Where No Christmas Tune Has Gone Before

by Michael Kinney   12/5/13

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4 Responses to Where No Christmas Tune Has Gone Before

  1. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    And God bless this Star Trek fan for having the right attitude regarding Wesley. That was the funniest part of the song.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Around a quarter-century ago (I think at a Chattacon), a panel on ST:TNG ended with a suggested next panel, “Wesley Crusher: Threat or Menace”. I’ve long suspected his unpopularity with SF fans comes from his being a smart-ass who (unlike most of us) doesn’t pay the price for it. (He was also Gene Wesley Roddenberry’s wish-fulfillment fantasy.)

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Truth be told, Wesley is just fun to pick on. When watching the show, it wasn’t Wesley who bothered me as much as Counselor Troi. And that was up until the writers got some kind of torrid fixation going with Barklay.

        The Next Generation was as far as the Star Trek franchise could go in our multiculturalist, politically correct, feminized real universe and still be more-or-less Star Trek in the imaginary one. We saw the inevitable dumbing-down of the franchise in “Voyager,” one of the worst series to ever disgrace TV, and that’s saying something.

        “Deep Space 9” had it’s moments, but only because of the Ferengi and Odo. The rest were politically correct plain vanilla wusses. Star Trek past the Jim Kirk era just didn’t have much balls.

        That’s why Riker and Worf were so crucial to the success of The Next Generation. Yes, I appreciated Mon Capitan as much as the next fan. He was an erudite take-off on the role of captain of the Enterprise. Given that his mission was more of a “meals on wheels” ambassadorial role, rather than explorer, that made some sense. We should remember that the Enterprise was indeed a Princess Cruise ship that sometimes (inherent to space) faced dangers. But it was filled with families. This was not just a larger version of Kirk’s Enterprise.

        As much as I appreciated Mon Capitan, without the balls of Riker and Worf, the series would have been overcome and overdosed by the stupid character of Troi and the weak character of Dr. Crusher (the Crusher who is the real problem in that series, if you ask me). Denise Crosby was certainly okay as the butch security officer. And, hey, it’s still a Crosby, so what can I say? But it wasn’t a bad thing that she got eaten by the black oil slick creature. That allowed Worf to advance and he is by far the more interesting character.

        And then you have Brent Spiner who was brilliant at playing Data. Sometimes his comedy was too cornball. And his inability to say contractions was an obviously stupid affectation by the writers that made no sense whatsoever. But he brought the “where no man has gone before” element to it. He was believable as an advanced android. He occasionally facilitated what Star Trek was so good at, and that is putting mankind himself into perspective.

        You’ll never see another good Star Trek series or movie again. The same with Star Wars. I cringe even thinking about what the goofball, JJ Abrams, will do with that. I guess he can’t do worse than Lucas did with I, II, and III. But don’t count him out so easily. Looking at “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” Abrams is perhaps capable out outdoing even Lucas in shitting on a noble franchise and somehow making money while doing so. (Oy vey, is the population dumbed down these days or what?)

      • faba calculo says:

        When was Wesley ever a smartass? Frankly, he was such a inoffensive nerd that it was almost painful to watch.

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