EBOLA: Lack of Common Sense, Money or Conspiracy?

Ebolaby Leigh Bravo  10/18/14
The Ebola crisis is heating up day by day, while more Americans are effected by the disease and the Tekmira Pharmaceutical company has found itself in the right place at the right time to get approval on a vaccine for the disease, as reported in the Wall Street Journal today!

Is it the never-ending speculation by media on every small aspect of this disease? Is it the day by day list of possible Ebola victims lining up here in the United States?  Is our government and the CDC suffering from a lack of common sense in handling the potential outbreak? Has sequestration taken the money needed to fight the disease or have the people of West Africa hit the nail on the head pointing to a government conspiracy?

Since Thomas Eric Duncan flew into the United States infected with Ebola, we have had two nurses come down with the disease who were involved in his care.  Dr. Thomas Frieden, director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention continues to tell us that we should not worry, the government has this under control.  However, he took no time in blaming Nina Pham for wearing too much protective wear, resulting in her own fumbled contraction of the disease.  The second nurse,  Amber Vinson, was showing signs of a low-grade fever, but was allowed to board a plane to Cleveland. Now, she is in isolation, confirmed with Ebola, but not before Dr. Frieden stated she should not have gotten on that plane.

Pan Cipriano, the President of the American Nurses Association complained of sloppy systems during Duncan’s treatment.

“The precautions that were being followed were thought to be adequate. We are seeing now that those procedures are not effective. When we have a new pathogen like Ebola we have to have a new procedure because even a small exposure is affecting our healthcare workers.  We look to the CDC for general guidelines. We have been following those guidelines, and we are anxiously awaiting  any findings from the investigation in Dallas as to whether there is specific equipment or procedure or additional requirements that must be put into place to protect workers. We continue to look to the CDC to be vigilant and transparent in sharing their findings and hopefully upgrading or clarifying any additional requirements that are necessary.”

In a speech at the U.N. on September 25th, President Obama said,

“Ebola is a horrific disease. It is wiping out entire families…..  This is a growing threat to regional and global security.  In Liberia, in Guinea, in Sierra Leone, public health systems have collapsed.  Economic growth is slowing dramatically.  If this epidemic is not stopped, this disease could cause a humanitarian catastrophe across the region.  And in an era where regional crises can quickly become global threats, stopping Ebola is in the interest of all of us.”

“….We are not moving fast enough.  We are not doing enough.  Right now, everybody has the best of intentions, but people are not putting in the kinds of resources that are necessary to put a stop to this epidemic.  There is still a significant gap between where we are and where we need to be.  We know from experience that the response to an outbreak of this magnitude has to be fast and it has to be sustained.” 

After giving his speech at the U.N. President Obama then attended a fundraiser at a private residence in the Washington area. His schedule then put him on a fundraiser binge in New York City, Greenwich, Connecticut then onto LA for a backyard barbecue with Gwyneth Paltrow. If he was really concerned about the outbreak, why not stay home and find a proactive way to control and contain the  disease?

Meanwhile in Texas, Ebola continues to raise its ugly head. This is where common sense can be questioned. The CDC went rampant with its campaign to combat a Zombie apocalypse, but not much to prevent and fight Ebola. Why hasn’t the CDC prepared for  a pandemic outbreak? When the first cased of Ebola arrived in the United States, it was clear that the emergency preparedness system was caught with its pants down. We have seen a steady stream of news anchors, politicians and the public at large demanding that a travel restriction be put into place in order to stop further spread. However, our government has refused to even consider travel restrictions. If we had put restrictions into effect, patient zero may have never stepped foot into the United States. Why did our President deliver such passionate speeches to the U.N regarding the necessity of controlling this horrible disease, yet basically ignore the situation here at home? Why is our government so incapable of using simple common sense solutions to address the problem?

Is it all about the money? Democrats have already begun using the Ebola outbreak against Republicans with the upcoming midterm elections.  Believe it or not, they are now blaming the GOP for the Ebola outbreak.  How can they point the finger of blame at Republicans while our president continues to prioritize fundraisers and golf over the current spread of Ebola? They claim  Republicans took funding away from the CDC which would have allowed them to stop the outbreak of Ebola. In fact, Congress gave the National Institute of Health more than the White House requested, however, $1.5 billion was taken away due to sequestration.  Who came up with the idea for sequestration? The White House designed it to force Congress to either chose painful cuts or higher taxes. Eventually sequestration was passed with a bi-partisan vote. So,  has lack of money really caused the Ebola outbreak here at home, or should the CDC have spent their money more wisely, by preparing for a “pandemic outbreak” instead of a “zombie apocalypse?”

What if Ebola is actually just a conspiracy by our government to control the population,  make billions of dollars on a vaccine, and gain access to the natural resources in West Africa? There are those who believe this is all very purposeful.

The first rumor that started the conspiracy theory was an Ebola patent that was granted to the United States government in 2010. The CDC is actually one of six owners of  the patent on the Ebola virus.    Patent No. CA2741523A1. Why would the CDC file for a patent on Ebola?

In an article by Global Research,  they claim,

“This patent may help explain why Ebola victims are being transported to the United States and put under the medical authority of the CDC. These patients are carrying valuable intellectual property assets in the form of Ebola variants, and the Centers for Disease Control clearly desires to expand its patent portfolio by harvesting, studying and potentially patenting new strains or variants.”

“With this, we start to see the structure of the elaborate medical theater coming together: A global pandemic panic, a government patent, the importation of Ebola into a major U.S. city, an experimental vaccine, the rise of a little-known pharmaceutical company and a public outcry for the FDA to fast-track the vaccine.”

Also, in 2009, a story broke regarding the storage of over 500,000 containment coffins in Madison, Georgia. The lease on the storage location was being held by the CDC. Where they planning on some kind of epidemic requiring these burial coffins to control the spread of the disease? Why have so many containment coffins on the ready over 6 years ago?

We have all seen the reports concerning attacks on health care centers in affected countries, and were shocked at the murder of a team of  8 health care workers and journalists in Guinea.  The workers were there to educate the people of the village on how to avoid contracting Ebola, when they were attacked with knives and rocks resulting in their death. The villagers believed the workers actually brought the disease to their village.

A large number of West Africans have begun kicking out the Red Cross claiming they have brought the disease and it is only those who receive treatments and injections from the Red Cross who get sick. They fear that Ebola was introduced into West Africa  to substantiate the need to get troops on the ground in  Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The West African people fear they are there to steal their newly discovered oil reserves, to take control of the largest supply of diamonds in the world and to force the Ebola vaccine on those who will not take them willingly.

Who can we believe? A story of conspiracy can surely makes sense when you look at specific aspects of the argument, but if it is not true, and the rumor spreads, are we setting ourselves up for more trouble by instilling a fear of preventative vaccines? Will it prevent the containment of the disease through vaccines if the majority of the population believes the government purposefully wants to spread the disease?

In this day and age of government corruption and lies, it has become almost impossible to trust our elected officials.  So how are we to determine whether Ebola is here due to a lack of common sense and preparedness, a lack of funds, or is, in fact, a conspiracy put into effect by our own government?

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19 Responses to EBOLA: Lack of Common Sense, Money or Conspiracy?

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    A conspiracy to spread Ebola seems unlikely. For one thing, there are already many perfectly workable ways to clear out the population, and only 3 countries are seriously affected (partly because others have resorted to strict quarantines). There certainly are people evil enough to do that, and there’s no guarantee that they aren’t in our (or any other ) government; but I would be very cautious about any of the more extreme conspiracy theories.

    As for the failure to handle things properly here, I think that is a combination of managerial incompetence (which is to be expected when one remembers that the Obama Gang is run by an extremely narcissistic professional agitator). This is combined with their “citizen of the world” mindset and their Leader’s obvious resentment of America, which makes them indifferent to what happens here (except to the extent that it matters politically).

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    In my opinion, the Obama administration is not terribly upset that a couple of Americans have contracted the disease. Now they have an excuse to get the USA directly involved in trying to find a cure for the disease. If you do not believe this, ask yourself ” why are thousands of USA soldiers being sent to West Africa to help with the situation?”

    The USA will now be truly in it. Thousands of Americans will, intentionally, be exposed to the Ebola virus and this will give greater impetus for American to spend billions to find a vaccine for this disease.

    If a few die, it will be a small price to pay for the sins of our fathers and, by extension, ourselves. If you don’t believe this, ask a Marxist.

    By the way, there will be another huge boondoggle in the medical industry much like the one which was created by the AIDS industry.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Note, too, where the Ebola cases happened. I doubt Barry Screwtape Obama planned it that way (there’s no reason to believe anyone knew Duncan was an Ebola victim before he came), but I have no doubt that he’s happy this all happened in Dallas. Liberals have already prated that this happened in a private hospital in a red state, and they think of Dallas as a Republican city even though the county voted heavily for Obama in 2012 (the Republicans have tended to move to nearby counties).

  3. GHG says:

    I hate to believe in conspiracies because even though history has shown they happen, I think once you start jumping to the conclusion there’s a conspiracy over here, before long you will believe there’s a conspiracy over there and over there and pretty much everywhere. Plus, even if it’s true – what can we do about it? Nothing! The one chance we would have to expose and thwart a conspiracy is DOA because the media is in philosophical league with the cabal … if they exist.

    I have a hunch Margaret Sanger would approve.

  4. Leigh Bravo says:

    I think a big concern is not conspiracy for spreading the disease as much as the solution for it. As mentioned, why would the government need a patent on Ebola? I am currently working on an article that talks about a possible cure already here, but is being shut down because it obviously does not figure into the governemt’s plan on a vaccine used worldwide bringing billions of dollars in revenue for the government and a pre-determined pharmaceutical company. As we have seen in the past and continue to see everyday is that money truly makes the world go around…regardless of how many must die in order to get it!!!

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I don’t know if that’s the case, but the history of the Obama Gang certainly makes it a reasonable concern, and perhaps even the default assumption.

  5. Jerry Richardson says:


    In this day and age of government corruption and lies, it has become almost impossible to trust our elected officials. —Leigh Bravo

    I believe that all thoughtful people have known throughout most of history the critical importance for people having trust in those who govern them.

    But I do not believe that the USA has ever had such a forcefully destructive lesson on the necessity of having a trustworthy government as we are now having under the constantly dishonest administration of Barack Obama.

    Perhaps at least one good may come out of this. I say may because it depends upon whether the majority of American voters place a sufficient premium on honesty, truthfulness, and integrity; and realize full-well the practical necessities of these qualities in those who would govern us.

    We will know, within the next couple of national election cycles. And it will be rather easy to discern: If candidates begin to run on platforms of honesty; and their personal lives, and political voting records accord with what they preach; and if dishonesty is highlighted, campaigned against, and results in defeats at the polls; then we can hope for a turn-around for a nation that has lost its way, at least for the past 6 years.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      It may be inauspicious to note that the Democrats are expected to hold on to governorships in Maryland, Minnesota, and Oregon despite gross failures in handling Obamacare (their candidate in Maryland is the lieutenant governor who was put in charge of the project, the other 2 are incumbents) and other problems. An incumbent with an atrocious record (Pat Quinn in Illinois) has apparently also battled back to a toss-up race, and it isn’t clear that John Hickenlooper will lose in Colorado despite his wretched performance. All will benefit from partisan Democrats’ uninterest in competence and honesty.

  6. David Ray says:

    That nurse Amber Vinson is an embarrassing idiot. She had a fever and still selfishly risked the lives of everyone on that plane. Oh wait! The CDC gave her a green light so I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh. (Nice to know dumb-ass liberals place so much faith in the government and none in reality.)

    • Timothy Lane says:

      To be fair, we should note that Vinson’s temperature was actually at the edge of the normal range (about a degree either way from 98.6). And, as you say, she did call. Nor did she have other symptoms yet. This wasn’t like the doctor in NYC who went out after he had started showing symptoms — without checking with anybody.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        What ever happened to the good old rule of “erring on the side of caution?”

        Both people were irresponsible and seemed to be operating, at least partially, on principles which deal with what is legal as opposed to what is responsible and sensible. The nurse, in particular, shows signs of the bureaucratization of thinking. Get a superior to say something is ok and one is absolved of all responsibility. This type of thinking has permeated our society.

        Both persons are what could be classified as “educated idiots.”

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I’m not defending Vinson as an innocent, merely pointing out that she was far less guilty than the NYC doctor, and for that matter the CDC provided she reported her situation accurately to them. (After all, they certainly act on the basis of bureaucratic hierarchy.)

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            I agree with you. I just think it is amazing how, supposed, experts are unable to use the common sense God gave them. Of course, one must consider they have gone through 15-20 years of indoctrination, which is aimed at removing all common sense and personal responsibility.

  7. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Ann Coulter’s take on this just grows stronger and stronger. Rush was talking about one of the Ebola health worker volunteers coming back from Africa and refusing to undergo a quarantine. He said it was an odd attitude for someone who supposedly cares so damn much about humanity.

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