The City of Human Reason

by Glenn Fairman   12/29/13

When we haphazardly begin tinkering with the complexities of civilization with a view to nominal equality, when piece by piece we conspire to re-order the very character of the edifice–unaware that its beautiful and durable architecture is composed of complimentary beams of equal and unequal strengths and capacities, should we be alarmed when the modified alignment of stresses and counter-weights gives way and comes crashing down upon us?

If one proceeds from the axiom that elegant and sublime moral structures are not rooted in nature but proceed from human art, then the loss that ensues when one world eclipses another is of little account in the twin calculations of utility and ideology. But know this: these ancient and primordial moral pillars of the West are recessed far into the depths of what our fathers reverenced as Soul. In engineering for Utopia, we neglect what is most high in Man and when we disregard the divine intricacies of love and destiny from our calculus. To wit, man is left with only the aspiration of unsated desire and the craving for Power which embeds itself in the cornerstone of every political dream of those who would construct that terrible City of Human Reason.
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