Democrats Finally Overplayed Their Hand

Matthews1by Patricia L. Dickson   11/7/14
Although it feels like it was a long time coming, the Democrats have finally gotten their just deserts, and I must admit that it is a guilty pleasure to witness their meltdown.

I always knew that their lies would one day backfire on them.  I have gotten the most pleasure from witnessing my liberal co-workers (whom I have been fighting with on a daily basis for over a year) completely come unglued when I walked by their desk and showed them the U.S. House map that showed all of the seats (a sea of red) that Republicans won.  It was pure gold!  I have also been laughing uncontrollably when I replay the montage of liberal pundits’ and journalists’ meltdowns on election night.

What is amazing is how this election revealed how disconnected the Democrats and their media lapdogs are from the American people.  They really did not expect to lose that many seats.  How could they not know that the wheels were coming off when the American people realized that President Obama had lied to them about Obamacare?  Obamacare is the Democrats’ and the left-wing media’s Waterloo.  It is human nature for people to not support anyone or anything that adversely affects them or their family (regardless of political party, race, or gender).  The Democrats’ own Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, called a cancer patient who complained of losing her doctor due to Obamacare and others who had similar horror stories liars from the Senate floor and later claimed he did not say it.  Did that not give pause to anyone in the Democratic Party?

Did the Democrats and President Obama not think that the black community would finally get tired of being ignored while other groups seem to get the first black president’s attention?  How long did Democrats think that they could use race- and fear-mongering to rally black Americans while ignoring their high jobless rate?

More importantly, the Democrats and President Obama should have known that his most loyal constituents would see his amnesty stance as betrayal.  A black man called the Rush Limbaugh show and had the following to say about President Obama and the black community:

CALLER:  Okay, good.  Well, first of all, what I want to say is, thank you for everything you’ve done and everything you’re doing, because you’re doing this for the black people, too.  Big time for the black people.  And I want to say this.  And, you know, I wish they would stop calling this man — I can’t call him no president — this man in the White House, the first black president, because he’s not the first black president.  He does not have the same bloodlines that blacks in America have.  His bloodline is totally different from ours, in the way he is going about California, I’m talking about like Riverside, San Bernardino, Fontana, Ontario, LA, Bakersfield, everywhere blacks, no work, ’cause all the jobs he gave to illegal immigrants.  They got the jobs, and they got the money.

RUSH:  You know, I have been waiting for somebody like you to say something like this.  And the idea — what you’re basically saying is that he’s not got a civil rights linkage in his life, the civil rights coalition or past, he’s not down for the struggle.  He comes from a different experience.

CALLER:  That’s right.

RUSH:  And he’s taken jobs away from you people by opening up immigration, and that’s gonna lower wages for everybody, for illegal immigrants, and you’re basically saying he’s got no loyalty to us.

CALLER:  He don’t.  You know, they want to say in Washington that we took impeachment off the table because he’s the first black president.  Well, he’s not the first black president ’cause the first black president is yet to come, and he is not.  And impeachment is what black people want.  They want him out of the White House.

This election reveals that the relationship between the black community and Democrats has been damaged.  This is not to say that blacks are turning toward Republicans, but they are simply staying home and not voting Democrat.  Relationships damaged by betrayal are difficult to repair.  This is a great opportunity for Republicans to take our message of education (school choice for the children), job training, and jobs to the black community.

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23 Responses to Democrats Finally Overplayed Their Hand

  1. oldguy says:

    The Left, including the MSM, tried to convince the American people this nurse who wouldn’t obey the quarantine was some kind of hero. What a colossal blunder! This sealed the fate of many Democrats in this election.

    • David Ray says:

      I wonder if that self-absorbed baby will also feel entitled to run for office? If she does, she better pick a safer district than Sandra Fluke did.

      Guess we owe that liberal darling a debt of gratitude for her putting her narcissistic ingratitude on public display. (Napoleon Bonaparte once said: “Never interrupt a flaming liberal when she is making a mistake.” Okay, he really said “enemy”, but what the hell, they’re synonymous.)

  2. GHG says:

    Want to know how to identify a useful idiot liberal from a dangerous liberal? The useful idiots are the ones melting down. They go about an inch deep and live in the now. They are annoying and can’t think their way out of a talking point. But, because there are so many of them they enable the dangerous liberals to accomplish their nasty work. The dangerous liberals think beyond the now and know the 2014 midterms is a blip they will easily turn in their favor by 2016.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Not long before the election debacle (Wendy Davis ended up running 2% ahead of the Democrat candidate for Agriculture Commissioner — who had no money or publicity, and for all practical purposes no campaign whatsoever), one of Abortion Barbie’s supporters complained that she was in trouble because of gerrymandering. This stupid, ignorant liberal obviously didn’t understand what gerrymandering is or how it hurts the Democrats in many states (even as it helps them in others, such as Illinois and Maryland). She just knew it was something bad that helped the GOP (after all, that’s what her news sources told her), so it must have something to do with what was going around with Davis.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        The liberal’s motto; “don’t confuse me with the facts, I know what I believe.”

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Very true. Ironically, the original version — usually given as “My mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with the facts” — came from a conservative Republican, Earl Landgrebe, on the subject of Nixon’s impeachment (which he opposed). It should come as no surprise that he lost (in a Republican district) in 1974. (Landgrebe’s district included Purdue, so he was in a sense my congressman for 4 years. 1974 was a bad year for Indiana Republicans, who lost 5 of their 7 House seats.)

      • David Ray says:

        Also when you consider that gerrymandering is irrelevant when running for a state-wide office like Governor.

        Poor liberal morons poured all that money in an effort to make inroads in my great state of Texas. It was hoped that she’d at least lose by less points than Bill White who lost by 12.7. That poor buffoon lost by 20! (Oh well. Liberals are always good at squandering money. At least this time they only squandered their own.)

        • Timothy Lane says:

          I was always happy to see them spend more money on Abortion Barbie’s campaign, knowing how little return they would get on their investment. It turned out to be even less than I expected.

  3. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    That link to the montage of liberal pundits was interesting. God save us from punditry. I’m with Patricia. I can’t help taking a little guilty pleasure in this. But no sane person should ever hang their personal sense of worth and their identity on a political party as they do on the Left. It might be worth mentioning that Dennis Prager calls Leftism “the world’s most dynamic religion.” So that, I’m pretty sure, is just how important Leftist politics is to them. Imagine if Jesus was a ballot issue in the midterms. That’s the only equivalent I can think of.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I believe this sort of person is exactly what Allen Drury had in mind when he referred to “professional liberals” in the later books of the Advise and Consent series (such as Capable of Honor, which so brilliantly dissects the hypocrisy of the synoptic media).


      We might put it this way: Leftists believe they are virtuous because they embrace Leftism. Conservatives, seeking to find the virtuous path by applying basic moral principles to the political realm, come around to Conservative politics. (It’s also why we occasionally convert one of their number to our side, if he’s honest enough (e.g. David Horowitz)).

      This is one reason why most Leftists don’t argue their case very well – their virtue is a mask, an imposture, with nothing to back it up (“The facts of life are Conservative”). All they have is a tautology: Leftism is good because – well, because Leftism is good. Emotionally, they react very badly when Progressive ideas are challenged because their entire sense of self-worth is on the line – if they’re wrong, they’re no longer good. Whereas, if a Conservative takes one policy position which turns out to be wrong, he can admit the error without becoming evil – he just made a mistake in applying moral principles in one particular case, which isn’t so hard to admit.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        My way of expressing this is that liberals reason backwards, judging an argument by the result rather than the facts and logic involved. If the conclusion matches theirs, it must be right.

  4. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Obamacare is the Democrats’ and the left-wing media’s Waterloo. 

    Clearly an opportunity exists for conservatives (and I don’t mean RINOs and Establishment Republicans) to reach out to those who identify as black Americans and sell them on the concept that neither race nor racial grievance are firm foundations for a prosperous and good way of life.

    But I’m on record as saying “Don’t read too much into this one election.” Let us remember that none of the Marxian forces in our society have suddenly disappeared. The ongoing propaganda that led to America electing, and re-electing, an America-hating Marxist as president has not gone away. We still have the Leftist mainstream media. We still have much of education, particularly higher education, in the hands of Marxists/Leftists — to the point that Dennis Prager refers to universities as “Left Wing Seminaries.”

    And we still have the deep rot of popular culture which works hard to create idiots of us all. And it’s not necessarily that this popular culture is left wing (although much of it is). It’s that it has a decided dumbing-down influence. And an uninformed, even childish, electorate more easily falls for the promises of the nanny-state Leftist demagogues.

    And we should point out that Leftists/Marxists are always over-playing their hand. But that is a feature, not a bug, at least from their point of view. Because they aim high, they tend to move the culture left. They are not shy about trying to change attitudes. They are bold to the point of being brazen, but it works. Compare that to the complete wusses in the Republican Party, as described (near the end of the article) by Dennis Prager in When the Left Attacks: A Personal Tale.

    And whatever misgivings some blacks may be having about the Democrat Party (and I’d want to see hard numbers in this regard), it is quite another thing to implant a totally different worldview inside anyone’s head than the one they have now. Imagine trying to turn a Muslim into a Jew or a Washington State Cougar into a Washington State Husky booster. We really are talking about an intellectual (such as it is) and moral system that is highly ingrained and that is an identity itself.

    But I’d love to be proven wrong. But I simply remember that in the last 20 years after every big GOP victory there is the mantra of “Now they have rejected these demagogues on the Left.” But that hasn’t actually happened yet. And there are well-entrenched reasons this has not happened. Worse, even I would admit that there would be little to no benefit for blacks to suddenly align themselves with the GOP, especially while the GOP is run primarily by Progressive types who might best be called “Democrats Lite.” And as used and abused as blacks might feel from time to time by the Democrat Party, welcome to the club. The GOP does the same thing to conservatives.

    It’s therefore difficult for me, in fair conscience, to say to blacks “Join our cause. We have what you need.” Hell, the GOP doesn’t have what any of us needs. They are just a different expression of the same problem: statism and arrogant politicians. But I would certainly urge all blacks to let go of Marxism and to embrace conservatism, at least in their personal life, and see where that leads. It can’t help but help all involved. And maybe we shall meet one day at a GOP convention. Hell, there used to be conservative elements in the Democrat Party not all that long ago (such as Washington State’s own Scoop Jackson).

  5. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Obamacare is the Democrats’ and the left-wing media’s Waterloo

    I would say it was more like the Battle of Leipzig. And we have yet to see if the Republicans, like the Allies, offer Obama an easy way out. Would Obama, like Napoleon, refuse such an offer?

    I suspect Obama’s Waterloo is yet to come. But the question remains, “where is our Wellington, where is our Bluecher?”

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Consistent with the idea that the nanny state tends to keep people in an extended state of adolescence, I would say we should perhaps take this paradigm seriously. We might perhaps note that this wasn’t a battle so much as a temper tantrum. Little Julia and Pajama Boy (and their like-minded parents) threw their strained peas at the wall. They were the adolescent, recently put on restriction for being caught smoking pot, yelling “I hate you, I hate you, I hate you” to his parents….even though in another hour or so he will be back all chummy with his parents asking for his allowance, and soon an increase in it as well.

      “Waterloo” in terms of the nanny state will likely look like something far different than just a swing of a few seats. And what ultimately will be the effect of this swing that so many amplify into something it might not be? Did people actually think the voters were supporting a reduction in the nanny state, an increase in the free market, an increase in “Drill, baby, drill,” an increase in personal responsibility, a reduction in environmental wacko-ism, a reduction in race/sex/gender-based politics? Does anyone actually believe that exit polls would suggest that people thought this out in any rational way….a way that a party (such as the GOP) can gain long-term electoral benefits from?

      As things stand — especially if Boehner and McConnnell remain in charge — there will be no party or cause around which people can rally for needed and tangible reforms. If people are fed up with illegal immigration, will the GOP actually do anything in that regard? If people are fed up with taxes and bureaucracy, will the GOP actually do anything in that regard? And on and on.

      We risk becoming little more than the up-beat opposite version of Chris Matthews as our sense of identity, or our sense of things being right with the world, hinge on momentary electoral swings. The reality of Cultural Marxism is much deeper than that. The reality of Big Government and the administrative state are larger than any short-term swings in party politics. It is many people’s opinions that we are being rope-a-doped by both parties, quite analogous to Europe where the party in power might change but the policy and vast bureaucracy does not.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        This is as good a place as any for me to ask you for what information you have on certain key results in Washington. What happened with the 2 dueling initiatives on gun control, and what were the results in the State Senate?

        Meanwhile, I will note that Brownback in Kansas brought in an increased Republican majority in the state legislature, and that in Maine (where LePage was attacked for being too conservative) they picked up 5 State Senate seats (giving them control) and 10 State House seats.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          I think the one initiative on tighter gun restrictions passed. The other one I’m not sure. I think it didn’t. One of the problems in figuring this stuff out is that the ballot titles are intentionally deceptive. Washington is full of “true believer” libtards, so it is beneath them to treat people with respect and let them know what they’re voting for or against. But as Dennis Prager notes, truth is not a left wing value. That is something we should keep in mind at all times. For the left, the ends justify the means. Always. In this case, Kim Wyman is the Washington State Secretary of State and she’s a Republican. I assume the Secretary of State writes the ballot titles, but I’m not sure. But let me tell you, they were not honest ballot titles whoever wrote them.

  6. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Consistent with the idea that the nanny state tends to keep people in an extended state of adolescence, I would say we should perhaps take this paradigm seriously

    I think conservatives should take this paradigm very seriously. Napoleon burst forth from the putrid stinking bowels of the French Revolution. He was the inevitable product of all such revolutions which degrade into anarchy thus leaving a vacuum of power. And it is not generally “nice” people who fill these voids. He was a murdering megalomaniac. Some people do not notice this because he had a gloss of intelligence and sophistication. This the model on which the Left has based their utopian agenda.

    It took over twenty years of violence and various coalitions to defeat the insane France which arose from the Revolution. Luckily, the American tradition is not prone to political violence as was the case in France.

    But there should be no doubt that we are in a political war. It has and will take longer to defeat the Left in this country.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Luckily, the American tradition is not prone to political violence as was the case in France.

      I believe that there are enough Americans who have been trained to be lunatic ideologues by the Left that it is no longer the case that America can be expected to be free from such violence. Anyone who has engaged in debate with someone on the Left — even people who are reasonable otherwise in their private lives — knows that many people go literally stark raving mad regarding politics. The Left has very successfully made a civil religion out of their politics.

      And this is how is should be for the party that is atheistic and humanist in orientation. Because in their view there is nothing larger than the state or man’s achievements, therefore the Party makes for a natural substitute for religion. And that is what I think has happened to many people. And Leftism is a fundamentalist religion at that.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Liberals hate traditions, including traditions of good government. The violence we see whenever thuggish unions (if you’ll pardon the redundancy) are challenged is a good reminder that mob violence is very liberal. So is the Occupy movement. So are the identity-group activists such as La Raza. Mob rule is more convenient for liberals than genuine democracy.

  7. Some of you may look at the clips from election night and not find it as hilarious as me. What makes the clips so hilarious to me is the contrast between the responses from these same individuals on election night 2008. When I view the 2014 clips ( knowing that they realize that it is Obama and his policies that caused it), I also juxtapose the 2008 clips in my mind and I just cannot stop laughing at the mere stupidity of these supposedly educated people. In 2008, they acted like teenagers at some rock concert saying the dumbest things that were not grounded in reality. Barack Obama is the same person in 2014 as he was in 2008. These so-called journalist and pundits refused (and still do) to just look at his record (resume) and instead made him out to be some supernatural god. The country has suffered greatly because of the media’s refusal to be non-biased and just report the facts. Now, these same fools are trying to spin this election to mean something that it does not mean instead of facing reality. I am expecting some of them to have a mental breakdown soon because one cannot continually live in a false reality without it having an adverse effect on them.

    Anyway, I am now going to continue celebrating by attending the Dallas Cowboys vs the Jacksonville Jaguars game at Wembley Stadium in London today.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      “Like teenagers at some rock concert” — how apt. It reflects their infantilism (in fact, if anything teenagers overrates their maturity) as well as their reaction to Obama — which remains today (except to the extent that they haven’t yet transferred this status back to Slick Hilly and Slick Willy).

  8. David Ray says:

    I so wish Rush Limbaugh still had his TV show. It was a hoot to watch him heed the audience’s request and do impersonations of Peter Jennings and Dan Rather after the ’94 elections.

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