Clint and Cooper Do Right By Kyle

AmericanSniperby Leigh Bravo2/6/15
Have you seen American Sniper yet? Funny how the Liberals and the US haters attempt to spin the movie into something it is not! Glorification of war? If you believe that, then you obviously have never seen the movie, read the book, fought in a war to defend the United States or lost a friend or loved one who was selflessly standing up for our country.

Michael Moore — who continues to slam the movie, calls the hero a coward, and vomits up his warped opinion and feelings about the movie — obviously does not understand how it works. His right to stand up and spew forth his hatred for our Veterans and this country was handed to him on a silver platter bought and paid for by our Military, and the very hero he is calling a coward. He and others like him need to get on their knees and thank God that the United States has brave and willing young men and women to stand up and fight for this country and their rights. If not our military than who? Michael Moore? Seth Rogen? Madonna? Better Midler? Liam Neison? Eva Longoria, to name a few? Don’t hold your breath America. We all saw them beg for mercy when North Korea exposed them for who they really are, and forced them to stop the release of their movie, The Interview. Where were the big-mouthed, look at me, look at me, do as I say and not as I do, Hollywood elites then? Tucking their tails between their legs and running for the hills. The same Hollywood elites who scream for equal rights for women, gays and the downtrodden, all while secretly, in emails to each other, reveal their true disgust with anyone other than themselves.

In 2012, Madonna stood up at a concert and screamed, “For better or for worse, all right, we have a black Muslim in the White House, OK?” Other than being booed off the stage, I guess she has no understanding of the concept of truth and honor. Our leaders should say what they mean and mean what they say. Telling the truth matters to most Americans and they expect the truth when voting for the very person that will set the stage for generations to come. Or what about Bette Midler, who stated that she was happy that the IRS targeted conservatives for their political beliefs. I guess she does not understand how the constitution works, or that IRS targeting can go both ways. If she supports and cheers their illegal behavior, then she needs to be prepared when the IRS decides to target red-headed, has-been actresses. Although hypocrisy and selfishness along with self-importance and delusional feelings of grandeur might be what moves those in Hollywood, it does nothing for the rest of us peons.

The Hollywood elite refuse to see their own behavior as inappropriate and wrong. They are paid to advertise for Obamacare, yet refuse to participate in it. The very people who claim inequality is bad, yet scream foul if they don’t make $15 million for a movie or $1 million for every 30 minute sitcom they make? The very ones who agree to higher taxes on the everyday American, while they receive tax credits and demand political favors in return for their donations or the use of their images? The elitists who demand gun control while they are surrounded by body guards who brandish the very weapons they want to take away from the rest of us? The hypocrites who make millions of dollars on movies that glorify weapons and killing, all while claiming guns go against their very core beliefs? The hollywood hypocrites that call our military warmongers and cowards for facing the enemy all while the hardest part of their day is putting on their make-up facing a camera?

Thank God for the actors and directors in Hollywood that stand up for our rights and use their talents to highlight the very individuals that make it possible for them to make their millions. Thank you for Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, Dinesh D’souza, Ronald Reagan, Charlton Heston, John Voight, Gary Sinise, Bruce Willis, Kevin Sorbo, Dennis Leary, James Woods, Dennis Miller, Patricia Heaton, to name a few. The people who stand up for their beliefs regardless of the backlash they receive from the Hollywood hypocrites who claim to support freedom of speech and religion while they bully those who expect to use those rights. If this country had to count on the majority of the shallow elitists in Hollywood to defend our rights, we would all be holding our own heads by now. Hollywood has a sick obsession about being in the limelight and pretending to be what we know they are not. What they don’t seem to understand is that the American people appreciate their ability to stand up and pretend to be someone else, but we don’t care about their political feelings or views and we don’t want to hear about them. We want them to do what we pay them to do….ACT!

Chris Kyle, a true American hero, has been embraced by the American people. If Michael Moore and Seth Rogen don’t think he is a hero, then maybe they can explain how the movie, in one of the slowest movie months of the year, managed to pull in over $100 million in the first four days of its release. If it is really a story of a coward, then how did it manage to pull in over $200 million after only a few weeks? Or what about the Academy Award nominations it has received? A total of six; Best picture, best actor, best adapted screenplay and others.

Is Michael Moore really in a position to criticize American Sniper or its hero, Chris Kyle? He has made 7, less than stellar, films that have grossed a total of $187 million, since 1989. You would think by now, he would figure out that the American people just don’t care for his ranting and constant whining about the very Nation that has allowed him to make his movies. Add in Seth Rogen’s less than fabulous reviews for “The Interview,” and you have to ask if either one of them are in a position to judge others? The Interview, as reported by Sony, made $17.8 million from on demand outlets and theaters, achieved only because they were bullied by the North Koreans. Isn’t it ironic that a country who has no freedoms or civil rights, succeeded in scaring them out of releasing their movie, yet they dare criticize our country and military who fought for the very freedoms they enjoy here?

How could any of us forget or believe that another Hollywood elite, Jesse Ventura, would sue the widow of Chris Kyle for a fight that happened after Ventura insisted that the SEALS serving in Iraq had not suffered enough casualties saying “You deserve to lose a few.” What kind of person says that to the very people who fought for his safety and his rights? Hollywood elitist hypocrites!

American Sniper is well worth the watch. A great movie about a great man who served his country proudly! Kudos to Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper for showing the American people what real heroes look like!

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14 Responses to Clint and Cooper Do Right By Kyle

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Michael Moore is a troll (which is really a subcategory of psychopath), and the best way to deal with him would be to ignore him, difficult though this is (especially for a hothead like me, of course). Another liberal smear merchant — your first paragraph in particular reminded me of what he said a few days ago (I read the article through a Hot Air link) — was Allen Barra. He’s done some fine writing about baseball, but like Bob Costas is a political idiot. (Or, in other words, a liberal.)

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Michael Moore is a troll (which is really a subcategory of psychopath)

      LOL. Dennis Prager has his “Happiness Hour” every Wednesday (or whenever). He says “Happy people make the world a better place.” I take a little bit of issue with that because I think that formulation is seeing life through a decidedly therapeutic lens — the normal domain of the Left (and you can tell that Prager still has a little California in him). I would instead say “People who don’t piss on people, happy or not, make the world a better place.” But perhaps that is a small distinction.

      But it’s not just been my observation that Leftism tends to make people angry. And one of the things about myself (and this site) that I’ve tried to keep in mind is to keep a sense of perspective and a sense of humor. I don’t ever want to start sounding like a Michael Moore, even in a good cause.

      And surely he is good example of how the world is made a worse place by unhappy people. However deep the psychology goes, clearly all his triumphalist “caring” hasn’t quite turned this truly repugnant man into Mother Teresa.

      On another note, as a conservative, I found this movie to be somewhat mediocre. But the book was pretty good. I’d recommend “The Hurt Locker” over this movie though.

      And regarding the Jesse Ventura issue, it’s quite possible that Chris Kyle was doing a little Brian Williams fabricating. I guess he also made some improbable remarks about sniping around Hurricane Katrina. And for all his altruism (and I forget which conservative site had this article), he may have been shopping around his book early into his first or second tour of duty.

      Nothing wrong with making a buck. It’s the American Way. But as much as we need the Chris Kyles, I don’t suppose we need suppose they are angels or even that the movies made about them are necessary more artful than they actually are. And the larger context may be that even if Kyle was perfect, the entire Western approach to “radical” Islam has Left us now with ISIS — even after Kyle and others had risked their lives to supposedly sweep this presence from Iraq. They did, but it was like killing rats in New York. More scampered in to take their place.

      • Steve Lancaster says:

        This about sums it up for many vets.
        Semper Fi

        “Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You?… I have more responsibility here than you could possibly fathom… You have the luxury of not knowing what I know… that my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives… You don’t want me on that wall, you need me on that wall.… I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom I provide, then questions the manner in which I provide it. I prefer you said thank you, and went on your way. Otherwise I suggest you pick up a weapon and stand to post.”
        Col Nathan Jessop, from a few good men

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          I have to admit, Steve, that the first time I saw “A Few Good Men” I got caught up in the whole libtard appeal of the Tom Cruise crusader character. It’s a movie. He was clearly scripted as the white night and Nicholson as the black night. They did everything but put angel’s wings on Cruise and a Snidely Whiplash mustache on Nicholson.

          Being a fallible and limited human being – and not Obama – it occurred to me the second time that I watched this movie that I got it all wrong. This movie was little more than a cheap shot on our military by liberal flakes, and they used the ethnicity of Santiago to try to drive home their point. (Yet another Hispanic “victim” of a white majority.)

          Well, people get hurt and killed in training exercises all the time. And part of that training is unofficial and built into group cohesiveness and some of the weird shit they do including disciplining their own slackers. And although I think (going by the book) that Chris Kyles’ mates might have ratcheted down the bravado and let Chris enjoy his honeymoon with his wife without a severe hangover, I understand that when you put guys together like that in a shared and very dangerous occupation, stuff like that is going to happen. Your Santiagos will occasionally die. It isn’t pretty, but the function they carry out is necessary. And one death does not support the idea of getting rid of the kind of bravado needed to look the enemy in the eye and kill him.

          I shock some of my friends when I tell them the real hero of this movie is Nicholson. Libtard culture goes very deep. It works by pre-programming the emotions (not the mind) to respond in a certain way. And for the most part, this programming (from the perspective of the victim) is unconscious and subtle. He doesn’t notice it until one day he watches a movie that trashes the military with the gusto of Michael Moore and finds himself rooting for the libtard.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            Your comments remind of a 1960s TV lawyer show, The Defenders, which had an episode in which they defended a sergeant accused of murdering a soldier in live-fire training. There was at least one scene going into the matter of the necessity of blind discipline in combat. Of course, that was at a time when liberals were still generally on the side of the United States (partly because World War II was a recent enough memory, and they hadn’t yet turned against LBJ’s war).

            Steve Lancaster’s comments remind me of an episode of The Equalizer in which McCall explains to his son about his past job as an operative against the Soviet Empire, and the necessity of unpleasant things.

  2. Anniel says:

    Leigh, I have been having a struggle with myself over this movie. I cannot even remember the last time I went to a movie, but I tried some time ago to read the book. I have a problem with really foul language. I find some of it almost an assault, so I quit the book. My daughter went to the movie with a friend and said she would have left over the language, but her friend didn’t seem bothered by it, so she stayed. She liked the acting and was glad she had seen it, but said she knew I would be offended by much of it. I guess my money won’t be going to it.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      I remember the last movie I saw in a theater — Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. I have seen other, more recent movies (including the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy) either on videotape/DVD or from movie channels.

      Incidentally, Herman Wouk explained his approach to the foul language so common in ordinary conversations among the military for The Caine Mutiny. He regarded it as a sort of billingsgate (I think that was his term), and only included it when it was really appropriate (while explaining the point in an author’s note). Of course, that was a work of fiction.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Yes, the language is thick, both in the movie and the book. My bad for not pointing this out in my various thoughts on the subject. One gets inured to it.

      I assume that rough language has always been a part of military life, although I assume with this present crop of juveniles-as-men, it’s gotten worse. And given that Hollywood more and more equates the vulgar with “realism,” there’s no reason for them (or Eastwood) to leave it out. But I can’t help thinking that none of the John Wayne war movies would be improved if he dropped a plethora of f-bombs.

      But such are the times. Unless you assault people with bad languages – especially the yutes – you may not get their attention and you certainly won’t be taken seriously. And unless the ladies equally partake in it (or give a show of relenting to bad language as normal, even desirable), they are letting down their side, for (as that one woman at NRO wrote) to have Mike Huckabee tell people (including women) to watch their language is sexist.

      A lot of rough things are excused as normal in war. So perhaps there’s not much to be said about it. But this is a movie. And movies are highly subject to filtering in what you want and filtering out what you don’t want. One should be careful before calling any movie a slice of reality. They are movies. They are scripted. Neither Clint Eastwood nor Chris Kyle are saints. Both made enormous amounts of money from their book or movie. And it has been reliably reported that Kyle likely fudged a number of things in his book.

      But he had his gun pointed at the bad guys and took the risks to get in a position to do so. We need men like that. Better still, we need men who have a larger and more realistic strategic vision of Islam so that the efforts of people such as Kyle are not wasted. And it’s sad to say that it’s probable that his efforts have been largely wasted…apart from the lives of his own men on the battlefield that he protected. But no territory was ultimately held. No hearts and minds permanently changed. ISIS is now a major force in that region. And we could send in the Marines and SEALS again, but to what purpose and what end? Which ones are the good Muslims? Which ones can be counted on to risk anything to join the 21st century?

      • Anniel says:

        I think Kyle was a major hero and have no quarrel with what he had to do. Audie Murphy came home to fame and glory after WWII. Too bad our own military men, and women, don’t get that choice.

        Bad language may have been a part of military life forever, but it seemed like the men I met knew when to tone it down.

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          I think Kyle is a hero in the context of a gigantic cock-up in the Middle East…not that there is much anyone can do. Kyle was the tip of the spear, the kind of men we need. And yet it matters where that spear is pointed. And I personally think we need to be careful of not being rope-a-doped by glorifying a movie (and it is just a movie) while perhaps missing the big picture.

          Or maybe it’s all about glorifying a hero, and to heck what is going on out there in the real world. Maybe that’s all the hope we have left. We’re left to glorify Chris Kyle because the real world doesn’t offer much that is otherwise golden. And I guess that’s the part of me that always says, “Hey…hold on…not too fast. Let’s think about this.”

          • Anniel says:

            The mess in the Middle East has left us so many dangers. I hate to think of what has been so needlessly squandered. My Muslim friends respect only strong leaders. They have none for Obama and what he has allowed to happen.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        It comes back to my point about the tigers and the tiger-hunters, which in fact seems to have been what Kyle’s father taught him. (His father used sheep, wolves, and sheep-dogs as his comparison. I use tigers probably because of the proverb, “To be kind to the tiger is to be cruel to the lamb.”) We sheep/lambs need to be protected from the wolves/tigers, and this means we need sheepdogs/tiger-hunters. Sometimes the tiger-hunter goes a bit rogue and must be dealt with as needed (perhaps even gotten rid of if he goes too rogue). But we still need those tiger-hunters.

        Incidentally, some people looking into things have found that his murderer didn’t have any actual combat experience during his tour of duty at a major airbase in Iraq. Much of his time was spent guarding jihadist prisoners, for whom he expressed a great deal of sympathy. And his facial hair, it has been noted, was akin to what a Muslim would find appropriate. So this might actually have been another jihadist crime.

        • Anniel says:

          I surely agree that we do need the tiger hunters in this life. But I always loved the old ditty:

          There was a young princess from Niger
          Who smiled as she rode on her tiger.
          They returned from the ride
          With the princess inside,
          And the smile on the face of the tiger.

          Stay away from the smile.

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