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PalinAndFlagby Anniel   4/16/14
“Mommy, I’m boring” — three-year-old  •  For the past eleven years Chicago has become almost a second home to me and several members of our family. Our youngest daughter suffers from a rare neurological disorder and her needs, we feel, can only be met by a wonderful neurosurgeon there.

After Obama won his first election, I knew I would be facing two problems when I had to go to Chicago. One was the inevitable Sarah Palin ugliness and bashing. And the other was my distaste for Obama and what to say to my many friends in his “hometown.” One trip came just a few weeks after the election and I made a decision I could best defend Sarah Palin by saying that not only was she not stupid, but that I resented my friend Sarah being lied about. I would just mumble, “Ummmm” about Obama.

We went to pick up our rental car just out of O’Hare and I sat down to wait while my husband took care of business. A gentleman I assumed worked for the rental agency came over to me and said, “I hear you’re from Alaska. Do you know Sarah Palin?” “Yes, and she’s lovely,” I said. He broke into a big grin and told me he thought she was so beautiful and he hoped she would run for president someday. No need for any defensiveness in that. Then he asked, “What do you think of Obama?” Before I could even get the “Ummm” out, he looked furtively around and said, quietly, “Some of us here have his number. He’s not as smart as you hear, but his real problem is he’s lazy and he gets bored very easily. You watch, he’ll last only a few weeks, maybe a month, and he’ll hate being president and start looking around for excitement. He’ll also be following the ways of crooked Chicago politics.” He then recounted to me the stories of how Obama won elections and his shady land deals. The stories that would later come out were never any surprise to me. We were in the midst of all this intrigue when my husband came to get me. The gentleman shook our hands, raised his finger to me and said, “You watch. What I told you is true.”

Apparently Valerie Jarrett has said that Obama has been bored his whole life. I suppose she thought that was a compliment because he’s so smart that nothing and no one is as smart as he is. Such a belief is at least part of his problem.

I remember laughing when my friend’s three year old said she was “boring.” When my own children came along I tried to teach them that only “boring” people get “bored” and that really “smart” people don’t. Not one of them now ever tells me they’re bored. Evidently the President was not taught, or at least never learned that lesson. To me he has always been a boring bore.

I did use my defense of Sarah Palin several times and had to practice saying “Ummm” a lot about Obama.

My husband, Bear, had ongoing land use negotiations with the city of Wasilla, Alaska, where he had once lived, and felt that the mayor was never up front on what he said and seldom honored verbal commitments. Bear was often frustrated so after his first meeting with Sarah Palin he was relieved to find she was a person of honor and always kept her word.

I don’t always agree with some of the things Sarah did as Governor of Alaska, but overall I do like and trust her as a person. When I made the decision to defend her while in Chicago, I had no idea where that would take me.

We stayed at a Ronald McDonald House when our daughter was undergoing treatments for her illness and I chose not to participate in political discussions while we were guests there. I felt that politics should have no place in a house meant as a retreat for people whose children were ill, but there were others who indulged in loud and often insulting political discussions. You know the kind, all white people are racist, etc.

When we got to the house following the elections we were hit right away with sneering references to Sarah. I calmly said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t appreciate my friend being lied about, and she is really a very smart and lovely person.” One of the worst offenders jumped up like a scalded cat and ran from the room. I could hear her almost screaming about how awful Sarah was and how could I possibly be friends with her? The woman was a House volunteer who spoke to me only grudgingly thereafter.

A few days after our arrival, a good friend invited me and my daughter to attend a local Women’s Club meeting. I am not that kind of “joiner” but the speaker sounded interesting so we decided to go. On our early arrival we were introduced to a few women and sat down. One of the women came to sit beside me and told me she had been the first person in Hyde Park to hold a Tea and Fundraiser for Barack Obama and we were so lucky he had won the election, blah, blah. Me, “Ummm.” Suddenly she took my hand and said, “I’ve never met anyone from Alaska before.” “Well,” I said, “Here I am.” The usual questions followed, “How long have you lived there?” “Fifty years.” “Is it really dark six months a year?” “No.” “Do you eat seals?” “Some people do.”

Then she switched gears, “Maybe I shouldn’t ask this but, well I just want to know if the rumors are true and maybe you can tell me.” She sat there looking at me expectantly as if I were a mind reader. Finally I had to ask, “What exactly are the rumors?” Looking slightly embarrassed she said, “They say that Alaska is horribly polluted and that’s why Sarah Palin is so stupid.” By that time she was positively salivating for my answer. I was so stunned at the effrontery of such a question I could hardly think, so all I could come up with was, “I’m sorry about such a rumor because Alaska is one of the most pristine places on earth, and my friend Sarah Palin is very intelligent.”

The woman gave me a sad, pitying smile as the meeting was gaveled to order, and went to sit by friends while I thought of all the answers I should have given. How about, “You really think Alaska is more polluted than Chicago?” Or, “Gee, I just told you I’ve lived there for fifty years, shall I drool on you in my abject stupidity?”

One of my sons met this woman later and she told him she has been a long-time Socialist. Big surprise there.

She also has a PhD in psychology, but I won’t hold that against her. • (1989 views)

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12 Responses to Defending Sarah Palin

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    I’m a Sarah Palin fan and it does my heart good to publish an article like this. No, I don’t agree with all of her political prescriptions either (but I do agree with most of them). But what Sarah Palin shows is how mindlessly harsh, nasty, and abusive that Leftism makes people.

    I view Sarah as the kind of American who is true-blue. She represents all that is good about this country. And her opponents, long having basted in the cancerous and corrosive dogma of Leftism, have nothing left to do but to hate the good.

    We will almost certainly live to see such people cause a bloodbath. The Left has been storing up their ugly hatred of all things good for decades now.

    Good for you sticking up for her, Anniel. If we don’t stick up for decent people then we hand over the reins of power to the mob. This is something that the stupid and wussified Republican Establishment (and their “intellectual” mouthpieces in the conservative press) need to learn. You can’t keep feeding this tiger by acquiescing to it and expect good things to happen.

    I’ve been there from day-one defending Palin, often from some of my brainless supposedly “conservative” friends. They hear that she is “dumb” and that seems to be all they need to form their permanent attitude.

    I consider Palin to be Reagan-in-a-dress and she’s my first choice for president to replace this Marxist scuzzball we have now.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    It’s interesting that the conservative fondness for Sarah Palin (which I share, as do most of the people I know; for example, her speech was the only CPAC video I listened to in full and I’ve contributed to SarahPAC) is actually so similar to the liberal fondness for Barack Obama. But there’s a crucial difference: liberals love Barry Zero because he’s black without regard for his character, intelligence, or accomplishments (which is good for him, since he lacks all 3).

    By contrast, conservatives love Sarah not only for her genuine charisma, but because of her proven character (which is why liberals hate her). She also actually has some accomplishments, though probably not enough yet to be a good choice for higher office (her resignation as Governor, though understandable to those who know the facts, would also be a problem politically). I had thought that if Romney won, she would have been a great choice for Secretary of Energy, and a good performance there would have changed the equation. But ’twas not to be (and I doubt he would have been smart enough to choose her anyway).

  3. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Such disdain of Sarah Palin among the “intelligencia” is common. On a flight to Switzerland in 2009, I sat next to a former female professor from Boston. I don’t recall how we started talking about politics, but of course she was a liberal. During the discussion, I asked her why Palin so irritated liberals. She told me that she didn’t like Palin because of the way she talked (her accent) and thought many others felt the same. I looked at her and asked her if she heard herself. She smiled and said she knew it sounded silly but it was the truth.

    The irony of this was the lady had a really think Bostonian accent without the usual r’s in words such as car. Why anyone would think a think Bostonian brogue sounds more sophisticated than Palin’s Alaskan accent, is beyond me.

    The shame of it was, the lady was a very nice person and not stupid.

  4. Rosalys says:

    Let’s not forget that Sarah not only had the Left trying to destroy her during the 2008 campaign, but also the Republican establishment RINOs who hated her (and still do!) I was disappointed that she decided not to run in 2012.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      A lot of us were. One friend supported Newt Gingrich (largely because of his advocacy of the Conservative Opportunity Society at the Baltimore WorldCon in 1982), but would have preferred Palin. Like us, he has her books.

  5. Timothy Lane says:

    Apparently Mother Jones is trying to do to Susana Martinez (who is well ahead in the polls for re-election) what the Left did to Sarah Palin. After all, she’s an even greater threat to liberal identity politics (which sounds almost redundant, given that liberalism is just a mixture of identity politics and leechery) because she’s a Hispanic as well as a woman. One article discussing this suggested that this would help Martinez among Republicans, as similar hate undoubtedly helps Palin. The operative phrase is the one Edward S. Bragg (formerly a commander of the Iron Brigade) about Grover Cleveland in 1884: “We love him for the enemies he has made.” (I noticed this about Palin at least 5 years ago.)

  6. J. Dunn says:

    It is because of Sarah Palin I know how the Left really feels about women. When John McCain selected her as his running mate, I naively thought the media would celebrate a female vice presidential candidate, even if she was on the Republican ticket. We all know how very wrong I was!

    I have agreed with her for the most part–she has been wrong a couple of times–but her opponents (on both sides) have only been right a couple of times, if ever! When people degrade her, they degrade all wives and mothers who believe in God and love their country. While I would like to think that I am like her, I can’t imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Above all, those who detest her believe that women (like blacks, homosexuals, or Hispanics) shouldn’t be allowed to think for themselves. What could be more demeaning than that?

      • J. Dunn says:

        Now that I started paying attention, it is clear that they have no love for the groups they pander to, they only care to keep us divided into groups so they can more easily fuel culture wars that they themselves created. Lest anyone think for themselves, the Left is also doing all it can to silence free speech. It’s easier for them if people are never allowed to hear more than one side of an issue.

  7. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    “Now that I started paying attention”

    Better late than never. Our founding fathers made it clear that defending liberty was a full time job. Reagan made clear that liberty is never more than one generation from being lost.

    The American people have gotten fat and sassy. They have not moved themselves to find out what is going on and as a result, we are being led to the slaughter. Time to shed some pounds, exercise our minds and rights and take the country back from the special interests, particularly the politicians and bureaucrats.

  8. Timothy Lane says:

    I want to point out here that Newsmax (available at has an article on Palin’s (as usual) delightful speech at the NRA convention. (I also saw a shorter item on it on the Washington Times.) She made a number of good points, noting that she wears 3 bracelets: one saying “Don’t tread on me”, another honoring a soldier killed in Iraq or Afghanistan, and the third honoring the passage of the Bill of Rights. She also mocked the liberal notion that cursing must be tolerated in school, but never prayer (hence preferring evil to good, as one would expect of a liberal) as well as the Obama notion of attacking our allies and helping our enemies. In the latter case, she joked that if she were in charge, waterboarding would be how we baptize terrorists.

  9. Anniel says:

    It’s my birthday Timothy and I needed a good laugh. Not that a birthday means I’m sad, I just need a break from the news around town, and Sarah and waterboarding as baptism were exactly what I needed. I want to share a Sarah Palin story here. My daughter from Wasilla was doing a stint at the local hospital and was assigned an older man as a patient. She said he was very nice and funny and so was his wife. Then he asked my daughter if she had ever met Sarah Palin. She told him no and he pointed excitedly to his wife and said, “Now you’ve met somebody more important, Sarah Palin’s mother!” They are both such sweethearts.

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