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by Timothy Lane4/24/16

The March 11 National Review had a review of a book by infamous liberal Jane Mayer defaming modern conservative philanthropy (such as that of the Koch brothers). The reviewer is Martin Morse Wooster, a longtime FOSFAX contributor and occasional author – including a book on that very subject (which I believe I have around here somewhere). He does a very nice job of eviscerating Mayer’s work, identify8ng its many flaws and factual errors. I recommend it highly. Of course, most readers here either don’t get the magazine or will already have read it (I’ve beeen bit behind on my periodical reading).

While I’m at it, I will also mention another friend with some written work of interest. Joseph Major, who used to be our main contributor until he started his own fanzine during a hiatus in our production, has written a number of alternate histories over the years. Now some have been put out on Kindle. One, A Man and a Plane, alters the history of the Red Baron to present an alternate interwar period, I’ve previously read it and liked it well enough. He’s also done the first 2 volumes of a multi-volume series set in World War II, but I don’t know anything about that one.

Timothy Lane writes from Louisville, Kentucky and publishes the FOSFAX fanzine.
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