Caught in Amber

Amberby Anniel  10/5/14
On September 27th, Cato posted an article called Winning the Debate that really struck a nerve with me. For several weeks I had been observing the Bobsey Twins at the State Department, Marie Harf and Jen Psaki.

They are such obvious light-weight critters, and yet they act as though they know more than anyone else in the room about everything. Their lack of vibrancy and luster are such a conundrum. Eyes with no light. Hair which is also lifeless and looks like dead animals laid on their skulls, or as someone else called it: “flannel hair.”

I had thought for awhile that I was the only one bothered by their looks and the way these women can keep repeating the same lies, over and over again. No matter how many of those stubborn things called facts are presented to them, both women keep smiling and talking as though facts don’t exist and all others in the room are two-year-olds at nursery school. They totally ignore the rolling eyes and exasperated sighs of their audiences.

Where do these women (and the “Dude” guy) come from? Are they products of self-esteem, parental doting and Common Core, or is something else in play here?

Then I read about the lien filed against a State Department whistleblower’s home in a case not yet adjudicated, for the paltry sum of $13,000. The department also placed a lien for the same amount against the whistleblower’s father’s home. The State Department claims that the money is owed for legal fees incurred in defending the whistleblower’s harassment claims against the department. His father has nothing to do with the case whatsoever, but Secretary Kerry refuses to release the lien against the father’s home.

A few days later I listened (gag) to Kerry’s lecture to Code Pink when they interrupted his testimony before a Congressional committee. Did you know he fought in Vietnam, became a war protestor against an unjust war, blah, blah, blah? But the new war against ISIS is different and just, or whatever. I got a glimmer then that Kerry is like an insect caught in amber, he stopped developing as a man a long time ago. His story about his exploits will never change, and he really is not that smart.

The final blow was a clip of an interview with none other than Gary Hart (remember his Monkey Business?). Gary touts himself as the first politician to be hit by a sex scandal that became a media feeding frenzy. So it’s his fault, or the media’s, that we missed out on all the talents he had to offer if he had become president, which I guess he believes he would certainly have done. Then the nation would have been spared the pain of the Bush years, and an Obama could have come sooner. Now he just has to live with his guilt about inflicting Bush on us and the unfairness of it all.

Sometimes one can’t help but feel hollow when trying to understand such people, people who have been fossilized in amber at some stage of their development.

Then last week a woman called Rush Limbaugh from Homer, Alaska, which, by the way, is the most beautiful place on earth. She told him that she knows why conservatives are unable to reach the younger generation. It’s one word: victimization, and absolutely everyone is a victim, who deserves Justice and reparations, or a victimizer, a guilty person in need of redemption. The victimizers are also victims of their ancestors and because of their whiteness must bear the guilt of those ancestors, who have stolen and enslaved blacks and natives, polluted the planet, fought unjust wars, established an unjust nation, whatever.

As she spoke, the mindset of the people I had been puzzled over became more obvious and clear. She says she has looked at those stubborn things called facts and tried to talk to friends about them, but even if they believe her, the facts just confuse the issue in their minds. Global warming? So what if there isn’t any right now, when it finally comes we will have no time left to save the planet. Every young child watched Captain Planet and knows that their redemption will come from saving the world. Such a noble goal.

I can’t help but think how seductive it is for all children to be taught to be either victims in need of justice and reparations, or guilty sinners in need of redemption. There is no way out in their minds. If you know that men have an inborn sense they are in need of a Redeemer, and that redemption comes only from the great God, then what happens to that need when the truth is perverted? How do we reach the minds of emotionally blinded people?

If I may borrow from Cato’s article speaking of those (Daly and Ehrlich) who believe we face threatened resources in the future:

This shift from a progressive’s point of view from a resource-abundant past in which 31% of the global population escaped poverty to a future of desperate limitations and existential environmental threats is, of course, exactly why historical arguments are ignored.

Being charitable, Daly doesn’t see himself as being irrational. If the past is just a record of all that progressives detest, what is there for them to learn from it? What positive lessons are there from a past one believes can’t be sustained? Conservatives in debate must understand that history, necessarily for Daly and Ehrlich and all of their ideological kin, must be irrelevant to the future because if it is not the deep structure of progressive ideology falls apart.

The deep structure falls apart only when the herd minds of liberals are willing to crack their amber prisons and face those revelatory stubborn facts they currently find so distasteful. Conservatives need to get those facts out with courage and good cheer, as Cato says, one mind at a time, and the odds are presently against us, except God is still in charge and He has said:

For thus saith the Lord that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the Lord; and there is none else.< /i> Isaiah 45:18, KJV. • (1639 views)

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18 Responses to Caught in Amber

  1. Timothy Lane says:

    Where do Harf and Psaki come from? The same place that produced Jay Blarney and Josh Never-in-Earnest, who have that same capacity to repeat obvious lies and ignore facts.

    The liberal reaction to facts is best demonstrated by the quote famously attributed to Earl Landgrebe: “My mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with the facts.” (Ironically, Landgrebe was a conservative Republican who simply refused to accept the guilt of Richard Nixon. He was defeated for re-election in 1974 in a Republican district — it included Purdue, so for a few years he represented me, sort of).

  2. David Ray says:

    “His father has nothing to do with the case whatsoever, but Secretary Kerry refuses to release the lien against the father’s home.”

    Reminds me of when Bill Clinton (the first ex-president to need a chaperon when attending a petting-zoo) vetoed a bill to restore Travel Office employee Billy Dale’s legal fees that he incurred when “Sir Edmund” Hillary sicced the FBI and IRS on him so the Clintons could appear virtuous in handing the Travel Office contracts to their cronies the Bloodworth-Thomasons.

    Hillary conveniently left Billy Dale out of her ghost-written book “Living History”. (I don’t see Lord Nelson adding that book to his consummate book-shelf section any time soon.)

  3. Anniel says:

    How soon we forget people like Billy Dale. Distractions to clear thought are provided every day and we go on repeating history.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      Also, multiple scandals are like jamming: there’s too much for anyone to remember all of them. This is one lesson Barry Screwtape Obama learned well from Slick Willy and Slick Hilly.

  4. Anniel says:

    Oh Timothy, what is the old saying about a lie being around the world before truth can tie its shoes? Jamming is probably a great word for all of it, not just remembering, but even HEARING truth is difficult, and so we get jammed every hour of every day.

    • Timothy Lane says:

      The term comes from jamming radar, of course. There was an episode of The Prisoner which developed the notion of distracting the Village’s security with fake plots, which I believe was called jamming. (The episode involved someone hiding a real plot by using the jammers.)

  5. Anniel says:

    Did they try to use the Pajama Boy as a Jammer do you suppose?

  6. Rosalys says:

    Liberal politicians fossilized in amber. What an amazing plot for a SciFi story!

    The future Earth has finally solved all its problems and Utopianism reigns. Then a scientist finds a load of amber encasing the likes of Kerry, Jimmy Carter, Moochelle, etc. and extracts DNA to clone them. They escape the island wrecking havoc on the world.

  7. Jerry Richardson says:


    For several weeks I had been observing the Bobsey Twins at the State Department, Marie Harf and Jen Psaki.

    This gave me a real chuckle. Those two are so air-headed they are lighter than air-headed, so I call them the two hydrogen-heads (yes they are lighter than helium-heads).

    I can’t help but think how seductive it is for all children to be taught to be either victims in need of justice and reparations, or guilty sinners in need of redemption. There is no way out in their minds. If you know that men have an inborn sense they are in need of a Redeemer, and that redemption comes only from the great God, then what happens to that need when the truth is perverted? How do we reach the minds of emotionally blinded people?

    I think this is one of the greatest dangers we face. It not just the danger of outright lies, it is the danger of perverted truth.

    Thank you for another excellent article.

    BTW I loved your sons comments. Could you perhaps encourage him to write some more stuff?

  8. Anniel says:

    Jerry – I really hope he will. But he’s not said he will. I think some people really fear the loss of their own culture if MT is implemented, so reassurance needs to be given on that subject.

  9. Anniel says:

    Rosalys – What a great story idea! We could make a movie to be run every election cycle just to remind voters how seriously they should think things through. And Timothy’s title is perfect.

  10. Anniel — how fun it was to read your take on the same interview. Loved the Bobsey Twins line. And your remarks about the children reminded me of that song from “Into the Woods.”

  11. LibertyMark says:

    I also heard the woman from Homer, and it really hit home. Yes, we are a culture of victims and victimizers, but victimizers who are victims of their parents, grandparents, and others long since gone and dead. Wasn’t there a whole cottage industry of MFCC’s and drug and alcohol counsellors in the 80’s with this very same message?

    The trouble with being a victim is, the moment you recognize your victim hood, responsibility for addressing it and dealing with it it passes from the victimizer to you. To do less, to hold to your victim hood, makes you a co-conspirator in your own victim-ness!

    Now apply that to today’s society. Redemption comes not from self-actualization and contribution in the form of building things, producing, creating, moving forward, but seeking self importance in the form of delusional guilt over grievances and grievance causes. Witness the removal of the Kit Carson Memorial in Taos, New Mexico or the renaming of Columbus Day in Seattle or the excision of Redskins from a sports team name. This is self-destructive behavior writ large.

    Each individual’s co-conspiracy in his/her victim hood has accumulated into a society bent on self-destruction, the only real penance our society can and must pay, according to them, whether they realize it or not. “Cultural cleansing” has been tried, and th results are appalling. Much like the French Revolution with its societal suicide over religion, anti-intellectualism, and revisionist history, our society will implode of the weight of its own made-up guilt, unless we somehow help our children and grandchildren wake up to the truth.

  12. Anniel says:

    LibertyMark, Isn’t it interesting how many of us heard the woman from Homer and recognized the importance of her words? Synchronicity in action maybe. I wondered how many heard and listened with relief at what she said. Maybe I need to sign up for Rush and go to his archives to get all that was said again. I’m like Rosalys, I need a notebook to keep my thoughts straight.

  13. GHG says:

    Yes, jamming is a good way to describe it. Like static on the radio where the station fades in and out and you only catch a word or two now and then, but not nearly enough to get the message. But it’s worse than that because the jamming is not a singular attack. It’s daily, unrelenting, from every possible angle. The misinformation and misdirections is overwhelming. It’s like flooding a computer network to the point where it shuts down because it can’t handle the incoming requests. The progressive machine never stops and even when challenged on a specific issue, it just keeps moving forward.

    It’s effective because there is no one to challenge them. The media and academia are in bed with them, the GOP is gutless and the conservative punditry army isn’t large enough to compete with them for the public’s attention.

  14. Anniel says:

    GHG – And today we are jammed by the Ebola patient’s death being our fault because we’re racist, etc. I never knew how guilty we all are, all the time. I think I will just ignore the fools and feel good today.

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