the “190,000 refugees expected in Sweden this year would be the equivalent of 6.5 million people arriving in the U.S. — the population of Indiana.” American Thinker’s Thomas Lifson reports that Chancellor Merkel’s “open-door policy for Muslim migrants” could quadruple Germany’s Muslim population by 2020 — to 20 million. In “Brigitte Gabrielle: ‘Europe is Eurabia Right Now’” by Robert Wilde at Breitbart, Middle East expert Brigitte Gabrielle predicts “Europe will no longer be Europe by 2050.”

The ongoing invasion of Europe by millions of “refugees” from non-Western countries makes one wonder whether Western Civilization is finally at the end of its tether. The invasion may be the biggest threat to Europe since the Mongols came a-knocking, (watch this animated graphic to see how that went).

In September at American Thinker, Clarice Feldman wrote about The Camp of the Saints, “a novel of Europe being overrun by refugees from the Third World.” It reminded me of a 1990s article by Matthew Connelly and Paul Kennedy and I finally managed to find it: “Must It Be the Rest Against the West?” It ran in the December 1994 edition of The Atlantic; its subtitle: “Absent major changes in North-South relations, the wretched should inherit the earth by about 2025.”

The words “Islam,” Muslim,” and “jihad” don’t appear in the 8,399-word article. But the point is that invasion is something Europe’s leaders should have had on their radar. Yet, they seem to have been caught with their pants down. That or Europe’s leaders actually want the invasion. Perhaps they think the invasion is an opportunity to demonstrate that multiculturalism really works. But the invasion is just a continuation of the “stealth jihad” that’s been going on for decades.

Europeans should try to understand that Americans are repulsed and horrified by what’s happening to the Old Country. We love Europe. We would hate to see Europe become Eurabia, part of some hideous caliphate.  We see commercials on TV for Viking River Cruises, and they beckon. All over America, we celebrate our European roots with festivals, such as Oktoberfest, St. Patrick’s Day parades, etc. Americans are obsessed with genealogy (video), and tracing our ancestors back to “the old sod,” back to Europe.

Some of my own fond notions about Europe were formed by watching old films, like Cinema Paradiso, La Dolce Vita, and The Umbrellas of Cherbourg. But in today’s Europe, some Muslims feel free to murder filmmakers.

Europeans shouldn’t forget what America has sacrificed for them. That includes 116,000 American military lives lost in World War I, and 405,000 in WWII. America has spent countless billions of Yankee dollars since 1917 on behalf of their suicidal continent. But Americans seem to have made such sacrifices just so Europe could be taken over by barbarians. What patsies we’ve been.

Not all Europeans passively accept the ugly situation their idiot leaders have put them in. In groups such as Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) there may be some hope, (here’s SIOE’s website and Facebook page). A newer group is PEGIDA, which translates as Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident.

Europe’s political leaders, especially Germany’s clueless Angela Merkel, need to be removed from office. The snag in removing officials from power is that there are few mechanisms by which to do so. Citizens can mount protests, if that’s still allowed, but they’ll just be ignored by those in power. And by the time of the next regularly scheduled election, more destruction will have been done.

Europe was already too fractious to add millions more unassimilable aliens to the populace. The scariest aspect of the invaders is that 70 percent of them are single males traveling alone. The invaders need to be sent home, repatriated, or put in safe havens away from Europe.

Europe’s “leaders” have made an historic mistake of monumental proportions. Decent Europeans are watching in real time as their nations and their entire continent go to hell. Their elected leaders are throwing away their heritage and their future. How does a nation swap out its monstrous leaders while the damage is being done? A military coup in Germany may sound ominous, but a takeover by the military would be preferable to the current chaos.

If anything good can come out of the current invasion, it would be the breakup of the European Union. I keep waiting for some European nation led by someone with half a brain (or maybe half a pair) to finally throw in the towel and secede from the ill-conceived misbegotten experiment called “the EU.” Perhaps the breakup of the EU is the only way to save Europe from further Islamization.

In a 1978 speech, Margaret Thatcher invoked Benjamin Disraeli in telling her fellow Conservatives to remember that “England cannot begin again.” Invoking those two great British prime ministers, I presume to tell my fellow citizens of the West across the pond … Europe cannot begin again.

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Lesbos is now more commonly called Mytilene after its main city, no doubt because its residents didn’t like being called Lesbians. (The term apparently comes from the poet Sappho, who was a citizen of Lesbos.)

    The Camp of the Saints should be required reading — especially for politicians. Raspail’s only serious error was that he failed to realize that ordinary people (and a few populist politicians) would realize the danger of the invasion. Only the political class are too weak to resist, in both Europe and America — but that can be all the invaders need.

    And I appreciate seeing “whence” (which means “from where”) properly used. So many people use it as a synonym of “where”.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    There’s a part of me that wants to pop a bag of popcorn, plop down in front of the TV, and enjoy the riots and beheadings that are in Europe’s future. They’re getting what they asked for. According to multiculturalism, all cultures are equally valid — except their own which must be shat upon to show “sensitivity” or to equalize and atone for past cultural sins. So have at it, Muslims. They asked for it.

    This situation is particularly ironic in Germany where if there is guilt to obsess over, it is in regards to protecting Jews. But now they import the Muslim barbarians by the millions. Even the goofy liberal Jews (who predominate amongst Jews) may see the danger (they also share this multicultural hogwash) and leave.

    It shows just how deeply people have been steeped in Cultural Marxism because they cannot say that the West is primarily a Christian product and that Islam is 100% incompatible with Western liberal principles. Islam has been the enemy of civilized man since its inception and we see no lack of evidence of this today.

    As president, if I had the power, absolutely no Muslims would be allowed to immigrate. And any in the country now who weren’t legal citizens would be deported. Mosques would be under surveillance, particularly those on the east coast which I’ve heard are a hotbed for Jihad.

    If this sends shivers of fears about religious freedom, one must remember that Islam is not a religion. Religion is only one aspect of it. Islam is a totalitarian ideology. It is a political/social/economic/legal/religious system…a totalitarian system. It is the enemy of our way of life and every Muslim is one small piece of this puzzle. Yeah, sometimes reality is harsh and truth is politically incorrect. But that’s the way things are. We don’t have to commit cultural suicide to assuage the tender and foolish sensibilities of those who have been indoctrinated to believe otherwise.

    Please pass the pretzels.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      There are a lot of Jews who have begun to realize that it’s becoming necessary to escape from an increasingly Islamized Europe.

    • SkepticalCynic SkepticalCynic says:

      Brad, I kinda feel the same way, knowing all the time that we (America) are next.
      If I live long enough, I am going to be the first to say, “I told you so.” Except I will use other words. Thus, … I told you dumb stupid bast’ds it was coming. You cone-headed imbeciles wouldn’t listen!

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Although the key event in The Camp of the Saints was an invasion of the French Riviera by a large civilian flotilla from India, it also included at the end a collapse of will in America.

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    I believe a huge contributing factor to the present “refugee” crisis in Europe is the government of Turkey. The war in Syria has been going on for several years, but it only now that large numbers of “refugees” have been allowed to cross Turkey into Europe.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Turkey is doing this due to the problems it has been having with the EU regarding its recent treatment of the Kurds in northern Syria, i.e. killing the Kurds i/o of fighting ISIS as it claimed. And I also think the Turks are doing their best to extort money from the EU by saying they don’t have the funds to cut off the flow of refugees.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I don’t know the details of Turkey vs. the EU. But if you’re Turkey, isn’t there sort of a guilty pleasure in dumping your problems on a bunch of gullible, guilt-ridden white liberals? Is there any Baconesque insult now that Europeans won’t take? If Europeans are voluntarily excreting on their own culture, how can they expect the enemies of their culture to do any less?

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    The difficult part of this is that you have to get into the psychology of the Left. It’s doubtful that Merkel secretly hates Jews or desires the destruction of her country, per se — although the Left does desire the destruction of what they view as a provincial, backward, native culture untouched by the benefits of “diversity” and multiculturalism.

    They have a Utopian vision driven by the idea that all people want kumbaya and if we are just “nice,” all differences will melt away. It is true that there is an economic impetus (in theory) whereby the Muslims they import represent and function as, as Mark Steyn notes, the children that Europeans themselves aren’t having. And for the welfare pyramid scheme to keep going, you need population growth, not the steep decline that native populations are facing.

    But the reality is that these “immigrants” are more of a drain on the economy. Part of this desire to import Muslims is prodded by a well-indoctrinated Western guilt. Importing Muslims is a way for these guilt-ridden liberals to pay penance. Well…it is not Merkel who pays. Those who make these kinds of assessments (Rubio, Bush, etc.) tend to live in gated communities or otherwise do not expect masses of third-worlders to effect their lives.

    There’s also the juvenile factor. As Rush or someone said the other day, university is becoming an expensive version of Kindergarten or daycare. We are producing foolish people for whom reality is optional. They have their “vision” of the way things should be and facts and consequences be damned. This attitude (aka “Progressivism”) infects government from your local city councils clear up the the highest positions. Because these narcissists believe their vision is so pure (and that those who oppose it are corrupted in one way or another by the various bugaboos…racism, sexism, homophobia, whatever) that it will all just work out simply because they will it. Actual costs, and the logistics of reality, be damned.

    In essence, we are facing the fact that a huge segment of the population is nowhere near rational. And their foolish visions are highly destructive.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Germany still suffers from guilt feelings over World War II, and that no doubt makes it even more difficult to resist non-white “refugees” even when it should be clear that most of them are really invaders. The desire to minimize criticism by leftist newsliars (the European equivalent of “stand tall in Georgetown”) also influences even otherwise non-liberal leaders such as Merkel.

  5. Timothy Lane says:

    News has come in of a coordinated series of terrorist attacks in Paris, involving 100 hostages and at least 35 dead. The price of European and DC stupidity in allowing Muslim immigration has just soared. And since none of our elites have any intention of learning from this, it will continue to do so.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      This is the result of the policies of the international socialists who run the EU. These internationalists live in a make-believe world where there is no history or loyalties to anything or anyone except the imaginary constructs called the “people” or “proletariat”.

      I am sure those Muslim terrorists were singing Kumbaya as they pulled the trigger.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        There is an obvious response. To start with, stop importing Muslims. Total halt. Indeed, don’t allow anyone who might be a Muslim in. And remove every Muslim we legitimately can. But as I noted in a posting on Town Hall, this will never be done as long as the political elites are themselves safe and can tell themselves how good they are for treating the Muslims so well.

        Next is to make a suitable response. Imagine a president (obviously no Democrat, and damn few Republicans would do it) willing to run down a list of every Muslim atrocity against humanity over the past few decades and then announce the completion of a reprisal. I would suggest the total obliteration of Gaza and everyone in it — and the point that we won’t be so lenient next time. Eventually they’ll stop, one way or another.

        I do like it when so many leaders call the Paris atrocities an attack on all of humanity. So it is — provided you believe, as I do, that Muslims aren’t really part of humanity.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          To start with, stop importing Muslims. Total halt. Indeed, don’t allow anyone who might be a Muslim in.

          Possibly the main reason this will not happen in the USA is the fact that for several decades huge flows of Saudi money have found their way into our country. This has done much to corrupt the politicians and buy the hedge fund and Wall Street types. They will never speak up about the Muslim problem.

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