Christianity Must Die

Kunk Fu Zoby Kung Fu Zu6/27/15
Before there was an attack on property, before there was an attack on the free market, before there was the French Revolution, 1848, the Commune or the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, there was a concerted attack on Christianity.

You might ask why this assault? The answer is clear and simple. The Leftist Vandals hate the West, because the foundation, cornerstone, bricks and mortar; that is the edifice of Western civilization and thought is built on Christianity.

The latest demolition ball aimed at our common cultural cathedral was today wielded by that cynical Politburo, also known as the Supreme Court of the United States of America. To be more precise, it was employed by five members of that august body. These spiritual Huns are — no less so than their ancient predecessors — out to pillage and destroy Western Civilization.[pullquote]…our culture is the soil from which our economic system arose . . . the Leftists are assaulting both in tandem[/pullquote]

Do not be deceived. These moral termites have been nibbling away at our Western stronghold for several centuries. As a people, we have sometimes noticed this and taken the necessary actions to reduce the damage done at a particular time. Unfortunately, we have too often gone our merry way, unaware of the rot spreading around us. Sadly, the long term decay wrought by these wreckers has brought us close to ruin. If we are to avoid a collapse of the civilization we know and love, we must finally stand up and say enough!

It is perfectly understandable that people are concerned with the direction our country is taking as regards economic freedom. But our culture is the soil from which our economic system arose. And if a person does not see that the Leftists are assaulting both in tandem, then one should have one’s eyes checked. Myopia is a major failing of libertarians.

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  1. Timothy Lane says:

    “Justice” Kennedy magnanimously allowed that it was still legitimate to disagree with homosexual “marriage”. So, at least for the moment, church preaching will not be treated as a hate crime, as it has been elsewhere in the libertinist West. But he made no promises for actually living in accordance with such religious views, no doubt because neither he nor his 4 fellow Libertinists have any such intention. Liberalism has finally declared open war on traditional Judeo-Christian morality (and would do the same to Muslims if they weren’t afraid of being targeted as a result).

    If those churches that still adhere to traditional morality fail to fight back (making use of the fact that the popular majority is currently still with them), they will be crushed, and the prediction of the late Archbishop of Chicago — that he would die in bed, his successor in jail, the next after that would be martyred, and the next after that would have to help pick up the shards of civilization — will come true.

  2. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Mr. Kung, I read your and Tim’s article as a matching pair this morning. I do believe that “secular” man is weak, confused, and not particularly noble.

    A main component of all this is an intentonal misreading of history. The emasculation of college boys (and girls) starts by telling them that all the worlds problems are the fault of “ideology,” holding tight to fixed ideas. Therefore being loosey goosey about everything is the way to go. This is glorified as “openness,” further sanctified in the official term “multiculturalism.”

    Of course, not all cultures are equal. The doctrine teaches that Western culture is the worst and has the most blood on its hands because of white people “exploiting” the noble-savage-like “people of color,” often driven by the blinding superstition of Christian religion. And if you knew nothing else about the political landscape in the last 50 years (such as feminism), that would be enough to explain most things.

    So man retreats — in part thanks to the fruits of markets, science, and technology — to “I buy, therefore I am.” He believes he is the smartest and most noble creature by believing in nothing in particular. He collects tattoos, and that’s about the limit of his intellectual pursuits.


    KFZ – Mark Steyn makes a similar point this week. We do need to fight on a cultural level (of course, fighting a political battle on a moral basis as opposed to strictly fiscal one counts as fighting for the culture). Please do write more on the subject as little has been done so far save one rather long article on Front Page Magazine whose title and author I no longer remember.

  4. Anniel says:

    Kung Fu: Thanks for a wise article. It is so disheartening to realize how many of our people are so disengaged they don’t recognize their own peril. Myopia to moral rot afflicts both sides of the political spectrum to one degree or another.

  5. ronlsb says:

    Kung Fu–Your article is spot on and I genuinely look forward to the follow-ups. I wrote our Texas governor, Greg Abbott, yesterday, pleading with him to just say “NO” to this tyranny. The people of Texas voted overwhelmingly to support traditional marriage in a recent election. Someone, somewhere, has got to have the courage to say no to the Supreme Court and its unconstitutional overreach. I am praying that it might be Greg Abbott.

  6. Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

    Mr. Kung, I was going to write something droll about what conservatives should do in regards to adapting to the gay culture. Because, let’s face it, Christianity has had its run. Oh, it could make a comeback. But right now, the (forgive my French) ass hole (as an anatomical designation) is more central to our cultural way of thinking than, say, Grace.

    And the acceptance of homosexuality and all that goes with it (including, eventually, man-boy love) means the destruction of our culture. Oh, I don’t just mean the harm to marriage. I mean that I can’t think of a better recruiting tool for Islam than queer pride parades and all that. Europe is already facing demographic doom because of the importation of Muslims. This acceptance by the West of homosexuality as “normal” is going to do nothing but bolster the non-integrative aspects of this Islamic majority already forming inside Europe’s borders. And it can’t do our borders any good either.

    That sounds like a lot to put on fudge-packing, if you’ll again pardon my French (I prefer calling a spade a spade instead of dealing in silly euphemisms). And this also means that the creeping fascist mindset of the Left will continue to gain strength. I found a bit of horrible amusement this morning reading about how had scrubbed all Confederate flag products…while leaving t-shirts and other stuff with the images of Mao, Stalin, and Hitler.

    Christianity must indeed die for the Left’s agenda to move forward. And unfortunately Christians are doing a lot to help that agenda. The Pope, for example, shows himself to be a moral idiot with every word that comes out of his mouth. You can’t be a Christian if you are for self-defense (his demonizing of anyone who has anything to do with producing arms…thus again taking this from the moral realm and making war a merely technological issue). And I guess he said the other day that we were wrong not to bomb the German concentration camps. Well, that sounds nice, but the only way to stop the killing of Jews was to defeat the Nazi regime. Blowing holes in a few fences or gates would have accomplished absolutely nothing.

    Again, wrap your mind around the fact that the leader of the largest religious faction in the world (unless Islam has passed it) is a moral idiot and intellectual on par with a child.

    Christianity, to a great degree, has already died.

    • Rosalys says:

      Christianity isn’t dead. We do seem to be at the beginning of a severe period of pruning, however. Hopefully the new, stronger growth will produce something the likes of which you will not be ashamed to be associated with.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        Oh, I’m already surrounded by true believers and Jesus Freaks. 🙂 I just naturally gravitate there. I can appreciate people who believe in something substantial even if I’m not all the way there. But, good god, I have little in common ideologically with the Leftists, the environmental wackos, the “Progressives”, the multiculturalists, etc.

        And that’s what makes this all so interesting (and difficult) is because “Christian vs. atheist” is no longer a clean dividing line. Christians themselves have imbibed so much of this nonsense — to the point that (as I’ve mentioned before) if I simply stay still in my beliefs, I get closer to Jesus (relatively speaking) than all those “social justice” folk who are (like the Pope), for all intents and purposes, deifying Marx and rapidly moving Left and away.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        Persecution gets rid of the marginally religious, but it makes the faith of the rest stronger. This is what we will see. Note that in Cardinal George’s famous prediction, the martyrdom of one of his successors will be followed by the next helping repair a broken civilization. Let’s hope they can.

      • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

        We do seem to be at the beginning of a severe period of pruning, however.

        Every time I hear a bible story I tend to think “What a bunch of bullshit.” But as I’ve told friends, I’m now beginning to see the wisdom of Noah’s flood. I mean, at some point the crop becomes so rotten you just have to replant.

        And I can see us wandering in the desert for forty years. That’s another story that makes sense. I don’t expect all people to believe the same thing. But there is another very very crucial dividing line that helps one see through the blur of those who call themselves “Christian” and perhaps are more Marxist than anything.

        And that dividing line is the ego vs. holy. Modern man has stated, “I will, therefore I am important.” Modern man looks to “self-actualize.” And although I think it’s every person’s right to chart their own destiny to the best of their ability, that is not exactly the same as measuring by mere ego or will.

        The alternative is the holistic approach. Okay, yeah, there’s another word blown to hell by the stupid hippies and libtards, just as the word “natural” now has lost all real meaning along with “sustainable.” But to the best of my knowledge, the root of “holy” is indeed whole. It’s what we do here. It’s why I cajole people (bitch-slap them where necessary) and insist they don’t just keep cranking out political stuff. Good god, let us never be that one-dimensional. Share a recipe or something, for god’s sake.

        And I’m not talking to you, Rosalys, just in general. And the holy man (or woman) attempts to be more than just an urge or impulse. He tries to make his life more than just the scratching of one itch or another. And man is inherently a spiritual creature as well as the other things he is, and the Left has thrown that away. And Christians who think the highest point of Christianity is to make sure everyone has lots of material wealth have thrown that away.

        We need to nurture our spiritual aspects. That’s a thing difficult to define. But I can assure you (and surely Mr. Kung sees this coming…wait for it), that does not include adding yet another tattoo.

        • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

          that does not include adding yet another tattoo

          Damn, and I wanted to have that pretentious Chinese character, which neither I nor anybody else understands the meaning of, inscribed on my right cheek. You know it must be sophisticated because it looks Asian and that’s spiritual man.

          • Timothy Lane says:

            There’s a minor urban legend who sees some nice characters on a Chinese restaurant menu, and decides to use them as a dress design. Too late, she learns that the characters actually mean, “This dish cheap but unmistakably tasty.”

            • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

              LOL. Well, if I were to tattoo (intentionally scarify, that is) my body, do you think the Preamble of the Constitution across my chest would be tacky?

        • Rosalys says:

          (from Strong’s Hebrew & Greek Dictionaries)
          From ἅγος hagos (an awful thing); sacred (physically pure, morally blameless or religious, ceremonially consecrated): – (most) holy (one, thing), saint.

          Kol; properly the whole; hence all, any or every (in the singular only, but often in a plural sense): – (in) all (manner, [ye]), altogether, any (manner), enough, every (one, place, thing), howsoever, as many as, [no-] thing, ought, whatsoever, (the) whole, whoso (-ever).

          But the word kol is itself derived from the word…
          A primitive root; to complete: – (make) perfect.

          The “prosperity gospel” is considered unorthodox, if not down right heretical, by many. God is not above giving good things to those who are His own – but most of the time, the good thing that comes is the grace to endure the persecution and sufferings that may come as a result of standing true to Him. He didn’t take Noah out of the flood; He delivered Noah through the flood. Many have been delivered from their trials through death. Death is not in itself the greatest of horrors; only “dying in one’s sins,” i.e. without salvation or repentance. But for those who accept the gift of salvation, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” (Psalm 116:15)

  7. Pst4usa says:

    Very good post Mr. Zu, I might modify the title of this post a bit, add to the end, in America or the West. From what I have heard on Wallbuilders Live, the fastest growing religion in the world is Christianity, just not in the west. China, (will according to my memory from the show several weeks ago), surpass the entire population of the US with its Christians by 2020, they are projected to have 350 million Christians by then. And at their current rate of growth they will have a majority of their population become Christians by 2050.
    The Christianity that seems to be dying is the brand that no longer trust in Jesus, as someone else said, those that deify Marx, Mao, or Stalin.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Note that conservative (i.e., genuinely Christian) Episcopalians and Anglicans have been meditating breaking off under . . . the Anglican Archbishop of Nigeria. I’ll bet he knows something of the stresses jihadism places on many Christians.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      I understand your point, but my piece was written being mindful of the very specific fact that Western Civilization is built on Christianity and no Asian culture is.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      Pat, I wonder what brand they’re offering in China. I hope it’s not the Central/South American substitute favored by the Pope, that “liberation theology” which is a mix of warmed-over Marxism.

      I’m ambivalent about numbers. Yes, if one belongs to a particularly group, one generally wants that memberships to expand. But true is true whether one person or a billion believes it. Much of my ambivalence regarding religion is that I’m suspicious that it’s more of a cultural phenomenon than a Cosmic one.

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        I should, perhaps, be a little less skeptical, but I have serious doubts as to what type of Christianity is being spread in China. I hope I am wrong, but it is quite common in Asia for people to mix religions such as keeping ancestor worship while claiming to be a Christian. Being Buddhist and Christian at the same time.

        The Chinese culture is very old and powerful, but the Communists have done tremendous damage to it. So perhaps there is room for Christianity to fill a void which has developed. One can only hope.

      • Timothy Lane says:

        The Latin American Catholics are heavily tainted, though one should note that even the Peron Pope seems to continue to accept Catholic doctrine on sexual matters (to the great disappointment of his liberal fans). This probably at least makes him better than a Maryknoller. And the Protestants there may well follow genuine Christianity instead of the Gospel of Marx. (Hmm . . . “Christ, Marx, Wood, and Wei led us to this perfect day.”) This seems to be especially true in Africa, as I noted above.

    • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

      One thing I will say about the Chinese Christians; I would bet a higher percentage of them would stubbornly stand by their faith, even unto martyrdom, than would Westerners. Thoughts and beliefs still inspire commitment in many Asians.

  8. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    Much of my ambivalence regarding religion is that I’m suspicious that it’s more of a cultural phenomenon than a Cosmic one.

    My main interest is cultural. On an individual level, I think there is very little which is more intensely personal than one’s religion.

    • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

      I accept your statement in the spirit and context that it’s meant, Mr. Kung, but religion is one of the most public things that people commonly do.

      Deana has often said that she does not consider Christianity a religion. And that is the only proper response from those who are talking about more than a social construction, a habit of tradition, or a psychological pacifier. She is talking about to her what she thinks is reality. I couldn’t have respect for much less than that.

      Oddly, but completely consistent with this new underpinning, Christianity is more and more becoming political. And I don’t necessarily mean that preachers are on the pulpit telling their congregation to vote for this candidate instead of that one. I mean, of course, that Cultural Marxist (aka “social justice”) has crept in whereby the admonition is not to wrestling with improving yourself but rather seeing the individual not as a moral creature but a mere product of “society.” And this latter view melds inherently into collectivist politics.

      And although its’ “Smiles, everyone smile,” there is no one to tell anyone that the bad things they are doing they shouldn’t do. To do so would not be “tolerant” or “accepting.” And there is no higher value in this easy-pleasy version of fake Christianity than “I’m okay, you’re okay, it’s all good, whatever.”

      Someone should say, “This is right and this is wrong, and we don’t measure things by whether or not you are offended.”

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        Americas are well know for their use of euphemisms. This is nothing new. This has only gotten worse with modern advertising and marketing. And that is what the so-called “prosperity gospel” is all about. It is much easier to part people from their money by telling them “I’m ok, you’re ok” (a pox on Harris and even more so onWayne Dwyer) than it is to tell them “no that is wrong and you are committing a sin”!

        I personally despise Joel Osteen and those like him. I think he is simply another charlatan in the time honored tradition of the many TV “evangelists” who have conned their way through American religion.

        This is what you are to teach and preach. Anyone who teaches otherwise, and does not devote himself to sound precepts-that is, those of our Lord Jesus Christ- and to good religious teaching, is a pompous ignoramus with a morbid enthusiasm for mere speculations and quibbles.

        These give rise to jealousy, quarreling, slander, base suspicions, and endless wrangles-all typical of those whose minds are corrupted and who have lost their grip of the truth. They think religion should yield dividends; and of course religion does yield high dividends, but only to those who are content with what they have.

        We brought nothing into this world, and we can take nothing out; If we have food and clothing let us rest content. Those who want to be rich fall into temptations and snares and into many foolish and harmful desires which plunge people into ruin and destruction.

        The love of money is the root of all evil, and in pursuit of it some have wandered from the faith and spiked themselves on many a painful thorn. But you, man of God, must shun all that, and pursue justice, piety, intergrity, love, fortitude, and gentleness. Run the great race of faith and take hold of enternal life, for to this you were called, when you confessed your faith nobly before many witnesses.
        Instruct those who are rich in this world’s goods not to be proud, and to fix their hopes not on so uncertain a thing as money, but on God, who richly provides all things for us to enjoy.They are to do good and to be rich in well-doing, to be ready to give generously and to share with others, and so acquire a treasure which will form a good foundation for the future. Then they will grasp the life that is life indeed.

        1 Timothy 6:3-12 and 17-19

        • Brad Nelson Brad Nelson says:

          That’s a pretty relevant quote, Mr. Kung. I hadn’t read that before. Not a lot of namby-pampby in this Paul guy. His integrity and good sense echo through the centuries.

          Anyone who teaches otherwise, and does not devote himself to sound precepts-that is, those of our Lord Jesus Christ- and to good religious teaching, is a pompous ignoramus with a morbid enthusiasm for mere speculations and quibbles.

          Is that the New Kung International translation?

          • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

            Is that the New Kung International translation?

            I wish, although I did buy it in Hong Kong.

            It is the Revised English Bible 1989 edition published by the Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.

            It was planned and directed by representatives of:

            The Baptist Union of Great Britain
            The Church of England
            The Church of Scotland
            The Council of Churches for Wales
            The Irish Council of Churches
            The London Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
            The Methodist Church of Great Britain
            The Moravian Church in Great Britain and Ireland
            The Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales
            The Roman Catholic Church in Ireland
            The Roman Catholic Church in Scotland
            The Salvation Army
            The United Reformed Church
            The Bible Society
            The National Bible Society of Scotland

            I figure if all these groups can agree on the translation, especially the Salvation Army, it’s good enough for me.

  9. Pst4usa says:

    I was understand Mr. Kung and agree with your point, I just thought that this bit of information was relevant to the discussion. I have know idea of the nature of the Chinese Christians, and just like all mankind we and they are a fallen creature and can be susceptible to the Joel Osteens of the world, whatever language they may speak.

    I do not know if God cares one bit about this country anymore, there was plenty of evidence of His Divine Providence in the foundation of this nation; but we have turned our backs to Him so many times now, will He bless a nation such as ours? I am sure he cares about the souls that live in this place, But whatever suffering we may go through in this life is little compared to the eternal reward He has in store for us.

    No matter how many times man has tried to mess with what God has planned for us through “religion”, the worship and word of our Lord Jesus survives.

  10. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    In the final chapter of Sperber’s “Karl Marx…” there are a number of examples of how atheism is the true religion of the left. One of the speakers Marx’s funeral was William Liebknecht, a close follower of Marx and one of the founders of the German Social Democratic Party which is still in existence. In his eulogy Liebknecht

    “declared that science would liberate humanity from God…..the science which Marx had created and made available to the people would ultimately destroy capitalism, ‘and with it the idols and lords of the earth, who, as long as they live, will not let God die.'”

    At the funeral of Marx’s wife, Jenny, Engels gave the following “atheist confession of faith:

    The place where we stand is the best proof that she lived and died in the full conviction of atheist Materialism.

    An extreme example of this strange communist belief was exhibited by Marx’s daughter Laura and her husband Paul Lafargue, both leftist nuts. They committed suicide together and Laura left the following note:

    Healthy in body and mind, I end my life before pitiless old age which has taken from me my pleasures and joys one after another; and which has been stripping me of my physical and mental powers, can paralyse my energy and break my will, making me a burden to myself and to others. For some years I had promised myself not to live beyond 70; and I fixed the exact year for my departure from life. I prepared the method for the execution of our resolution, it was a hypodermic of cyanide acid. I die with the supreme joy of knowing that at some future time, the cause to which I have been devoted for forty-five years will triumph. Long live Communism! Long Live the Second International.

    Lenin spoke at their funeral in Paris and apparently told his wife, “If one cannot work for the Party any longer, one must be able to look truth in the face and die like the Lafargues.”
    Sounds like religious fanaticism to me.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Liebknecht tried to pull a Bolshevik revolution in Germany after the Armistice, but the army was strong enough to put it (and him) down. According to Shirer, Ebert actually declared what became the Weimar Republic in order to forestall him and his colleague, Rosa Luxemburg (who was also killed in putting down the revolt).

      • Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

        That was William Liebknecht’s son, Karl. He and Rosa Luxembourg were dispatched with a well deserved extreme prejudice.

  11. Kung Fu Zu Kung Fu Zu says:

    The link is to an article about a small community in Texas which is fighting back.

    This is how to answer those tyrants at the Freedom from Religion group. They do not merit tolerance as they shown none themselves.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Exactly. Fight back, simply don’t give in, and you’ll win. As long as you don’t care about being trashed in the social media, and no one you deal with cares what they say there, no problem.

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