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GenderNeutralby Steve Lancaster    1/7/15
Well, it’s been a while and things here in the “land of opportunity” are going weird. This summer our City Council in an effort to brown nose the LGBT groups, (pun intended) I won’t call them a community, passed an ordinance prohibiting discrimination against the LGBT. The ordinance was conceived to cover just about everything, but in essence it would suspend all property rights of anyone who deals with the public. It was not created by committee, as is the normal form in our city, but sprang full-blown, (yep, another pun intended) on the agenda of the council and passed with only two dissenting votes. It would have forced churches to have gender-neutral restrooms and accommodations for trans-gender people even in day-care centers.

Needless to say, even in a university town this was considered a little too far to reach and as soon as it passed a petition to rescind the ordinance hit the streets almost immediately. Supported by many churches in the area, the petition gathered enough signatures and a special election called for the first week of December.

Money flowed in from San Francisco, and New York to defeat the petition, over $160,000 from one source alone. I believe the total funds the opposition groups actually spent was about $10,000, mostly contributed through churches. The vote was successful and the ordinance was overturned, in addition, two of the council members who voted for it were voted out of office in November. There is talk of a second try with the next council, but the defeat seems to have taken some of wind from the sails of the LGBT.

Fayetteville is a university town, and we have our share of crazy progressives that long to make us the Seattle of the South and they thought that this ordinance would have popular support. They were wrong, Conservatives, Libertarians, and even moderates joined together, each for their own reasons, defeated the ordinance. Interestingly, in the last 30 years the DA has not prosecuted any discrimination complaints in Fayetteville.

About the same time the Mayor of Houston Texas sent the DA after the church papers and sermons of churches that openly opposed the LGBT agenda in Houston and after much public outcry of overreach the only slightly embarrassed Mayor recanted. These and I am sure many other occurrences seem to be part of a concerted effort in the South to break into the Bible belt.

The united effort to defeat the ordinance came from religious conservatives, non-religious libertarians, even a handful of atheists and tea party conservatives. For a short period of time all of these cats marched in the same parade. We again come back to Tip O’Neil’s famous quote, “all politics is local”. It is the only way we get our country back. • (1080 views)

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    I’m hoping that such vicious overreaching will take the wind out of the sails of the militantly heterophobic homosexuals. Of course, the fact that the synoptic media do their best not to inform ordinary people of this sort of extremism makes it easer for the homofascists to get away with it, but they still face limits. (There are times when I begin to think Saudi Arabia has the right idea for homosexuals, although today is not the day to say anything good about the satanic cult of Islam.)

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      The Leftist deviant agenda is coordinated with the synoptic media. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, several local TV stations’ news cast showed the same story about two homosexuals and two lesbians, all of whom worked for the police, that “just wanted to have the same rights as others” to get married.

      It went on about their service to the community, blah, blah, blah.

      These people may even be sincere about their beliefs, but that is no reason to allow them to knock one more brick out of the edifice of Western Civilization.

      It is clear that Western Civilization lost its confidence when Christianity came under assault and the elites took on secular materialism. Hopefully, the Christians can stop the descent, because our elites don’t appear to be trying.

    • James Smith says:

      I am so tired of the euphemisms. LGBT??? GLAAD??? These pervert are sodomites and there is absolutely nothing gay about either their filthy conduct or their demonic agenda. Yes, we had all better wake up and vote anyone who supports this evil bunch out of office.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        I generally avoid the word “gay” as a private protest against the word’s hijacking by homosexual activists. I think the words I used above (“heterophobes” and “homofascists”) are very reasonable descriptions of the militants.

        • Rosalys says:

          Pervert, sodomite, filthy, demonic, heterophobe, and homofascist; they are all good words to describe homosexuality and their agenda.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            Nothing personal against her, but just for wordplay (and aptness) I refer to Ellen DeGeneres privately (it never comes up publicly) as Ellen Degenerate.

  2. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    We had a similar ordinance passed in Plano in December. The council sprang it on the community with 2 or 3 days’ notice. While our ordinance does not appear to be as oppressive as yours, the end game is, no doubt the same.

    We already have a petition out which will ask to put the ordinance up for a vote. If the petition, the vote will likely take place in May.

    What people must understand is that there is concerted attack on Western Culture which is pushed and financed by radicals like GLAAD and is financed by Leftists deviants, and their useful idiots, around the country.

    They are not looking for equality, they are looking to de-construct our society.

    And to anyone who thinks this is not a longstanding desire of the Left,

  3. Timothy Lane says:

    There was a recent article in The Federalist by Brandon McGinley that develops a point I’ve made here. The author notes that there is a difference between having free speech (which is a legal issue, and the US fares well here) and having a culture of free expression. The latter means respect for dissent from opponents. This, clearly, is almost totally lacking among liberals, particularly (these days) the Lavender Thought Police (though other liberals are quite ready to suppress dissent from conservatives whenever it’s convenient to do so). One might note that legal free speech, long term, is a casualty of the lack of a culture of free speech (as we see in state colleges with strict hate speech codes and other means of formal as well as informal suppression of dissent). Even when liberals complain about political correctness (as Jonathan Chait recently did), another article there points out, they often refer solely to restrictions on themselves. (No surprise, liberals are basically narcissistic, and view restrictions on freedom almost entirely in terms of the effects on them personally.)

    I will note that this is the basic flaw of most libertarians regarding free speech. They are so hung up on concerns about formal government restriction that they fail to see the loss of a culture of free speech, and clearly fail to realize the implications over the long term (e.g., John Stossel’s acceptance of the Donald Sterling inquisition because “the market worked”, as he presumably also thought it did with Brendan Eich of Mozilla).

    The link to the article is:

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