Easter Poem

by Fashqn4/20/14

He walked a cold dark hill that day…He knew He had to give
His heart, His life, His blood, His all ..so you and I could live

Earlier He had prayed for hours..as others dozed nearby
Asking them to pray with Him…He knew He had to die

Yet no one knelt with Him that night ; He faced this trial alone
Thinking what was yet to come; and why He’d left His throne

Then at the pre planned moment ; this sinless, wounded Lamb
Cried loudly “It Is Finished” ; reconciling God and man

They put His body in a tomb ; but three days later found
You cannot keep the Light and Truth buried in the ground

Yes, He arose that glorious day; our hope in Him completed
And as He’d promised many times ; death was now defeated

For all who call upon His name; by faith His gift receive
Are covered by His righteousness ; if they will just believe

The walls of life sometimes close in; and we can feel imprisoned
Yet still there’s hope, and peace and joy..for Our Savior.. He is Risen !
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2 Responses to Easter Poem

  1. Pokey Possum says:

    Hallelujia! He is risen, indeed!

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    I don’t want to criticize poetic license too harshly, but it wasn’t “three days later”; it was “on the third day”. (“He descended into Hell; on the third day he rose again from the dead.”) The first day was Good Friday itself (in other words, he died before sundown, which was — and I believe still is — when the new day began for the Jews), the second was Saturday, and the third of course was Easter Sunday.

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