Dear Leader

by Glenn Fairman3/23/16

As for our Dear Leader, one can see plainly that the greasepaint has worn away, and that he never was the person he portrayed himself as. Since images trump substance, no president would ever allow himself to be used so shabbily unless the signal was intentional.

A consummate liar, an intellectual cipher–a marriage of treachery and self-loathing stands before you in all his glory. How does one lounge with monsters while the West is assaulted in fire and carnage? One must deafen oneself to the cries of breaking eggs if the necessary transformation is to ever take hold…..

Glenn Fairman writes from Highland, Ca.
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Glenn Fairman

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2 Responses to Dear Leader

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Well, it’s been clear for some time that Barry Screwtape Obama really doesn’t care what happens to Europeans or Americans. His condemnations are purely < forma. So given the choice between actually seeming to care about what happened in Brussels, and being with his monstrous mentor and idol . . .

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