Don’t Let Stupidity Spoil Your Future

by Anniel7/18/16

With the publication of the ex-Secret Service Agent, Gary G. Byrne’s new book, Crises of Character, about Hillary Clinton and her shenanigans which he observed while working in the White House, one has to wonder whether Hillary ever considers her actions in any normal and reasonable way.

Of course, anyone who lived during the Clinton years knows both Clinton’s sordid history. What is surprising is that Hillary herself could be so dumb as to think that other people don’t see her bizarre and contemptuous behavior and that sometime in the future those who see it certainly will discuss it. Scandal after scandal, enough for anyone’s lifetime.

Now Bill’s telephone toe-licking partner in crime, Dick Morris, has a new book, Armageddon: How Trump Can Beat Hillary just published, and the new film by Danesh d’Souza, Hillary Clinton’s America fleshes it out. Even Costco will have to make the film available without quibbling when the time comes.

If I was angry at my husband and knew that someday I intended to run for public office, or just wanted the neighbors to like me, how smart would it be to throw a vase at him in the presence of our children or friends? Great character witnesses they would make for me. But Hillary is such a narcissist perhaps other people don’t really exist for her and she is incapable of caring about what they say or do.

Besides, she can always lie. And once you become enmeshed in your own lies you come to believe them yourself. In an age of instant communication and all kinds of old videos and newscasts that expose a venal nature, it’s hard to keep your words and lies private. Talking about rape and women’s issues after enabling your horn-dog husband’s philandering will haunt like so many Ghosts of Christmas past.

Even if you are contemptuous of other people, just how hard is it to be aware that you should develop some decorum, whether you mean it or not?

You can tell the content of one’s character by how they treat those who wait on them. Take them out to dinner and see how they treat the waiter, even the busboy if it comes to that.

And yet, Hillary Rodham Clinton keeps skating, and has starry-eyed die-hard supporters. Some people must enjoy the lies. • (503 views)

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3 Responses to Don’t Let Stupidity Spoil Your Future

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The Fire Witch probably does tend to ignore others, but she would probably also expect no one to peach on her. After all, how many underlings want to visit Fort Marcy Park?

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    Kurt Schlichter has a delightful parody of liberal “thinking” on Town Hall today. Of course, there’s always the question of whether it’s parody or real; with liberals it can be hard to tell the difference. The link is:

  3. Anniel says:


    Good grief! Thanks for the link.

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