Civilization and its Enemies

CiviliationAndItsEnemiesSuggested by Brad Nelson • An extraordinary tour de force by America’s “reigning philosopher of 9/11”, Lee Harris. Harris write about the war between the civilized world and the international terrorists who wish to destroy it….and much more.
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  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    You can’t always judge a book by its title. “Civilization and Its Enemies” is more than just a tale of radical Islam. This is really an insightful look at what makes civilization civilization, and what makes war war. And one of the truly extraordinary aspects of this book is that Harris provides the best explanation yet that I’ve read regarding goofy “Stockholm Syndrome” liberals (and even perhaps go-along-to-get-along Progressive-style Republicans such as McCain).

    There’s a sub-chapter in it called “The Civility Trap” that is extraordinarily insightful. The gist of it is that, yes, civilization is marked by civility and non-violence as standards of behavior. But when such traits are unthinkingly applied to the exclusion of all else, you get your prototypical peacenik liberal who is impotent in the face of evil and aggressor nations. This book is definitely worth a read.

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