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At “StubbornThings” you would suppose that we want facts, facts, and more facts — statistics up the ying-yang. But in our opinion, although facts are often necessary to make a good argument, the state of Western Civilization isn’t decaying because of a lack of facts and statistics. It is usually because of a lack of good ideas and principles and the proliferation of bad ideas and principles. Please therefore keep in mind that although we appreciate erudite and fact-filled articles, we are just as tickled-pink by opinions from real Americans (or lovers of liberty, wherever they are) who might not obsess over such things as what the meaning of the word “is” is. Such intellectualism (Thomas Sowell is our guide in this regard) often obscures more than it enlightens. So please don’t be shy if you speak and write like a real person instead of one of the typical talking-head clones that you see on TV news shows.

2 Responses to Contact

  1. A. Wild says:

    Hello Mr. Fairman.

    I just read your short article on “Science: A Graven Image”. While I agree with your premises, it is unfortunate you compared it the case of Galileo.

    Your premises regarding Galileo are indeed part of the popular myth. Galileo was not a cleric, he was a layman with children. Secondly, the Church did not condemn Galileo for the heliocentric theory which was known long before Galileo. After all, it was the Church who provided room and board in his old age when under “house arrest”. Rather, the Church found Galileo guilty of making a claim that had as yet not been sufficiently proven in reality. The theory was not the issue. Making hitherto claims not yet verified was the concern. It should also be remembered, Galileo had a knack for alienating his most ardent admirers such as the pope at the time.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      A. Wild is referring to this article at American Thinker (an article that Glenn has posted as a post in his latest article here). I’ll cut-and-past Mr. (or Mrs.) Wild’s comments into Glenn’s article and the delete them here.

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