Cosby’s Accusers’ Claims Are Full of Holes

BillCosbyby Patricia L. Dickson 11/23/14
Since the media has decided to bombard me with stories of Bill Cosby’s alleged rapes, I believe that I have a right to examine his accusers’ claims. As each new woman surfaces and recounts her alleged sexual assault by him, I am left with more questions than answers. I am not suggesting that Mr. Cosby is not guilty of adultery, however; the media and his accusers are claiming that he is a serial rapist. So far, I have not seen any evidence to prove their claims. Even his accusers say that they do not remember being raped. All that some of his accusers claim to remember is being given two pills (that they take of their own free will) with a glass of red wine and passing out and waking up with their clothes missing or disheveled. The chain of events that led up to these alleged incidents are left out (the history of their relationship to Mr. Cosby).

The only way for the public to have the holes in the accusers’ stories filled in is through legal means. If I were Bill Cosby, I would file a defamation lawsuit against every accuser.  That way they would have to be subjected to direct questioning by his attorney. I am willing to bet that some of their claims would fall apart within five minutes under direct questioning. In fact, if Mr. Cosby’s attorney were to announce today that he  will be filing defamation lawsuits against all current accusers, we would not see another woman come forward and this story would quickly fade away. Under direct questioning, I would like the following questions answered:

  • What was the true nature of their relationship with Cosby?
  • Where were the parents (of the teenagers) during the times of the alleged incidents?
  • Why did they agree to travel and meet with a married man knowing that his wife would not be present?
  • Why did they visit with a married man in his residence and hotel rooms while his wife was not present?
  • What is the real reason they have decided to come forward after decades of silence?

M. Catharine Evans  has written a brilliant article that outlines why black liberals and the leftwing media want to destroy Cosby.  His popular T.V. show The Cosby Show gave black Americans hope.  They cannot afford to have blacks watching shows that portray black intact families, education and hard work.  That might cause them to leave the plantation. In fact, when Cosby accuser Joan Tarshis, was asked why she decided to reveal the alleged assault after all these years, she said she wanted to get his new T.V. show cancelled:

And in an ideal world, I would love NBC to cancel the series they’re doing with him, but that involves money, not ethics. So that’s not going to happen. And I would also like to be able to say “Bill Cosby is a rapist” and have America believe it.

In addition, liberals need victims. That is why they portray these women as victims of the powerful Bill Cosby. Liberals will fight to protect their alleged victims. They came down swift and hard on Don Lemon when he suggested that, one of Cosby’s accusers could have bitten down on Cosby to prevent allegedly being forced to perform oral sex (he was blaming the victim and trying to take away her victim status). He later apologized.

If Cosby’s accusers and the media want to try the case against him in the court of public opinion, at least give us all the facts. Instead of giving the public all the details, the accuser attempt to absolve themselves by using phrases such as he lured me, he coerced me, he forced me or I was star struck. From what I have learned so far from the stories these women are telling, Mr. Cosby is guilty of adultery, not rape. Until the accusers fill in the gaping holes in their stories, I am going to adopt the philosophy of Judge Judy, “If it doesn’t make sense to your common sense it’s usually not true.”

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20 Responses to Cosby’s Accusers’ Claims Are Full of Holes

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    If Bill Cosby were running for office, his alleged adulterous affairs would be my business. But as it is now, it’s between him and his wife.

    Two issues here for the fair-minded to consider:

    1) There is the issue of whether or not Bill Cosby had extra-marital affairs.

    2) There is the issue of why his affairs are being inflated to “rape.”

    Of course, it’s also possible that Bill Cosby raped these women. But it’s much more likely that these types of women (drawn to power, trying to leach off of that power) have learned (via feminist practice) that any power a man exerts over a woman is some kind of coercion. That was how one of the first accusers clearly seemed in an article I read (and if I find the link, I’ll post it). It was somehow all Cosby’s fault for her getting star-struck and/or wanting to use him to advance her career. Women, you can’t have it both ways (and this really is what this issue is about…trying to have it both ways).

    Certainly we see this in the truly ridiculous (and Stalinesque) insistence by some hags (sorry, I mean “feminists”) that some kind of a “rape culture” has broken out in the Progressive utopian college campuses. That’s a patently absurd notion.

    What is more likely is that women have been taught that if they have an uncomfortable emotion regarding sex (particularly after drinking hard the previous night in an attempt to keep up with men), it is the fault of the other party. So much for the supposed “empowerment” of women. They’ve become just another whinny victim group, unwilling and unable to take responsibility for themselves.

    There’s an obvious reason that Bill Cosby (even if guilty of serial adultery) isn’t being given the Teddy Kennedy treatment wherein his transgressions are not only overlooked, but are part of his liberal canonization.

    The problem with Bill Cosby is that he told black yutes to pull their pants up. That is, Bill Cosby become (however remotely) associated with conservatism. He thus had relinquished (in the minds of the Stalinesque Left) all his rights and courtesies, including the right to be presumed innocent.

    I’ll not apologize for Bill Cosby if he transgressed. But it’s clear there’s much more going on here than just Bill Cosby. Note how the “sensitive,” “compassionate,” and “tolerant” people show themselves to be anything but.

    Do not vote for or otherwise support these mean and nasty people. They are adults stuck in the “terrible twos” of childhood. And when given power, they will always be abusive beyond belief.

  2. Timothy Lane says:

    I should note that at least some of the women reported their claims years ago. In one case, the prosecutor believed the woman’s accusation was probably true, but also realized it was too late (she had waited a year) to prove it.

    It’s interesting that Cosby is considered by some to be a conservative icon, given that he considers himself a staunch liberal. The problem is that, whatever his flaws, he’s a liberal in the Steve Allen mode, not the modern mode — and the modern left doesn’t like them any more than they like conservatives. Eventually those traditional liberals will learn this the hard way; some already are learning, but so far not many.

    As for the accusations, I have no idea how true they are. You both make excellent cases for skepticism. Whenever a woman comes out years later, you have to wonder why. In Herman Cain’s case, the reason was obvious. This is less clear with Cosby, though (as you have shown) one can always come up with reasonable speculations.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Whatever the case may be, the Left is trying to redefine rape as “Whatever makes me emotionally uncomfortable.” It takes all responsibility away from the female and puts it on the male. So if a woman has a little too much to drink and wakes up in bed next to some fellow she normally wouldn’t give a second glance to, instead of admitting her part in it, it’s “rape.” It’s emotional-projection which is typical of the gender, I must say. We see this in all the little trial-balloons we’ve seen over the years on the subject. Just glancing at a woman with a lustful look can be deemed “sexual harassment.” And on and on.

      Rape claims apparently used to be denied with the general idea of “She must have wanted it.” Now this fact (if it is a fact, and I don’t has statistics on it) is being replaced with “If a woman has sex she later doesn’t like, she must have not wanted it.”

  3. Rosalys says:

    The reason why it’s hard to have sympathy for these feminists is that their outrage is very selective. It isn’t rape that they condemn, it’s the not-entirely-sold-out-for-progressivism mindset that they condemn; and if allegations of rape help The Cause then by all means use them!

    Here is an excellent article by Matt Walsh at the Blaze on this very subject.

    I’ve been a fan of Bill Cosby since. The Cosby Show was one of the few consistently decent family shows in its day. There is no way to know the truth of these allegations, one way or the other. There are predatory men very willing to take advantage stupid women. There are also predatory women, of the virulent feminazi variety, who take pleasure in destroying men while gaining fame and hopefully some money in the process. The are also many, many stupid, Stupid, STOOPID women out there! They make so angry I just want to spit!

    • Timothy Lane says:

      When Juanita Broaddrick’s accusation came out in 1999, a femocrat leader argued that this proved the need for better laws against sexual harassment — which had nothing to with her case, but was a favorite femocrat cause. And you may recall that when the Goracle was accused of some sort of sexual assault a few years ago, it turned out that the accuser had initially been persuaded by her femocrat friends not to accuse him lest it hurt the Cause. That’s all that really matters to liberals.

  4. Anniel says:

    This Cosby Witch hunt has left me puzzled since it began. Both sides of the political spectrum were almost instantly willing to hang Cosby out to dry no matter what. I hate when women play the rape card. Believe me, any woman with a brain in her head KNOWS when she’s been raped, to think otherwise is ludicrous.

  5. Anniel says:

    I was thinking about how much TIME it would have taken for Cosby to have planned and carried out all these rapes. How could he possibly have had time to do any productive work between the alleged assignations and rapes?

    • David Ray says:

      TIME is the operative term. Unlike liberals who pass immediate judgment, I’m inclined to wait for the correct answer. (What I’m curious about is the timing. Seems to be happening all at once.)

      • Tom Riehl TRiehl says:

        I’m also automatically suspicious due to the timing and contemporaneous grouping of the complaints.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        The rush to judgment is one of those ironies in which liberals say one thing but persistently do another. Actually, it would be easier to list their non-hypocritical actions. Does anyone happen to know of any?

  6. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Another interesting (or horrifying, however you care to look at it) is to see feminism growing some balls (or it’s second one…again, however you care to look at it).

    Typically it was thought that race trumped gender. Cosby’s conservative bona fides are all but non-existent (although his social views probably aren’t Leftist). He should be somewhat immune to being Borked. But somehow the Frightgeist is just right, the PC planets aligning in such a way where the 2-minute hate is percolating to push the little train that couldn’t (gender trumping race) over the top of the hill.

    Or is this just the Overton Window moving further Left? Is Cosby now the new Clarence Thomas? Is now any man (white, black, or otherwise) an official Enemy of the Left if he doesn’t toe the line closer and closer to Leftist orthodoxy? Could be a little of both. Now’s as good a time as any to jump off that train before it crashes. Better to risk getting run over by it than doing a Thelma and Louise over the edge. There is at least some dignity in being defined by your enemies, especially when they are femi-Stalinists.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      We will know that “gender” trumps race when the femocrats and the Lavender Thought Police finally notice what Islam has in store for them, and complain about it publicly. But I would advise you not to hold your breath. We don’t want to see you turning blue.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        However the Cosby case may turn out, there is a destructive “crying wolf” aspect to all this. Not only are sex crimes politicized (it’s okay as long as you’re Bill Clinton) but what is considered a “crime” has become so subjective that the mere accusation has merged with the assumption of guilt.

        God bless our ladies, but many of these women have to grow the hell up and realize the most of the feminist bunk they’ve been sold is not healthy for them.

  7. Patricia — thanks for the article. This smells to high heaven; I’ve thought that from the beginning. The claims are all so vague and none of the crucial questions have any answers. But the biggest question is, Why now? Why after all these years do they pig-pile him now? That question has an answer: he’s been way out of line for suggesting that black problems are caused by black people and the left can’t tolerate that.

    Maybe we’ll find out he’s guilty, but I doubt it. The statute of limitations is up so there won’t be a trial. Isn’t that convenient?

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      That question has an answer: he’s been way out of line for suggesting that black problems are caused by black people and the left can’t tolerate that.

      Great point, Deana. Very clear thinking.

  8. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Although his claim that the sexual revolution is over is probably a bit premature, R. Emmet Tyrrell, Jr. has a thoughtful article on the subject of Cosby: The Joy of Sex is Over

  9. Rozy says:

    I believe the definition of rape has changed so as to be unrecognizable. Females who arrange a tryst with a celebrity (of any kind, actor, athlete, politician) unaccompanied, all starry eyed with admiration, then accept drinks and or drugs from them, are simply asking for trouble. Later when things don’t go according to daydreams, the female cries rape. Why would a female arrange to meet privately with a celebrity? Why not meet with their family or in the presence of her family? Surely the family is as interesting as the celeb. The women who are now coming forward sound like complete idiots! Didn’t their mothers teach them anything about protecting themselves from lecherous males?

    Don’t you find it interesting that Bill Clinton has gotten away with almost the exact same behavior? What is the difference? White, liberal privilege. Disgusting!!!

    Bill Cosby has done a whole lot more good as a public role model over the years then ‘ol Bill Clinton ever did. Such double standards are deplorable.

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