“Day By Day” strip by Chris Muir

by The Editor  8/23/14

Cato brought this to my attention and he also got permission from the artist to run this cartoon. Other examples of Chris Muir’s work can be found at Day By Day Cartoon.


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2 Responses to “Day By Day” strip by Chris Muir

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Another comic strip that involves frequent anti-liberal satire is “Prickly City”, which is available at gocomics.con (along with lots of other comics as well, including a number of fine conservative editorial cartoonists).

  2. Cato says:

    Just a friendly note of warning from a Day By Day fan: the strip can be R-rated and graphic on some days. Chris Muir calls it “risqué”. Nudity is not uncommon and language can get street harsh.

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