Crawling From Under the Social Justice and Socialism Rubble

Rubbleby Anniel7/15/16
As I have been studying Socialism I feel as though I have been in a tar pit of ancient evil and now have to cleanse my soul. There are many books available that tell the terrible tale from eyewitnesses all over the Socialist/Communist world. This article will, I hope, be soul cleaning for me, and I hope educational for the readers.

This journey started for me not with Socialism, but with Social Justice Warriors. I knew that Social Justice was widespread and destructive, but I had not heard the word “warriors” in connection with it. I saw a brief review of SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police by a Gamer and writer going by the name of Vox Day. Since the last game I remember playing was probably Pac-Man, Timothy Lane will probably have a better grip on his story than I did, but I liked the sound of “taking down the thought police.”

Vox Day was a leader in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA), which is concerned with publication, and overseeing the Hugo and Nebula Awards. I used to follow those awards because I loved good Science Fiction. Vox Day is also Gamer which, as I said, I know very little about.

The SFWA group was taken over by SJWs and many members accused Day and others of keeping women out of Game Creation and writing. Day ran for office in the group, suggested some changes, and all hell broke loose as the SJWs made him their victim du jour.

He tells of the “narrative” of SJWs as they target and destroy their victims. He also has a warning to those who allow the rhetoric and goals of the SJWs to overcome them and speaks of ways to defeat such people.

Since I knew nothing of #Gamergate and other successful methods employed to battle SJWs I can only plead ignorance of the game plan of the adherents of Social Justice. I was unaware that Social Justice was the first step leading to Socialism/Communism. It is the step that destroys livelihoods, reputations and families beyond repair if the victim is caught unaware. Vox Day says the victim must never, never apologize for speaking Truth. Today we can identify Rudy Guiliani as being targeted by the SJWs. He must NEVER apologize for anything he has ever said. PRAY FOR RUDY.

The next step in this downward spiral is the actual physical punishment, assassination and public executions used by Socialist/Communist governments.

I Speak For the Silent: Prisoners of the Soviets by Vladimir V. Tchernavin is a harrowing, heart-breaking read, but answers some of the most perplexing questions about Soviet communists: Why did they insist on getting phony confessions from people they could kill at will? What possible difference did the confessions make when everyone knew they were lies? How did they control so many people?

On the very first day of his incarceration Tchernavin was accused of being a “wrecker”, the charge could not be defined for him nor could the GPU interrogator tell him what he had “wrecked.” He decided he would never confess to anything, nor would he lie, no matter what. That resolve is probably the only reason he was not shot. The living conditions in the prison were so revolting as to destroy the will to survive. Starvation, thirst, insects and disease (scurvy, typhus, etc.) were used to destroy morale. The descriptions of other diabolical means used to force confessions are incredible. Man’s inhumanity to his fellow men was on full display.

The GPU finally arrested Tchernavin’s wife, Tatiana, and said they would let her go only if he confessed. That move left his 11 year old son with no protection or means of survival. That night Tchernavin almost decided to give in and get it all over with. His fellow prisoners counseled him to never trust anything said by his interrogating officer. He came to the conclusion that the arrest of his wife was a desperate tactic to break his will and the only way he could protect his family was to remain true to his resolve to never confess.

He learned that a neighbor, a friend of his wife, had taken in his son, who, young as he was, brought what he could to his father in prison. After 6 months of incarceration Tchernavin was allowed one short visit with Tatiana before being given a five year sentence for “wrecking.”

Why did the government insist on a false confession? Theodore Dalrymple says the goal is to humiliate the person involved, and break their will. Humiliation and collaborating with lies seems to be the goal of all early stages of Socialism. It is the threat of this humiliation that is used too control the populace.

F. Korsakov in the article “Russian Destinies” published in From Under the Rubble dedicated it: In Memory of Father Pavel Florensky, and says of him:

Father Pavel Florensky, who was murdered in one of the labor camps of northern Russia, so that to this day the whereabouts of his grave is unknown to the world, wrote these words sixty years ago in his book The Pillar the Ground and the Truth: “As the end of History draws nearer, the Domes of the Holy Church begin to reflect the new, almost imperceptible, rosy light of the approaching Undying Day.” Father Pavel is obviously not speaking here merely in metaphors and images; his word are the testimony of a Russian genius to the reality and truth perceived by him . . . and show an intensity of thought in the search for Christ which is amazing even for the Russian cultural tradition. . . Does the passing of sixty years mean anything at all in the context of such meditations on the nature of time? . . . are we able to say that the Undying Day has come nearer to us, in that what Russia has experienced in this century has given us a a truer ability than before to sense the approach of that day, and to see more clearly the full extent of our sin in its impending fire? What significance can sixty years have when to God a thousand years are as one day?

One thing I have learned in my studies, is that we have voices amongst all people now warning us of the “Undying Day.” Are we paying attention?

Witness, by Whittaker Chambers – Time to read again the Preface to this book, written by the man who did not “return from Hell empty-handed.” Chambers said he loved voices that spoke from “the center of sorrow, from the center of the earth.”

Chambers also told of the daughter of an ex-Communist who told him, “You must not laugh but my father said that in the night he heard screams.” Chambers, too, heard those screams, and those now are the screams that follow my mind into each night.

• Please read SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police. I don’t always agree with Vox Day, but I appreciated the look into WHO these people are, HOW they work, WHO they have already destroyed, and WHAT steps can be taken to defeat them. SJWs are a danger to us all. This is an extremely important book.

The Cube and the Cathedral, by George Weigel, is another book I find indispensable, mainly because it shows how religion, Christianity in particular, was fought against by the architects of the EU. It also shows how rapidly our own nation was “fundamentally changed” before we were aware. Just one quote:

Our Declaration of Independence’s statement that “all men are created equal” and its exposition of the logic that proceeds from it, sounds even stranger to modern ears than to those of the late eighteenth century. That is because modern thought developed antibodies to the notion of God-given human equality. Whether through paths traced through Rousseau, or by Hegel, or V. I. Lenin, Fidel Castro, John Rawls, or Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the former French President, who authored the European Union’s constitution, the conclusion is the same: Ordinary people are equal only in their duty to meld into large organizations in which the rules are made for the good of all by those who know best. George Weigel

The Character of Nations: How Politics Makes and Breaks Prosperity, Family and Civility by Angelo Codevilla. I loved reading this book. Codevilla writes so simply, and beautifully and his points are so clearly set before his readers.

The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression by Six People from Around the Communist World. This is more of a reference book. A weighty tome to be left open on a desk and read slowly. It is very large, and very expensive.

I have a few things to say as I crawl out of the world of rubble and midnight screams to confront Life in this world again. The evil and lies that are Socialism have been around since the day of creation. Socialism is the counterfeit of God’s way, but God says to be of good cheer for He has overcome the world. Yes, I do believe in the Day of Judgment and we will all face it. In the meantime we need to search diligently for Truth and never turn from that pursuit. And we must be cheerful as we do so.

F. Korsakov gets the next-to-the-last word, “You are not alone! Nor should you forget that ‘the Truth itself,’ as the Blessed Makary the Great has said, ‘impels man to seek the Truth.'” And please believe that “the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” as Pascal put it, “and not the God of the philosophers and learned men” will come to you one day and take you by the hand and guide you, if you truly wish it.”

Please be aware that every single article or book I have read says that our salvation, and that of every nation, depends on our repentance, gratitude and turning our hearts to that God who gave us life. • (956 views)

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25 Responses to Crawling From Under the Social Justice and Socialism Rubble

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    The next step in this downward spiral is the actual physical punishment, assassination and public executions used by Socialist/Communist governments.

    That’s one of the prime problems of the conservative movement. We’re not willing to move beyond rhetoric. I’m not saying that we have to bash heads (although there is a time and place for that in self-defense). But Social Justice Warriors (Alinskyites) know about “freezing the target” and using their own values against people.

    Most people to this day are naive about the motives of the Left. And when the Left does materially damage people (say, some bakers in Oregon), long practice with acquiescence to the ideology means that they will do nothing. Baa. Sheep. I’m not really sure what is protecting us today from the mob for few conservatives will do anything beyond talk.

    The only way to take back this country is if we take up activism and push back. We need to show up and be in the face of these groups and people. The problem is, decent people don’t generally have the poisonous hate and racial grievance that drives the freaks, frauds, and ne’er-do-wells on the Left. They are intoxicated on the fumes of righteous indignation. You have to be just a bit insane to think that you are so right that you can shout down other people and try to wreck their lives. Conservatives tend to use more civilized channels (until those channels break down…thus we have Trump).

    Normal people (sane people, good people) don’t act like community agitators so it’s very difficult for decent people to know how to handle indecent people. Generally that’s what we have the police force for. But the evil of Progressivism is now tentacled all throughout society. When the officials themselves are corrupt, how you gonna call? Ghostbusters?

    People such as you and me understand the pattern, that the shout-down rhetoric of the Left means it’s only a matter of time until the gulags. Part of me laughs at the prospect of all kinds of “Progressive” parents finding themselves in these gulags. They thought acquiescence to The Party would buy them immunity. It never does. The paranoia, and just plain evil, of the Left means they see enemies everywhere and are constantly purging.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    SFWA runs the Nebulas, but the Hugos are run by each year’s World SF convention. (Louisville bid to run the 1994 Worldcon, but lost out narrowly to Winnipeg.) Vox Day has started a civil war in Worldcon fandom over his Hugo lists, which I have observed but not participated in because we haven’t attended a Worldcon since the Millennium PhilCon in 2001. Last year Day was able to get his choices nominated, only to see them rejected by the fans.

    I’ve read The Black Book of Communism, which is an indictment by a bunch of former communists (mostly European). It is indeed a fine reference source.

    • Anniel says:

      In one of Vox Day’s other books he makes several references to the loss of IQ points and gives IQ figures for different countries. That thinking is a real turn-off to me since IQ may vary widely according to culture. What type of intelligence is required to survive in the Outback of Australia may be very different than what is needed in China. We have discussed this before at Stubborn Things and I still hate to see how little credit is given to people from the past who may have known much more than we do today. Or aborigines who know how to find the necessities to sustain life while we would starve to death.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Some people are indeed smarter than others. This could partially have to do with I.Q. It definitely often has to do with experience and the humility to learn from your mistakes.

        And there are various kinds of “smart.” Ted Bundy was really really smart in regards to enticing women into being kidnapped. I couldn’t do that. Oh, not just because I’m not evil but because tricking people and pretending you’re something you are not is indeed a skill. Obama has this sociopathic skill. Many politicians do.

        Some of the “smartest” scientists out there believe (or say they believe) in global warming when anyone with half a brain can see that it is simply a scam and/or a tenet of the Religion of Leftism.

        Libertarians tend to think they are the smartest people in the room. And there is something to be said for the male brain that is very good at logic, figures, math, etc. But moral intelligence is a completely different thing, a dimension not acknowledged by libertarianism.

        And you know that children will say the darndest things — often the truest things because they have not yet learned how to be polite (read: lie, lie, lie). Oh, of course, kids come right out of the womb practically knowing how to lie. But they are fairly transparent in situations where adults are obtuse. Our practiced social “politeness” can make us pretty dumb…especially if you consider that a kid will sometimes get right to a truth that we otherwise had blacked out.

        Einstein was certainly an Einstein. But he also believed in socialism. It must have been the Jew in him. It’s hard with the record of socialism to believe that anyone that smart and well-traveled could be for it. But he was.

        My point? Do I have to have one? I guess I’m with you, Annie. IQ is probably over-rated.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          I guess I’m with you, Annie. IQ is probably over-rated.

          That and $4 will buy you a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I believe attitude is probably the single most important characteristic for success in life. And by success, I am not simply talking about making money or world records.

          I came to a business conclusion that it is easy to find smart people to work for you. It is easy to find honest people to work for you. But it is difficult to find smart honest people to work for you. And when one includes reliable under the definition of honest, it becomes very hard to find people.

        • Timothy Lane says:

          Note that Einstein was a socialist at a time when the historical evidence of its failure wasn’t yet evident. Whether he would still be a socialist if he lived today and could observe what’s happening in Venezuela, who knows?

          As for IQ, I’m inclined to agree with a friend who says that IQ measures your ability to take IQ tests.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I saw an episode of some cop show (CSI: SVU) a couple months ago that featured (if memory serves) some misogynist bunch of male comic book artists/enthusiasts who were terrorizing some woman who was trying to launch her own comic brand. It was really stupid, but I watch most of these because they are so mockable. My brother and I crack each other up with our comments.

      This episode may have been topical regarding the sci-fi social justice warriors thing. I have no idea what happened. All I can tell you is that if a woman wants to write a book, have at it, but don’t scream “sexism” because most comic books are written by men.

      The enforcement of sameness (aka “equality”) as a way to advance anointed victim groups and to bash men and rub their noses in it at the same time. No one is stopping a woman from writing.

      Personal fascism is running rampant in our society right now and it’s only going to get worse. Personal fascism is the anti-Eastwood mindset of people not only not knowing or owning their limitattions but blaming them on others.

      Thank atheism for this. In a materialist world view, all we have is what we have now. “Stuff” is the point of life, including prestige. Christians (prior to the kumbaya era) used to understand this. Ego was but the fluff on top of the more important and enternal things. So what that you don’t drive the best car? So what that you’re not as rich as your neighbor? So what that you’re not as good looking as some of the stars on TV? Life is about more than that.

      But for secularists (read: atheists) there is nothing to value but things and prestige and ego. And the more emphasis you put on those things, the more it drives you nuts. Ultimately Communism and socialism are the promise of two things:

      1) No one will be better than you.
      2) Anyone who seems to be better than you will be made to pay.

      Socialism is evil. Progressivism is evil. All of this collectivist stuff is pure unadulterated rotten evil. And I’ve been amazed to see so many Christians swallow this “social justice” baloney not knowing, or caring it seems, that they have grabbed the pointed tail of Karl Marx.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Sharyn McCrumb once had a Civil War roundtable group that would watch movies about the period and then compare their individual lists of historical errors. I also remember our group discussion of the errors involved either way in whether Total Recall is supposed to be the character’s actual reality or just the adventure created for him.

        As for the ending, there’s always the nursery rhyme Ira Levin had in one of his novels, that began, “Christ, Marx, Wood, and Wei/Led us to this perfect day.”

      • Anniel says:

        Is there any logic involved in demanding “equality” and “diversity” at the same time, from the same mouths? The statement that “diversity” is a great national strength, while also insisting that the opposite word “equality” is also a strength makes schizophrenics of everyone who buys into this crap. Sorry, but when those so called MSM journalists and SJWs who claim to be so smart don’t call such inane mantras out, how can we ever find truth? Or educate our young?

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          Is there any logic involved in demanding “equality” and “diversity” at the same time, from the same mouths?

          You’re baiting me, aren’t you, Annie? You know I don’t do rhetorical questions. I always try to answer them. I will try with this one. It could make my head explode, but I will try to answer this one all the same.

          As I believe Walter E. Williams once wrote, “Diversity is everyone looking different but thinking the same.” In that sense, there is an equality (sameness) inherent to the Orwellian use of the word, “diversity.” We understand this because conservative ideas are by definition anti-diverse. That means that “diversity” is actually a narrow orthodoxy. That these thought criminals and nincompoops screw with the language (and thus with people’s brains) is not news to you or me but it is offensive (and evil) all the same.

          Say what you mean, means what you say. That concept is only difficult for those who wish to deceive or who are married to their Utopian illusions and dare not burst them with facts. Is my logic sound? Was my I.Q. high enough to tackle this one? I’m not sure. I hope so.

          • Anniel says:

            Walter Williams clears that up perfectly. Thank you Brad, my mind will rest easy now and you raised my IQ, too.

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              Well, that’s always a good thing. One reason I don’t do Facebook anymore is because it tends to lower mine.

              By the way, Kevin Williamson is reporting live (sort of) from Libertarianpaloosa and has an article titled I Told You So. I didn’t know that Kevin considered himself libertarian. The comments below the article are chocked full of wisdom including:

              David Harsanyi, in a lucid moment a while ago, wrote that “Millennials aren’t libertarians. They’re socialists who want to buy legal pot.”

              “Libertarian = liberal” is a theme that has been established here for some time. And I believe atheism is often hiding inside the libertarian label, as well as hedonism, juvenilism, and anarchism. Libertarianism is a bunch of half-baked egoist ideas that are the expression of appetite, not wisdom. As one poster wrote:

              What libertarians depicts to most Americans is that they are for “FREE SPIRIT” anything goes society. As long as what you are doing don’t hurt any body, go ahead. You want to smoke pot, you go ahead, you want to do other drugs, go ahead, free sex go ahead. The problem with that theory is that people, except for a very few, will take it to the extreme. Then the tax payers will be asked to “HELP” all of these people with their addiction to one thing or another

              Kevin says some smart things and some dumb things (as usual). Our former friend (he bugged out of here for some reason…I must not have been using the right deodorant) M. Voltaire has a good post.

              There are (surprisingly) some right-on critiques of libertarians in the comments section. What has this to do with I.Q? I’ll bridge it this way: libertarians tend to have an over-estimation of their intelligence. And they’re not very honest. Even if they’re not closet liberals, their policies would do little to shrink government. Although they imagine themselves the reincarnation of Patrick Henry, reducing the footprint of government is not achieved via legalizing drugs, legalizing prostitution, open borders, and many of their other wingnut ideas.

              And there’s no use pointing to Bill Buckley or Ronald Reagan. Although both admitted a libertarian streak, and Buckley (sadly) did support the legalization of drugs, both of their “libertarianism” was tempered by other things…in Buckley’s case the moral underpinnings of his Catholicism.

              Libertarianism is the political equivalent of Pokemon Go. You have all these yutes running around chasing their phantom notions.

              • Timothy Lane says:

                I tried to select Voltaire’s post and only got the top of the article (which I’d already read just before getting on here now). I wasn’t about to hunt through the responses for it.

                If you want to have some more fun with libertarians, read the article on whether Trump or Clinton is less bad — especially Virginia Postrel’s weird notion that Slick Hilly would be more amenable to the rule of law and face more accountability. The link is:


              • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

                As I understand it from the griping, Timothy, NRO has update their software again. It may not be working right. Here’s what M. Voltaire wrote:

                You are right. And this was a disingenuous article if I’ve ever seen one.
                1 – Note how Kevin makes a bee-line through all the libertarian pet causes–drug legalization, de-facto state-controlled prostitution (I know–very libertarian), free trade (whatever that means) but steers clear of the elephant in the room that has split the GOP: immigration. I don’t think that anyone here objects to importing fair numbers of *individuals* of different creeds and backgrounds; the problem is that we are importing *entire populations* that don’t have a history of civic responsibility and has little will to assimilate. Sorry, Kevin, but you can’t have both. You either have a carefully-selected citizenship that you trust to keep itself healthy with the kind of liberty you want to see, or you have open borders. A free, open society and indiscriminately open borders lead to… well, we’ve all seen it yet again this past week.

                2 – He says that people want their values to prevail, like it’s a bad, new or strange thing. This is what nations have existed for: containing rather ethically-homogeneous peoples, i.e., peoples who agree on the high-level fundamentals of family, civic responsibility and national direction. The very concept of “assimilation” implies a set of agreed-upon values that newcomers should adopt–assimilate=to become similar. Similar to what? To those who think and act (in the basic fundamentals) according to the values of the preexisting population.

                3 – I’ll leave it to readers to pick apart the last sentence, a now-all-too-common rhetorical jumping of the shark that has gotten so old it practically belongs to a drinking game. I’ll only add this. That a third of the country wants nationalism and a third wants socialism does not mean we are a “national socialist” country. This is pretty rich coming from a publication that has never seen a foreign war it disliked, or a crony “free trade” deal that it opposed in spite of sticking it to the middle class; or a massive spending bill it objected to, as long as it was either promoted or signed by someone with an “R” after their names. We all know what socialism is, with its unfortunately-seductive grip on the young. But nationalism, beyond the idiotic caricatures, is nothing but the desire to see America treated not as a global job-fair or a zip code between two oceans–but as a nation with distinct values, a sense of pride in its goodness, citizenship that is worth more than a stamp on a passport, and (most of all) the desire to preserve itself intact for the next generation.

                Oh, wow. What a great take-down of Trump by Virgiania Postrel:

                “That the president of the United States should not be a self-aggrandizing, xenophobic bully who scorns the rule of law, lacks a sixth-grade knowledge of how the government works, neither appreciates nor understands the decentralized workings of the economy, and believes conspiracy theories he reads in the National Enquirer shouldn’t be something readers of reason need to be convinced of. But, alas, too many libertarians have convinced themselves that all politicians are equally terrible (correctly discerning that Hillary Clinton is awful in many ways) and that we’d be better off if someone would blow up the system.

                All good, if I stop there. But does anyone remember that old bit from one of Steve Martin’s comedy albums? It goes something like this: “If you ever rob a bank, you need to include at least one crazy demand so that you can plead insanity in case you are caught. You need to pass a note to the teller that says, “I want $100,000 in cash, a get-away car, and I want the letter ‘M’ stricken from the alphabet.” [The punch line is Martin snickers…”get-away car.”

                So we get this sensible analysis from Postrel and then the crazy part:

                Clinton would still be subject to the checks that system provides, including the demand for a modicum of deference to the law.

  3. Annie — I admire your grit in studying such horrifying actualities. I remember one of my students asking me one day in discussion why I was so against Stalin. She had no idea what the man had done. She and the rest of the class got an earful that day, but my diatribe did nothing to stop the tide of ignorance that has engulfed us. Thanks for shedding more light on the subject.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Just tell them there are literally millions of reasons to hate Stalin — the people he murdered in the Terror Famine (mostly in the Ukraine), the people he murdered during the great purge (the Yezhovshchina), the people he murdered in the Gulags throughout his rule, the millions he murdered during World War II (especially from nationalities whose loyalty he doubted) . . . And that doesn’t even count all his other, lesser crimes.

  4. Anniel says:

    Deanna and Timothy, I have been re-reading about Stalin’s purges from 1937 to 1939 as told by Wittaker Chambers. At the time Chambers KNEW that Stalin was right to do what the party required in order to secure his position and advance party interests. When Chambers turned to prayer, he decided that killing the Tsar and his family was every bit as evil as starving millions or sending them to the Labor Camps to die. The history we forget is very dangerous to us today.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      An interesting look at the purge is the Yale Annals of Communism volume on t he subject, The Road to Terror. It has a lot of documents on the subject, such as the actual minutes of Politburo meetings on the purge.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Look at the purges that occur regularly in higher education (and science). If you question Darwinism, your career will take a hit. If you are a conservative, good luck getting tenure (must less a job) in higher education.

      The Stalinist mindset doesn’t have to flower into outright mass firing squads and gulags to show its face.

      At the time Chambers KNEW that Stalin was right to do what the party required in order to secure his position and advance party interests.

      There is a core component to Communism whereby the weak individual identifies with the strong leader, as well as The Utopian Goal (or just indulges in the promise of a backlash of grievance — Black Lives Matter, for instance) as espoused by the leader. (A warning to Christians: You are to carry your cross, not be holier-than-thou.)

      No self-respecting American treats their political leaders (military leaders may require other orientations) like a secular god. But apparently when Hitler would go by on parade many women would faint. There was a Cult of Stalin as well. This is one way the dastardly and dishonest atheists try to sneak out of culpability for their dogma. They just say that, well, the way that people related to Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Mussolini, etc., was religious-like.

      There is a Cult of Obama as well, just as there was a Cult of Roosevelt. We can admire people (such as Reagan, Lincoln, or Washington) without deifying them. But the tendency of those with grievance or whose lives are detached from meaning (and are feeling alienated) is to identify with a strong leader, thus some of my reticence for Trump who shares many of the traits of Mussolini. Trump may indeed get the trains to run on time, but will it all have been worth it?

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Well, if the alternative is Mrs. Stalin, who might not get the trains to run on time but would definitely set up a police state to ensure her party’s permanent control . . .Mussolini looks comparatively good.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          The prospect that Trump might not be as big of a goofball that he appears to be isn’t much to hang one’s hat on. But it’s all we have right now. What bothers me is the knee-jerk partisanship that tends to inflate him into something he is clearly not.

          If elected, we’ll see what he is. And we shouldn’t be surprised if its a hodge-podge of half-baked ideas that aren’t a stone’s throw away from some of the stuff Hillary would have done.

  5. Rosalys says:

    Another fine essay, Annie. I just bought the Tchernavin book for my Kindle – I had never heard of it before. I have read Vox’s SJWs Always Lie, and highly recommend it.

    You can never give an inch to, compromise with, or apologize to these people. Be kind, but never “nice.” Be good and always speak the truth. They are destroyers, and destroyers destroy.

    • Anniel says:

      Rosalys, I had done a Book Review of Tchernavin’s book awhile back, so I will be interested in your take on the book. I found it to be one of the best books on the realities of communist evil I have ever read. As far as the Tchernaven’s final escape from Russia to Finland, his wife wrote a book about that part of their journey. It’s available from an odd book site where all sorts of old hard copy books, and some more new ones, are being preserved. The site says Tatiana’s book is there for download, but I see no method to do it. I’ll see what I can do and let you know. – Annie

  6. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    See the liberal hispanic female smack down the idiot liberal white male. Who have thunk it? Look at the kind of silly, feminized men we are creating. I get the feeling this is how the female hyenas evolved their pseudo-penis. This is likely what we have in store for us. Perhaps the men will branch off into the Elois. It’s, of course, long been my belief now that it is up to women to change things for the better because men have given up their penis, at least in regards to anything other than recreational sex.

  7. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    We might want to thank the $15/hr minimum wage social justice warriors for spurring development of robotics. Now there is a burger-flipping one. You can watch the short video.

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