Emmaus Road

by Glenn Fairman   8/30/14

On Emmaus Road I set my steps
A Burning City left behind
A Citadel collapsed in ruin
The victim of my Grand Designs

Fallen hard in rank affliction
Crashing dreams now marked my way
A brutal sun bore down upon me
Circling like a bird of prey

And suddenly He was beside me
Matching cadence with my pace
A cooling breeze within His shadow
A hooded coat obscured His face

I told Him how it all had broken
Keeping nothing from His ears
Tears streamed down my dusty furrows
Etched so cruelly by the years

But when He spoke my fears subsided
He told me I would find the way
He told me every sacred prayer
I’d uttered ‘ere I went astray

And then he placed his arm around me
My broken heart then leapt inside
No man had ever spoken words
That stormed the strongholds of my pride

And as we reached the highway’s crest
A verdant valley loomed below
I found I was alone once more
A gentle breeze began to blow

I don’t know if I dreamed the One
Who released me from that arduous load
But life has never been the same
Since walking up Emmaus Road

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca.
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Glenn Fairman

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One Response to Emmaus Road

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    At first, with the idea of a city destroyed by a Grand Design, I was wondering if this was supposed to be from the Fascist Messiah’s viewpoint. But then I got further in and realized that he could never, even in his dreams, assess the results of his efforts so realistically. It would require at least a tiny touch of humility.

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