Democracy—Islamic Style

by Glenn Fairman   2/8/14

Democracy, in the Islamic arc, is a double edged sword- and we should not forget that even a cabal of thieves can be fundamentally democratic. The abstraction of democracy is, of its own, a content empty methodology for determining political direction that is girded by the ideation of popular sovereignty. In Islam, democracy mixed in the tainted crucible of Shar’ia is generally defined as: “one man, one vote, one time” and this noxious undercurrent renders the act of voting a hollow mockery. Without the organic institutions that prescriptively emanate from the unique existential vaults of the West, the understandings of: majority rule-minority rights, codified liberties against the coercive vigor of the regime, alternation of elites, and true popular sovereignty, democracy becomes an abominable exercise–a cynical charade where the predetermined outcome is the foregone conclusion.

Throughout the cultural fabric of the Middle East, one witnesses the same top-down authoritarianism as a common motif. As the God of Islam is tyrannical and capricious, so are the Imams in their edicts and fatwas — and as are the male tribal, clan, and family heads over their sons and women. A codified amalgam of political and “god” sanctioned action and inequality permeates every custom, thought and movement in the Islamicist civil society. In such a rigid theocratic/totalitarian/authoritarian milieu, one encounters a spiritually closed society where arbitrary command has ever been “trickle down.” Having political institutions that have, for a millennia and a half, leached out from such an oppressive human charnel house, why would intelligent people believe that any Islamicist government could be any other way, having had its encompassing worldview inextricably woven into this psychologically-bound closed circle of concrete despair?
Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca. He can be contacted at
Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca. He can be reached at

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2 Responses to Democracy—Islamic Style

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    To be fair, “one man, one vote, one time” is generally true outside of the First World, and some (such as the Fascist Messiah) would like to get rid of it there (or more likely make elections the same sort of pretense that they were in Mexico for 70 years). The problem with Koranic Islam is that their religion is designed to create such a system. So, of course, is modern liberalism, though it lacks a holy book (unless you count Das Kapital, perhaps).

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    (unless you count Das Kapital, perhaps)

    With Saul Alinsky being Marx’s Matthew Henry.

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