Democrat Debate Sets the Stage for More of the Same

DemDebate2015-1by Leigh Bravo10/15/15
Anderson Cooper of CNN began the Democratic debate on Tuesday with an important question: “Will you say anything to get elected? Some Democrats believe you changed your positions based on political expediency.  You’re against same-sex marriage now you are for it.  You defended President Obama’s immigration policy now you say they are too harsh. You supported his trade deal dozens of times you even called it the gold standard, suddenly last week you’re against it.”

Her answer?

“I have been consistent over the course of my entire life.” Watch the following clip and judge for yourself: Is Clinton evolving or flip-flopping on liberal issues?

When the candidates were asked about the biggest threat to the United States, Hillary responded by saying “the spread of nuclear weapons” and “nuclear material that can fall into the wrong hands.”

Although Hillary may be right on track with her concerns about nuclear weapons, she also, was one of the biggest supporters of President Obama’s deal with Iran. We all know now, that Iran will be able to develop nuclear weapons within a 10 to 15 year time period. Now that is a big threat to the United States.

Bernie Sanders responded by saying,

“The scientific community is telling us, if we do not address the climate change, transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, the planet we’ll be leaving our kids and our grandchildren may well not be habitable.”

Bernie Sanders, who believes that climate change is the biggest threat to the United States, obviously feels that ISIS, Russia, China, Iran and the non stop spending that adds more and more to our National debt, are not an immediate threat to our very survival.

One thing that all the Democratic candidates agreed on was the continued handout of freebies to all.

  1. Free in-state tuition for Illegals
  2. Free healthcare for Illegals
  3. Free healthcare
  4. Free healthcare for children
  5. Paid healthcare
  6. Paid family leave
  7. Expanded medicare
  8. Free Childhood education
  9. Higher minimum wage
  10. Free prescription drugs
  11. Expanded social security

The obvious question that was not asked  was how and who would be paying for all these freebies? The United States is currently almost $19 trillion dollars in debt. President Obama has been unable to pass a single budget since he has been in office because he refuses to cut spending or reign in fraud or the duplicity in government agencies. Some might blame that on Republicans, however, he has been unable to obtain a single vote from either party in most cases.

We have all been told that Social Security is going broke and those of us who have paid into the system may not get paid.  If all Americans were forced to pay into social security, being assured that it will be given back in their retirement, then exactly where is that money now? The government spent it and now expects the American people to let it go.

However, we are to swallow the fact that this same government plans on paying for healthcare, housing, education and college tuition for illegals, who have broken our laws by even entering into the country? We are to believe that all public universities and colleges are going to give away a free education to all that want one without blinking an eye? We are to expect that all pharmaceutical companies are going to just lay down and agree to give away free prescription drugs to all who need them?

No, all these freebies must and will be paid for by the American taxpayer. Taxes must be raised to cover these expenses or the US will be forced to pull out more credit cards in which to max out in order to cover these so-called freebies. Did we not learn anything from the recent economy crash in Greece? Most Americans are fully aware what happens when you continue to charge and are unable to pay off your balance. Eventually you are unable to pay off even the minimum balance due on a monthly basis. If you can’t pay it results in bankruptcy or financial ruin.

But, the facts are a stubborn thing and the only way to pay for all these freebies is to send the bill to the American people disguising it as higher taxes. We could also go the route of socialism, as Bernie Sanders believes, by stealing money from hardworking Americans and forcing them to go broke by paying for all these freebies, eventually running out of money themselves, putting us right back to where we started…broke, yet still spending.

No matter what party you support, the facts are the facts, and the United States needs to reign in the reckless spending, freebies to non citizens, and get back to hard work, the free market system and stop this “more of the same mentality” that has put us where we are today.

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6 Responses to Democrat Debate Sets the Stage for More of the Same

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    The Demagogues all insist they’ll pay for their promises by taxing the rich. But this reminds me of a 1972 cartoon in the New Guard in which a George McGovern holds up an ordinary worker (complete with lunchbox) with a bow and arrow, saying, “I’m Robin Hood, and I’m robbing all you rich guys.”

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    One of the mantras of the Establishment GOP is “Stay away from the social issues.” I read a short article about Rudy Giuliani titled: Social Issues Making GOP Lose the Suburbs.

    As one commenter astutely pointed out, illegal immigration is a social issue and Trump has done very well with that issue. Count Giuliani among the clueless.

    And socialism is a social issue, perhaps one of the biggest ever. You know that I think poison now runs in the veins of the GOP, so I won’t reiterate that. But we have to determine whether we are a people who have a government or are a government that has a people. Will we be producers or moochers? Will will take responsibility for ourselves or will we be dependents? Will with be forthright or will we be deceitful?

    Despite all the lofty rhetoric from both sides, that is central to the most important choice that we face today. Almost all other questions flow from this.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      The social issues they’re talking about usually involve sexual license. This is very popular among very affluent voters, some of whom figure that they can afford the high taxes the Plunderbund promises. These tend to be the voters that country-club Republicans live among.

  3. SkepticalCynic SkepticalCynic says:

    I cannot understand how people can forget or ignore important information. It was only a short few years ago that Iran was going to get the nuke bomb in maybe five or three years. Then, only a year. Those time spans have come and gone and now they will get the bomb in ten or fifteen years. Does anyone know when or why the switch up? I have even read that Iran probably already has a nuke or several. Am I the only one with a shred of memory of that time?

    I think we are being fed the biggest line of BS to ever be served up in regards to Iran.

    On another line of thought, Bernie believes that climate change is the most important issue facing us today. In a way, I believe he is right but not in the context that he means. I think when the nuclear bombs start going off that that “climate change” will be THE most important issue to affect us for a long time to come. AND that the deal with Iran will be seen as the “Deal of the Century.”

    These are just the ramblings of an insane old man… him no mind.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      In the Islamic and Leftist world, Jews are expendable. These are the words that few will say. But StubbornThings isn’t shy about truth-telling. Obama is likely a Leftist in his religion and the same kind of goofball Islamophile that Jeb Bush is in regards to all things South of the Border.

      Israel is on the front line of the insane Muslim world. And perhaps it’s not so much that they are insane as they are evil. Although reports of a “Nuclear Winter” that would come when Saddam set his oilfields on fire were greatly exaggerated, certainly Nuclear fallout would be no picnic.

      These are just the ramblings of a semi-old and quite sane man. We could well see some nukes thrown about in the next 5 years. I have no idea if Iran already has nukes. But Israel must take their threat serious. How sad for that brave little nation that we have an anti-Semitic president who would be more than satisfied if the Jews were driven into the sea. We have evil in our land and the nitwits with the “Progressive” delusions have said that this evil is good.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Much of this islamophilia is based on liberal identity politics, Muslims being considered a different racial group rather than a different religious group. But note too that much of Barry Screwtape Obama’s childhood was spent in Indonesia with a Muslim stepfather and some degree of Muslim education. And, of course, we have the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett.

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