The Composite Presidency

ObamaSocialismby Glenn Fairman
Composite girlfriends, composite birth certificates, composite intellect, composite childhood, composite facts from which a sanitized version of a shadowy life is composed and crafted for public consumption. The compression or adulteration of Mr. Obama’s life is posited as an act of obfuscation—a misdirection from the more troubling aspects of a cipher. His is a character we know little about and in whom the media organs were borderline criminally culpable in non-vetting by foregoing their customary ideological proctology exam in obsequious service to their Favorite Son. So little is verifiable about his character and intellectual resume. Records are hidden away, people have been “talked to” or bought off, and the leading cast of players who could throw an antiseptic light on this presidential enigma are languishing conveniently at room temperature.

There is a name in the world of men for those who act in such a manner: mendacious. And while the epithet of liar may seem to some tender sensibilities as harsh, one need only think back to the all embracing moderation that this villain espoused prior to his coronation as Philosopher King and contrast that with the current supporting cabal of ideological trickster academics, Marxian hucksters, and traitors antithetical to the spirit of our Constitutional Republic that attend to him in orc-like fealty. An aura of self-importance, hubris, and condescension permeates this composite President cum Tyrant; and as the cracks begin to form and widen in the greasepaint, the cheap veneer of Hope and Change Rainbows that serve as rhetorical camouflage for an empty suit has all but dissolved. Even the casual partisan has lost faith and many more are beginning to believe that The Composite Man is indeed motivated by the tendrils of malevolent intent. They are beginning to understanding that behind the compositry of truth crouches a stinking lie.

In mythological lore, fantastical creatures bearing the marks of compositry were dreamed up by fertile minds: Griffins, Minotaurs, the winged Pegasus, and Centaurs. Whether Mr. Obama’s narrative truth rightfully resides in mythos or in veiled subterfuge must be a topic of our highest concern. We can ill afford to sleep and dream anymore, as it has become readily discernible that something altogether horrendous has befallen America.  This Composite President is actively and aggressively doing everything in his power to destroy a dream much beloved. There can be little doubt anymore that Barack Obama’s vision of power is consistent with the corruption and dissolution of our Constitutional patrimony. And unless we are prepared to forcefully battle him tooth and claw in the months and years to come, there will be little left of the ancien regime to recommend to history – except as a mournful and barren epitaph to strong hearts that could no longer prevail.
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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Well, I have no problem with calling the most dishonest president in US history a pathological liar. In fact, I routinely call him Slick Barry Liebama, when I’m not referring to him as the Fascist Messiah, the Despot-in-Chief, the cloven-tongued Demagogue, Barry Screwtape Obama, Benito Obama, Barackula, the Agitator-in-Chief . . . I’m sure I missed a few. I used to call his party Democraps, but many of my readers complained, so I now I rely on Kleptocrats, Corrupticrats, Ingsoc, and the Demagogues.

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